The Coin of Leadership

June 6, 2016

Leadership is a sacred skill. It is a sacred responsibility. Leadership is a key element and factor that affects individuals, society and institutions life and dynamics. Historically, leadership is directly related to power and authority, but in toady, it is quite different. What can be added here is that another dimension in which such power and authority can be implemented, which is serving society.

Leadership means captain-ship. Leadership requires thinking. Leadership demands visions. Leadership means knowing things ahead of time. It is not an easy skill. It is in fact a learning process; one learns thru time and adjusts oneself to be great leader. It is not like baking pizza cake. It cannot have definite mathematical formula or recipe to come up with.

It is mainly related with solving societal problems, which needs expertise advice, thinking outside the box, and coming up with effective and efficient remedy to the afflicting problems and challenges that society is facing. Due to changes of needs of any given society, which has direct impact o the nature and character of problems and challenges too, leadership changes its character and virtue. Hence, leading society is not only connected to power and authority but also serving society with gesture of humbleness.

Most leaders—who arise originally as a liberation movement leaders or advocators of different kinds of movements in the society—they forget many things the moment they are put or they assume some kinds of offices or some kind of leadership roles in their respective domain and the give birth to another kinds of freedom fighters who fight against their oppression they come about as a result of their egoist personality. This is one of the facets of life in this world.

Accordingly, the integrity and make up of such societies is founded upon two great pillars. The first one is the political pillar; the second one is the military pillar that should support the political pillar. When both pillars are integrated and combined in healthy health and strong foundation, the peace, security and integrity of any given social dynamics is securely established otherwise any given society will face its own challenges and complications since the integrity of any leadership is highly dependent upon such great and forceful factors.

Hence, the conflict within the political pillar is more dangerous than the contradiction that exist within the military pillar although both contradictions and conflicts harm the society at large in which any kinds of conflicts that exist between and within such pillars are harmful, they put the safety, integrity and security and peace of the society at large under jeopardy. In such case, leadership should play significant role in remedying those problems and challenges such great pillars in expeditious manner.

When there are any kinds of conflict and contradictions within and between such pillars, this is a symptom and an indication to the existence of some kind of illness to the function of the entire system as well. Though there are fundamental reasons that create some kind of problems to such pillars, any of the challenges and problems they face should be resolved by their respective leaders since they have varied nature and characters and they require different way of approaching and solving them as well.

They face two kinds of problems in general. The first ones are temporal and they can be resolved. The second ones are problems that come time and again, they challenge the integrity of leadership as they add up one to the other and they have some kinds of cumulative effect to the extent they can put the integrity of such leadership under questions since they are not resolve well and in sustained manner.

When problems in the political pillar start getting shape, as few people become more ambitious and ego centered to lead the rest and the mass, they could form their own spiral within the military group, which could result in the divide within the military pillar, they create a small group within the big group and they have monopoly of power and authority since they play some kind of drama in which any given agendas are raised outside the meeting room, and the meeting is required to make it official. In this case, few core people play significant role in shaping the dynamics of society and the mass has no power and authority to reject their given claim, except supporting and accepting their given matters.

When such life becomes the nature and character of any given social dynamics, life becomes boring and displeasing since unofficial people are leading the official leadership, by being behind the curtain and the wall, knowingly and unknowingly. Such way of life causes hidden dramas and theaters that result in wrong and disappointing ends since the front and the back of such kinds of leadership could be falling apart.

Hence, such system needs like what an automobile could require as it is not functioning very well, an engine overhaul, otherwise the plastic surgery approach cannot bring about any significant and fundamental feature change as far as there is nothing change at the back and behind of such systems since there are two faces which people could see in such types of systems; the front looks kind and considerate but, the back sounds arrogant and crooked.

Why do the political pillar and the military pillar come in conflict and contradiction is quite noteworthy matter to mention though they share similar accountability, function, duty and responsibility as they protect the sovereignty and integrity of any given social dynamics which they belong and lead:

  • When the political machinery fails to operate due to its incapacitate
  • When the military power starts abusing its responsibilities
  • When both leaders become more egoistic and ambitious
  • When conflict of interest and benefits occurs
  • When they have wrong and incorrect visions and directions
  • When they fail in achieving their vision and directions
  • When there is space and gap that exist between the mass and them

Although both pillars are the most essential and useful pillars of any given society, it is sometimes considered as insignificant as they become abusive, the society could prefer to live without them since their failure brings about into chaos and destruction that cannot deliver any single hope to the future of any given society. Failure to political pillar lead to failure to the military pillar as the vice versa is true too.

Both share common goal and objective, authority, accountability and responsibility as they share similar visions and direction. One cannot live without the other as everything in this world is interconnected and interrelated and they are two sides of a coin share otherwise there must be fundamental problem that should be addressed wisely and consciously.


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