The Ideology and Follower Aspects


Ideas are created at least two times and then recreated more times. The first one is in the inventor’s mind in its abstract sense. Then the originator translates to this objective reality after experimentation processes. And then when it is placed to the outside world, which can be further improved and adjusted. And so on.

The idea of Spirit, when it is channeled to something tangible, it will be oppressed and colonized. The unlimited reality cannot be fully expressed with limited reality and is still an area of research that cannot have an end.

Form is a shape. It is an appearance. It is an outward expression of “Idea”, but due to limitations and inconveniences of the media and plane of existence, most ideas gets adjusted and put to form after many corrections and trials error.

This does not mean that any given idea is perfect and has to take shape. NOT. There are ideas which are meaningful and can have outward appearance, but not take shape due to limitations of this plane of existence. They are practical and can be implemented.

These Ideas can be consistent with rules of the cosmos, Time and Space. Factors for such threats are mentioned before.

The integration of Spirit and Form…and Idea and Shape…are so interesting due to the fact, they upraise human ego and agitate the idea of identity and personality. They tell…” I am like this”…

This makes me to relate to a story I heard in Uganda. In a particular village when TV was introduced, the dwellers of that given community put an antenna on top of the roof. And one given family did not put that antenna on their roof. When the children of that given family interact with other children, they were harassed due to their parents’ financial inability to buy the TV.

The children of that given family told their parents on the kinds of harassment they faced from other children due to their inadequacy. Then the parents frankly told their children about the financial stress they are having. The children understood their parents’ condition. Then the parents came up with an idea of putting antenna like wire, which is found in their home, and put it on top of the roof. All agreed. They did put the wire as antenna like form. Then everyone who is passing by that given family home, they know they have TV. And by doing sop, they stop the harassment their children faced.

Form has a deceiving expression in which what one culture or community has developed and translated some ideas with some sort of outward actions; it could result in deceiving personalities. Such matters can happen due to many factors.

History has put us in different categories and classes of society for many reasons. One of the major reasons for our classification and existence of categories is human being’s understanding and interpretation of realities.

Hence it is customary to locate and find oneself in a particular group of society due to belief, thinking, and the like. Categorization is mostly connected to identity in which if one has wealth, one finds oneself in the rich category.

Based on likeness, and inter-relatedness, thinking or belief, one is specified in a group and practices and does what one aspires to perform. When getting organized one obtain more strength so as to perform better tasks effectively.

What could be interesting here is that when more people are getting organized under the cover of personalities, figures, here one could need more contemplation and meditation on why one follows the other.

Why do we follow others be it religious or political or professional matters? Is it to satisfy our sense of belief or faith? Is this for we have no confidence on our thinking and belief, we seek approval from others?

Is this we hate the former or existing thinking or belief, we need new ones? Is this to get more energy and connection with others so as to create change in the world? Is this because we think we are ignorant and others are knowledgeable?

The point here is that why do many people seek to follow. They prefer to follow the dictate of the mass than create the first and original ones. Though leadership requires gifts, courage, detachment, passion and the like, but many still prefer to follow.

Accordingly, there are four types of religious people. The first ones are those who inherit religion as wealth—they took from their parents and just follow.

The second ones are those who investigate independently and follow a particular religion. They assume the religion they follow has answered certain questions in life and they assume that what they follow is correct. They actively participate in the particular religion they are interested in and try to live up to it’s principle.

The third ones are those who are leaders of religion. They follow a particular dogma, but they are also leaders too. They are head and the rest follow. In this case, they held responsible for the failure and success; peace and chaos they bring in their domain and the outside at large.

The fourth ones are those who are passive—they took from their parents, or find it independently—but they are like confused; they do not know which way they are going; but they practice a particular religion as a style or a fashion.



The Human Reality Aspect

This world has different laws that go in conformity with the law of the universe and there are also other laws which sound bit interesting due to the varied aspects which is not understood. For example, marriage is a law that is created by human out of the understanding of the concept of sexes in which human beings come to conclusion with the natural attraction both sexes have undergone thru past centuries and ages, which is obvious. Interaction is the basis here.

