The Conformity in Life

June 7, 2016

Conformity to the truth and conformity to the group are two different aspects and scenarios of life in which the former is life and death thing as being human where as the later is not since the truth is the balance to everything. People can agree on wrong matters since it is conventional approaches that dictate most peoples’ lives in this world due to the nature of the subject and object of matter of interaction and communication.

They say, human being is a social animal in which one needs others in one’s interaction and communication of life due to the fact that social interaction and communications are useful to one’s existence in life. Although such way of life is good, but, there are certain cases and circumstances in life that could force people or prefer them to be lonely than seek the company of other people for many different reasons.

The first reason is that such people do not get along with other people, since they cannot find others who are like minded in which the company of other people could disturb their given and secured privacy which they have already establish within their private life style and way of life, whatever classes of people which they belong, since they do not have similar intent and purpose in life and they cannot get along and they do not share anything in common.

The second reason is from the fear of being victim of other people conspiracy and sabotages which they could come about due to the fact they have conflict of interest and benefits in which such people stay away from everyone since they could be attacked as they perform some special tasks or they assume different responsibilities and functions that put them in such way that others could plot on their lives and destinies.

The third reason is from the fear of facing rejection when they associate to any group as there are few people who always like to dominate and manipulate others in group who could suppress their views and opinions while they interact with others in group as such people are quite manipulative and tricky and they can bring anyone to their give direction. In order not to be manipulated and tricked by deceptive people as they belong to any given group, such people prefer to be alone and they look their own private life as nicer  and safer way of life and such way of life do not bring any harm to their responsibilities, feelings and thinking.

The fourth reason is that such people prefer loneliness as way of life since they have been rejected or stigmatized by the society itself since they have  different thinking and belief that does not go in conformity to the social system and they become victim of some kind of social therapy by their given social system which they used to belong as result of their given belief, thinking or doctrine of life or whatever different reasons they might assume and they see other as enemy or people who could come to attack or ruin their lives as result of past tragedy they have undergone in their given life and they lost trust on everyone and they are suspicious of any other people move or thinking and they cannot get along with anyone due to their given past experience and exposures of life.

The sixth reason is that such people prefer to be alone since they get use to such way of life as they are brought up as they are shaped in this way and they have come up with private life style as result of their given family orientation or other different causes that put them in such shape. Hence, such kinds of people prefer to be by their own than seek other people company since they cannot interact and communicate with other people in adequate manner and they lack such given skill of life.

Choosing private life does not mean that social life is not important, but in certain cases, there are situations and conditions that dictate people to be by their own private mood of life since such way of life could be better than the social life style as there are many rubbish theatrical dramas and things are going on and one observe that many people enter in to different kinds of complications; the more they interact and communicate with other people, the greater probability in passing lines and borders of other people’s privacy, and people could get lost the balance between the private life and the social life as more social and communal way of life is employed in peoples life style.

In connection to one’s life styles, one is indeed highly comfortable to be in one’s private room and life since such way of life gives more chance to contemplate on many and different aspects of one’s life, the environment at large, and the entire cosmos since such way of life is employed with intention and purpose, not by accident or chance, as it is not only useful but also essential in discharging to one’s given undertaking in life.

Such company does not include anyone one meets at work places since one  does not confuse responsibility and friendship  and one does not even like to have any kind of company with people whom one meet at work places except working together in friendly  environment though there could be people who want to confuse such aspects, one get rid of their given claims since one does not like to interact and communicate with work mates  further and outside the working place and environment since working together and having friendship are two different aspects of one’s life. One does not even think and want to have any kind of company with those people one meet at working places too and this is clearly observed and manifested in one’s given life.

Accordingly, there are two types of pope one meet in life. The first ones are or almost all of them are the chewing gum types in which they are good and useful and sweet like the sweet thing within the chewing gum is, as the honey or sweet thing within the chewing gum lasts for few time as it is finished, the remaining time will be spent like the wrestling match in which the teeth, tongue and other parts of the body does and they become like that as they stay longer and more. And hence, as once the few days or time company is gone, one prefers to by one’s own since they just come and go, and it is not oneself that goes to them; this is not what one seeks in life.

And the second ones are those kind of people who are not only important but also essential to one’s life and existence as the food everyone eats in everyday life to one’s survival and existence due to the nature and character of connection, necessary interaction and useful communication which people make with other people and such kinds of people and their respective company is not yet found and established with anyone and this is not even possible. One establishes such company with oneself to date; none is in conformity to what one thinks, understands, feels, interpret and lives the life on the earth.


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