Glimpse in City of Curiosity

Curiosity is defined as the desire to know something, eagerness to know about something, or to get information; an excessive interest in other peoples affairs, unusual object, or phenomenon. Curiosity is about the desire of knowing what one does not know, and people develop such sense of quest in life since they have rationale and mind that is able to ask and question everything. According to the given capacity and inclinations people have in life, the color and flavor of curiosity varies since experience and exposure in life are important factors as to the type and magnitude of curiosity people acquire in life.

Why are people curious? Is curiosity important virtue? Is curiosity a virtue or a curse? What more else could be raised? People are curious since the desire to know something is an inbuilt human nature which they cannot avoid. However the curiosity level; and the type of curiosity are directly related to the given capacity of individuals. A person who is drop out in high school, could not be curious to know as to the most sophisticated subject which could be studied at six year university level since the subject matter requires an understanding level.

Curiosity is one of the most useful and important virtues in these worlds. It is endowed within beings, but depends upon on how one is making use of it. There is no need to go to school or have prestige education to be curious. People ask many questions about many things, but what is different here is the type and strength, which matters on the level of education one possesses. Our search towards any reality is dependent up on the degree of our curiosity in nature. Curiosity is a key that unlocks the door of the city of search, for in it many virtues are hidden.

It is a portal to know new realities and leads us to use our potentialities on the process of investigation of many matters we do not know. People say curiosity kills the cat, which may not apply to human beings for it gives life to our mind, and it is an essential attribute to acquire if we really want to know mysteries in life. Curiosity unchains the gates of answers and mysteries of life. In curiosity, people learn something in life. Curiosity in its modest sense give life since it makes people know more and adds certain flavor to the quest people have in life. It is indeed proper and appropriate to be curious in life since such given curiosity is a process of life and way of life people have in life while seeking and learning mysteries of life.

However, when people tend to become curios in silly and asinine details, the amount of stress and investigation people make in here is less worth than the end result they obtain since such given ridiculous curiosity yields in small amount of results which are in fact nothing since they cannot yield a such fruitful and useful results at the end since the consequences of such given curiosity are pointless deliberations.

When people try to be severe in any given undertaking which they want to investigate by developing their own networks and all kinds of connection, with the intention of collecting all type of information, and they want to go too many details in their research and examination process, they could end up in nothingness and they end up having futile point of views since many of the things in this world are vague and most cannot come to true and clear appoints as they go thru all kinds of questions and all kinds of curiosity people have in life. This happens for many reasons.

Curiosity is nice in its modest sense. Otherwise people could end up in the middle of nowhere as they are getting more curious and curious. They become suspicious of even to the truthful aspects they have in their palm since the curios parts are greater and higher and what most people say, curiosity kills the cat is good answer and is in fact truthful since doubts germinates in the most objective and undeniable realities of life.

The following is good example to what is said in here in which when people get into many questions, they end up in nothingness. There is no need to have all questions answered in life. One finds such details of questions on the web. And in here, one could end up is futile point as one goes thru all kinds of questions and investigations.

Who’s a philosopher? Someone who philosophize? Someone who has gone through school of studying philosophy? Someone who has gone through school, with inherent curiosity? Someone who reads many books? Someone who didn’t go through philosophy school but has that inherent curiosity? Someone who likes arguing? Someone whose ultimate go in life is to find truth? Someone who has nice quotes? Someone who doesn’t believe in the existence of God? Someone who owns a philosophy group? Someone who has a library in his house? Someone who we can call a jack of all trades? Is there a necessity for being a philosopher?

This is the end drama of such kinds of curiosity. The same is true in another aspect of life in which when people try to use all their possessions to bring their nightmares into objective reality. When people try to derive the false into truth by collecting all kinds of inquiry and curiosity they have in life and about other people, here, they are playing their own rubbish and foolish drama since it is not possible to convert truth into false and the false into truth since both have different nature and characteristics. And it is not possible to justify what people hate with all kinds of tricks and deceiving mechanism they devise on other people since the truth is the balance and the judge.

To have no interest in such life and in this world is by itself also an interesting subject on life which can further be examined and processed and in the process of such life, people develop certain kind of interest on this life on the earth. There is no definite recipe of life and people are observed in showing certain inclination towards different things in this life in different circumstance. People could have no any interest in life in yesterday, but in today, things change, they could develop certain sense of inclinations in life since change is one of the natural laws in this world. When circumstances in life change, people also change too.




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