As traditionally told, when Adam interacts with Eve, it was natural feeling that made him interact with Eve in that manner. Unless and otherwise Adam was like Eve, he would not eat that “forbidden fruit” so that the whole generation is having that bad fruit till this date. In reality, the present generation calls that bad fruit as an ice cream to this date. Everyone is having an ice cream at all age, but what is different is the flavor and the taste which is very personal and contextual. This is very natural and normal, it is not even a sin it is because it was only Eve who existed as opposite sex at that given time on earth as they told us and that feeling is created by nature. None as control over such feelings since such feelings are naturally borne and they exist within us.

When both sexes interact, it is obvious that they could sense that attraction at ages which are considered as minor. In most cases, age 18 is considered as legal or legitimate age to everyone. When a given sex starts feeling about another sex at age 13, in which nature is the factor here, and when such beings want to declare that they are married at this age, they are considered as minor and are not acceptable before the law due to the human laws. Although such institutional interferences are done for the sake of protection, but the natural laws dictates human beings to act in way human laws cannot dictate. Thus, nature and human law should be compatible.

Nature and human intelligence has very interesting and healthy and bad relationships to date. This relationship was introduced and maintained by few people who excel the rest of humanity thru the intelligence they have acquired and developed thru time as result of keen observation and perception. Thus they become successful and they helped the rest of the world to date by inventing certain matters that are useful and necessary for our daily operations and movements.

One of the interesting idea nature delivered to human reality is the idea of aero-plane in which the idea oh what makes the birds fly, which ignited sort of interest to the inventors and brothers —Orville Wright & Wilbur Wright—and they happen to invent the first airplane in 1903, which later becomes an industry and source of income and life to many people on earth, and help human society to have better, comfortable and secured life, though such aspects of life is relative and vary from society as well.

The other interesting contribution of nature to human intelligence is the idea of factory or industry in which such idea is connected to the way or the metabolism of human factor in which every human being takes in something, then process what it takes in, and ten consumes the goods and removes the bad from its body. This is what every factory or industry does. The idea of —input, process, output—works and lives in every filed to this date, and by looking how human body functions and operates, it is possible to see how nature is designed in nice way, and human reality is till makes copy and paste what nature delivers to this date, and will continue too.

Human being is not created to be a machine. Human being is a creature that is endowed with freedoms, rights, choices and free wills too. It is not possible to make one to have faith or make one think to go in certain manner unless and otherwise tat given person has willed. It is possible to force and put certain pressure, but it is not possible to change what one thinks in one’s deep inside and try to create certain catastrophic matters in one’s reality, which is not possible at this stage and time of history of this world.

To think and to believe are two different aspects of our life as human being i9nwhich thinking dictate our belief or faith, and vice versa too. When thinking exceeds the amount of faith one has in deep inside, doubt germinate s in one’s being and questions everything and the type or the amount of fait one established in one’s being. When faith or belief exceeds the amount of thinking, superstitious and irrational thinking takes the place and make the system of belief or one’s faith to be unrealistic and complicated which could create other complications and distortion in one’s being.

When thinking and faith are in balance, certitude and certainty germinates in one’s being. However, is it possible to have certitude in this world in any matter unless and otherwise one has certain grounds like scientific experimentations in many aspects of life in which one has proved certain matters with practical experimentations? This is still a question to all. Although thee are mysterious aspects of life in this world which are true and correct and cannot be proven due to in adequacy of human achievements and limitations of the tools in the laboratory, which are very relative, subjective, personal and contextual too. Such aspects of our life are subjected to manipulations and deception in which many are tricked due to the nature of such subjects and matters.

The world we live in is like THE MATRIX. Just to mean that, it has some kind of boundaries, molded and shaped according to belief and thinking systems, in which there are certain touchstones that exist as imaginary and tangible boundaries—there are also physical boundaries whose margins could be based on imaginary lines and dictations.

This world has its own Bermuda Triangle in many aspects, in terms of—social systems, intellectual aspects and the like—and we know such things exist the moment we pass the margins and limits they put and in fact and when we taste the fire of such boundaries as result of passing them; for they could have no answer or they do not know or they have no adequate knowledge after the lines.

These boundaries have basically at least four limits, in which they are all based on human perceptions and thinking, that do affect our perceptions, choices and decisions we make in our daily routines. These are physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual aspects. They govern our past, tell our present condition and forecast our future as well.

For instance, when one is hungry, one looks for something to eat. However, when one is hungry and annoyed, though there is critical need for food, one could not eat since one’s emotional aspect is so down. Although the physical need is there, food for growth and hunger, but there is also another reality that brings one’s whole being not to eat, emotional, which needs another reality to fix and balance so as to continue life in normal ways.

Here emotional aspects plays major role in dictating the body that makes not to eat though the stomach is crying loud for something to eat. There is another element here which could help this situation; in which there was a probability of being not annoyed when one looked in to the condition in detail. What makes one annoyed could be silly, and if one was patient and tolerant and different way off looking at the problem, resilience, one could not be annoyed.

For the secret of human’s being is not only to live but to have something to live for. In this regard, to have could be related to material, intellectual, emotional and spiritual possessions whose manifestation and reflection on this objective plane of existence could vary from society to society, institution to institution and individual to individual.

The body is used as a tool or vehicle to entertain or help the four aspects of human reality, in which material wealth, emotional stability, intellectual and spiritual maturity are obtained thru concerted and well coordinated of the above four needs and realities. Thus the body is the mediator and the temple in which human reality is reflected.

For instance, if I bit you, it is not only my hand that bit you, but also a result of my emotional, intellectual and spiritual maturity. Since I am hot tempered person, since my intellectual maturity and spirituality maturity are low, I reflect my anger towards you by beating you. There are many other possibilities that could be an outward manifestation of my anger towards you.

You did something bad on me. Then I could have many other possibilities of reflecting my disappointments toward you. The first one is to be tolerant. If not, to directly tell you that I am not happy with you. If not, to tell other people who around you so that you could be helped out. If not, I have to take the case to the court. If not, to pray and leave up to God. Each and very step I take here are reflections and manifestations of one’s intellectual, spiritual and emotional maturity and stability. They tell to one’s level of maturity and capacity.

The role of my body here is to be obedient to the instruction it receives from the Mind, which is the coordinator of my bodily and metabolism, in which the moment it receives signals, then it acts and reacts. The body here is like a tool that functions based on instructions and orders it receives from the Mind. The mind stores and integrates my reality—emotional, intellectual, physical, spiritual—and processes them all, and their cumulative effect is manifested and reflected outwardly on some sort of outward actions.

Greed is one aspect of our life. Greed is a result of imbalance and coordination of human’s reality in which one tends to have more material accumulation, but tends to be more self-centered due to intellectual, emotional, and spiritual factors. Reasonable generosity is an outcome of proper coordination and balance of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual factors.

Virtues and lack of virtues are not a result of exercise of magic or holy water, but rather they are results of conscious efforts and coordination of human’s reality in whose actions and interactions are reflected based on capabilities and capacities of individuals, societies and institutions too.

In a given society basic needs could be considered as three; but in another society, basic needs could be considered as six; such aspects are dependent up on maturity and level of possessions of the above four realities, in which the more organized and harmonious interactions of them could result in better and greater level of achievements and progress and well being of society and citizens to the world, whose future is optimistic and bright.


The Religous Aspects

Religion is one of the instruments that help to bring transformation in the life of human society. It shapes people in terms of thinking and belief and to have a perspective about this world and expectations of after life in this world. Thus, it makes life to be interesting in certain manner. It gives method and approach towards existence on the earth and offers views regarding the look people have in terms of their own reality and about the cosmos as well.

It has both positive and negative impact in the life of every given individual, society and institutions as well. One of the good aspect of Religion is it transforms the life of every given individual in terms of perspective and manner as well. It advises everyone to behave in certain manner that could not put harm on others. This is very golden. The other aspect of religion in terms of societal lives, it puts certain standard and norm on how individuals interact within given domain so that order can be established within that given system of belief.

The institutions that are created as result of principles of religions are administrative machineries that channel certain guidance to reconcile and integrate the need of individuals and the community in every time. They put constitutions, policies, guidance and laws—consistent and inconsistent—with most intention of Protectionism, in which they tend to have survival of the fittest approach in order to maintain the balance of their system of belief, though they claim and address that they are mainly concerned to the poor and to the weak since they are the ones that join them most.

Administrative machineries of religions are tools that address and channel principles and visions of religion, which can be right and wrong, but they are not free from error. They all live with evolutionary process in which their maturity is governed out as result of interactions and communications they do with the environment both within and outside their domain. They are means by which needs and visions of their community can be addressed in relation to the founders of their religion.

Although they tell and advise other people to behave in good manner and have virtuous life; they are all concerned about matters related to the unknown, and they claim that they are vicegerent of God, and at the same time, they tell that the God they preach is unknowable. Even though it is very hard to discuss matters related to the unknown, since it is already agreed that it is unknowable, they all tell with confidence that they know the path to the unknown, which makes them formidable to trust and believe their finding and claims. This makes them tricky and could be misleading at times.

When such claims are there, such claims makes their system of beliefs and their communities in tricky mindset, and they all live with arguments and proofs that focus on the personalities of their respective authors of their religion, in which they all become promoters of individuals claim on behalf of God, whatever doctrine, philosophy or spirituality they manifest in their lives. All live to make the truth of founders of religion to be truthful and trusted.

Religion is a way of life, a collective worship by like-minded people and a social system which is created by the claims respective founders assert in which such founders do state that they assume personally declared authority and power in relation to the connection they have established with the power of divinity, the absolute power, which they call and know as God. Due to its unknowable nature and essence, God, misunderstanding and misinterpretation and misrepresentation of such given aspect is obvious and there is a vacuum and spaces which such limited knowledge of the absolute create, and few people have come up with their own imaginative and speculative understanding on the perception of such reality and many people belong, follow, think and believe in way such few people claim and dictate.

Whatever philosophical or ideological views people think and believe in, when people become religious, whoever they are, they have in most cases something in common which they share and practice and reflect in their given life as general characteristics in which one could find—based on one’s personal observation and personal experience in life—such behaviors and patterns of life as they share similar way of life, no matter variance and differences they have in their given claims they do, since they are religious, they share something in common, in terms of thinking and behaviors, personally and collectively too.

Consequently, such few people have come up with certain given social system which incorporate various people with diverse background and they try to deliver views in organized way so as to make their individual and collective worship, and process of life to focus on common and similar direction and pivot point. Hence, such given undertaking stays for longer periods and years  and for centuries and ages, people follow one generation by generation since they like to be part and parcel of such process and they share their values, beliefs, thinking and other given aspects of their life.

Accordingly, based on one’s personal exposure of life, this observation is mostly reflected by adherents or the systems of administration. Administrators come with different kinds of rule and regulations with their given domain since they are responsible in administering and managing the affairs of what is going on within their given domain and such process and practice is mostly reflected in both the system and adherents in common as their given style, pattern and identity of the system of belief since such aspects do exist in such ways of life.

  1. Blame Others on their Failures

When their given adherents or followers shun way from the doctrine or domain which they respectively belong, even if they have found out that they have failures or something irregularities that make such people to be far way from such doctrine or domain, they assume that such people have failed due to their own given shortcoming than they accept their legitimate opinion or view they have in relation to the misadministration or corruption they have faced in that given group or domain. They prefer to justify the resignation of their members from their given domain, as if it is the faults and failures of such people than the maladministration or failures which they experience and have within their given undertakings.

  1. Ambition to be Perfectionist

It is good to desire for perfection but such given claim should be realistic and practical. They assume that they have faultless way or path to God and what they practice and adhere is absolute and perfect, but they sometimes think that life in this world is relative and subjective as they change from time to time in terms of their given administrative functions, structures and activities which they come due to the evolving human needs. Things change from time to time, they make certain changes in their administration and functioning and they claim such changes are reflections and manifestation of the perfectionist claim they do. Though it is very hard to be perfect while living in an imperfect world, being better than others in one aspect or getting some kind of progress from their yesteryear as they assume is way of manifesting their perfectionist claim. They forget, God stops becoming real God as it is knowable by others.

  1. Schism and Protectionism

Every religion has its own sects that is created out of certain deviations or misinterpretations or misunderstanding that come afterwards and hence, whatever few numbers or large numbers every sect contains, schism is the becoming nature and characteristics of every religion which arise in terms of understanding and interpretations of the claims every given form of religion and opposing and antagonistic understanding and interpretations of the claims every given religion do in translating its claims, doctrines and principles. Due to existence of such sects and factions created within any given domain, the idea of friend and enemy is mostly common in every group, and they focus more on the agenda of protectionism and they use various means to protect their given claim and every group focuses more on protectionist way of life than propagation though they try to propagate as means for their protectionism, and they spend their resources, time and energy to protect their given claim.

  1. Legalized Thinking

They feel and think that they are safe since they are living in accordance with the law of their given religious belief dictate and tell. The feeling of salvation and security is derived out of adhering to the laws of their given religious doctrines and laws. They adhere to rules and practice than they a first check the usefulness or dangers of what they practice as they give priority to obedience to rules and regulations than they prefer or identify the usefulness and harmfulness of what they are asked to do.

For example, they do not drink alcohol, smoke or take cigars or drugs since they are asked not to do so, than verifying the usefulness or danger of what they practice comes that comes later, in which they use for justifying to their given claim. They think that they are special, they could show off on other people who practice such things as if they are practicing something like the end of the world thing since they might not be aware that such simple practice s possible without following any religious doctrine which they assume that it is the sign of integrity of one’s life.

  1. Labeling or Categorization

They have cadres or few core people who promulgate and protect their given claims which they consider them as special or chosen ones in which such people are the ones who attend or represent them in all types of conferences on behalf of the system or society which they participate since they talk about what they know and they do not know, but they present their given claims in way presentable manner to others with the prime intention of convincing other people as per the nature and character of audience which they face. These people are the ones who invent all kinds of analogies, theories, philosophies, hypothesis that favor and merit their given claims and perspectives.

To the contrary, anyone who comes with different mindset, within and outside their give domain is subjected to certain kind of categorization and labeling to certain group of people which they do not even have a clue which they do not like and they put such people under suspicious eye since they assume that they are dangerous or difficult people to socialize and interact due to the fact they have different views and perceptions than what they think and they claim. Hence, they have different or negative eyes for such kinds of people who think in different way and perspective than theirs perspectives.

  1. Shifting or Deviations in Claims

They do not like or they hate all kinds of challenges which shake the fundamentals of their belief or thinking. They could have some irregularities in their given claims or in any kind of failed predictions or any given prophecies which they have already contained in their given books, as such kinds of issues are raised by others time and again, they hate such views and those who carry such views since such kinds or aspects do shake or put to questions the fundamentals of their give undertakings due to the fact they know they have failures, but they do not want to talk about such failures, but they shift their movement to different direction, by creating agenda or attention diverting claims and issues both within and outside their give domain. They change their jargons, perspectives and other processes which they undertake from time to time, and by doing so, they check the integrity of their given respective followers accordingly.


  1. Avoiding Questions or Investigations

They do not like individuals who question especially pin point their given failures and mistakes they commit in their given process of undertakings, since they think that such individuals who question lack faith and integrity in the practice and belief they commonly practice as they think that faith is the corner stone of the fundamentals of belief, but reason could poison such faith and do not agree with faith as questions arise time and again.

In this case, such individuals are seen with suspicious eyes and adherents of any given belief or domain are asked to refrain from having any kinds of contacts and interactions with such kinds of people of such types of inquisitive personality as they think that such kinds of personality is contagious and many people could be infected with such kind of inquisitive minds that put the fundamentals or the survival and existence of their belief system under threat or jeopardy. They claim, they try to be open-minded, but they still live with marginalized thinking and belief, in fact, they are closed for many things and they practice everything based on boundaries and limits they set.

  1. Apocalyptic Views of Life

They presume that there is only one way to God, which they only follow and practice, otherwise people cannot think and live outside the claim they do and think and believe. They think like a fish in the fish bowl since spiritual life which they claim can be gained while they practice rituals and doctrines of religion which they adhere and they in cases confuse being spiritual with being religious. They follow the teachings of their given books that have apocalyptic views of life in this world and they relate and connect any significant happening, especially strange happenings, with the apocalyptic perceptions and understanding which they are taught in their given religious dogmas.

  1. Paternalistic Attitudes Towards Answer

They think that fundamental questions in cases all questions humanity could raise in terms of the mysterious life, about metaphysical worlds and life, and other aspects of the human side and life are answered in their books. They have developed while answering paternalistic attitude towards the questions many people raise. When they are asked, questions which they do not even have answers, they prefer to have escaping mechanism such as mystery of God, miracles of God can do and other magical way of defending such challenging type questions that many people raise that cannot go in conformity with the rational mind, that seeks views that quench thirsts such people have since they ask questions based on what they see, observe, comprehend and understand on the objective plane of existence. And they do not have adequate answers that satisfy people quests but they prefer to question the integrity of the seeker, and close such chapter, by their own given remarks, we have limited understanding and we cannot perceive such and other many things.

  1. The God Dilemma and Paradox

They all claim that God is unknowable and cannot be reachable by anyone, but, in another aspect, they also claim that God can be known and reachable when people follow and practice the teachings of God taught in their given religious books as proclaimed by those personages which they think and believe that they are vicegerent of God. They all build mansions and beautiful buildings in order to accommodate such views and glorify their God, in way their perception, interpretations and understanding dictate and they try to deliver and portray the image of God as per the context of architectural and attractive building complexes which they construct in everywhere.

Every religion has its own God and they define God as per what they like and want than it should since such perception is mainly derived out of certain conventions any congregations agree and would like to come up and people follow such God in way their doctrine dictate. They give all kinds of names and attributes which they like and understand they define God as per the context of their given understanding and interpretation of such reality, which is till paradox to date and unresolved mystery in arriving at concrete knowledge of God. They all claim, God is unknowable that they share in common.


The Historical Divorce or The Independence Day

June 24, 2016

Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union? This was one of the hottest menu item of this world has undertaken in past few days with great hope and expectation to many other European countries though such great expectation of the marriage or divorce of UK with EU—whether to remain or leave the European Union—has been concluded this morning with win over, 51.9% leave than 48.1% to remain unlike the first poll survey projection that claimed reverse was true. Why do certain significant matters of this world go contrary to expectations and plans?

Two great, but unprecedented events visit Great Britain in this current year. The first one is, in terms of importance and significance, as mentioned on the above, UK has decided to leave  and divorce from membership of the European Union. The second one is Leicester City becomes trophy winner, champion, of the English Premiere League. One unprecedented event was sign and indicator to the coming and happening of the second one. Everything has sign and one was was a sign and an indicator to the other. Such unexpected occurrences in this  world make wise and intelligent people to think a little bit further on different features of life that come to happen  as deviation from their given plan and expectation since such matters have something to deliver. Life is like that.

Those who favor a British withdrawal from the European Union—commonly referred to as a Brexit—have declared win over those who want to stay married with EU. And What does this whistle imply? What does it mean by leaving the EU is a decision of the society which vote against the ruling government? What does such matte tell to the world? Though, the leave group have own such war field without bullets and losses of lives and properties, such divorce do have its own consequences in the future, as experts state, to the nation and its people not only in its political arena but also in it economic growth and  activities too.

This vote that goes against the intent and desire of the government tells that the government has failed to implement and address those required needs of the majority of its citizens and it also fail install those important institutions that could listen and feel the joy and pains of the society at large since such given institutions should deliver the right melodies and woes of the society to its leaders at all levels before it makes and delivers any kind of stand and views in relations to its domestic affairs as such vote against its plan and thinking would not appear and happen.

This vote has failed to deliver the desired and right power and authority to the government since such decisions is wake-up call that makes this government to think and wonder on many aspects of its administrations due to the fact that it requires its own mindset and perspective in the leadership features and to thinking of ordinary citizen as well as it brings some kind of restructuring not only in terms of political and economic undertakings but also in social and psychological or emotional make up of citizens as there are certain benefits and advantages government and such citizens lose as result of its resignation.

This vote, in another aspect, also delivers a great opportunity for the government to work for the entire nation while the majority of adherents of its nation go against its intent and move as citizens do vote contrary to the wishes and dream of the government; its maturity is tested and its great plans and aspirations are challenged; such strength this given government demonstrate could serve as model to other nations on how people and the government can work together in cases while things are falling apart and such differences are used as means to develop stronger unit of nation; as it requires its citizen to be obedient, it demonstrate such obedience, which is conncnot in mere words and fake gesture, but with practical and objective undertakings and actions it shows in the process of administering the affairs of its nation at large.

Former Tory Defence Secretary Liam Fox – on the Leave side – tells the BBC David Cameron must remain as prime minister “so we don’t add political instability into the mix”, We have now decided to change the course of our history. UKIP leader Nigel Farage – who has campaigned for the past 20 years for Britain to leave the EU – told cheering supporters “this will be a victory for ordinary people, for decent people”. Mr Farage – who predicted a Remain win at the start of the night after polls suggested that would happen – said it would “go down in history as our independence day”. He called on Prime Minister David Cameron, who called the referendum but campaigned passionately for a Remain vote, to quit “immediately”.

Although it is very hard to tell, what this given “independence day” delivers to the future destiny of this nation, although the projection and actual reality of such vote tell something in its own, this gives an idea that in certain cases, when one plus one becomes less than one or equal to one, people prefer to be by the single one, since such addition or multiplications should give better and greater result than one; where as in certain cases, unity could deliver some kind of chaos and frustration when it is not managed and administered properly since it requires greater capacity and higher level of understanding too. Unity, as general concept, is good and healthy but such unity should be treated and mange in its proper character, sense and nature.

This vote in general delivers one great thing since it is going against the wind as the world is moving towards the direction of unifying its political and economic and other needs, today’s referendum tell that what politicians claim and what the majority feel and think are two different aspects of such life since such kinds of unifications needs quite a perspective than the conventional thinking and perspectives.

Unit of nations is not only political and economic aspect or it is some kind of reality that should come since it is forte told by prophets of the past, but it should be inherent thinking and feeling of ordinary citizens too though such unified nations have built high complex buildings, allocated higher administrative costs and functions, arrange numerous lavish gatherings and the like in order to facilitate such important unity which could fail when it misses to address needs of society and individual.

In such cases being by one’s own is better than seeking superficial and fake company since unity must address needs and wants of individuals, communities, societies, institutions and nations in fair, accountable and responsible manner.

What is Time

Past is not only past, there is a way and means it can help the future in which past and future are connected with the present bridge. Past is not only a memory, but also a hope that brings bright destiny to the future. In time., there are three features in which people attribute and sort out things so as to identify occurrences and make human way of communication and interaction simple and these are past, present and future. In reality, what is time? Is time something that can be managed or manipulated?

As yesterday and today was tomorrow, tomorrow and today will be yesterday, but present is always present and does not change. This is an inevitable aspect of our life due to the fact that everyone is affected by time. Time is relative and subjective since the color of days and minutes and hours that sum up a day do change at any instances in which it is circumstances that weight such given measurements of time than the natural cycle they are bound to circulate since every day has on average 24 hours; a hour has 60 minutes and a minute has 60 seconds in every day though days have different names and colors.

Physicists agree that time is one of the most difficult properties of our universe to understand. The concept that time is a fourth dimension—on a par with the three dimensions of space: length, width, and depth—is one of the foundations of modern physics. Although scientists are able to describe the past and the future and demarcations such as seconds and minutes, they cannot define exactly what time is. The length of a day 900 million years ago was only about 18 hours, based on the changing length of the lunar cycle over time, the scientists calculated the rate of lunar retreat over hundreds of millions of years.

Based on this rate of lunar retreat and the orbital mechanics of the earth-moon system, the study authors found that a day on earth about 900 million years ago, lasted about 18 hours. The study indicated that, one year—one complete circuit of the earth around the sun—equaled 481 days. Compared to current measurement of one year, which contains 365.252199 days, one year, 900 years ago had 8,658 hours; one year on the current measurement standard has on average 8766 hours in which there was at least 108 hours difference per given year, and none knows who is accountable for the missing 108 hours per year since the shift on measurement of one year equal as 365 days commenced.

What makes life interesting is not the length or duration of time, but those incidents that do visit our life in such given time which are dependent upon the type of personality and activities everyone performs in a given day. Whether we have 365 or 481 days a year, the crux is what people do in these days. When such days are active, meaning, they are busy with all kinds of activities; such activities shape our reality and individuality at certain span of time. In such way, time values the extent to which a given person is active or passive in life. In time people live and die; in time people achieve and fail; in time people change and replace people as circumstances dictate people’s way of life and interaction.


The Concept of Time in this time of existence as compared to past is very unique and different since we live in a time and place where Technology has changed what we think about ourselves and Reality as well. Thus there is a tremendous thinking shift in many aspects. The revolution, rotation of the sun, moon, earth and their related impact on our daily routines is not that significant, meaning we live in a time whether our days and night are short or long,  does not matter.

The powers of electricity, water and the like have changed about our thinking on days and nights in which what we do in nights could be done in day times, and what we do in day time could be done at night too, all are becoming equal and same in which every hour is equally important to all. Due to certain stages of human development in the West such as stages of development in three phases, Agricultural, Industrial and Information, have an impact on how our world have been shaped thru centuries and ages, that do have its own impact on way we are now and fashioned, whose reality is clearly seen on our thinking and actions.

Whether the day is short or not we cannot stop using our daily routines what is probably could be changed here is that our conversation in which we claim the day is short but our employers will not stop making us work 8 hours a day, the government will not stop asking us taxes and our daily bills continue. In reality there are certain differences that exist between time like a 60 second happenings in which, a pain and a joy that is exercised within this limit, meaning certain periods could not be equal in terms of intensity, but not in duration in this case feeling have tremendous influence on our thinking about time, which do make us think that both are not like 60 seconds.

How do we measure time? Why is the touchstone that makes a given period of time to be divided into days, nights, weeks, months and years measured in a way the conventional and natural way dictate? Is there no other way to measure time? By so doing, one could arrive at certain truthful aspect of one’s life since there are other ingredients that are incorporated in time which could tell the magnitude and potency of certain matters while having brief periods of existence and the like? Can we add other aspects in measuring our time?

Time in cases is connected with the ins and outs of life in which what we call days and weeks are mere numbers. We count days since they affect our life and we conventionally agreed and our life is connected with them. Life is measured by days or years of existence, but not on the magnitude of actions or influence one has on the earth. In this case, one could say, time is just a clock and counter.

There should be certain parameters in which one’s life should be measured in which a person who lives and works similar type of life and the life style one chooses is like being a programmed one, here time is meant and divided by days, weeks, months, and years. One plan using a calendar and it is time that is the governing factor, but not the person who can do everything. This man is a good person since one tries to use time in economic and planned manner. There is no such significant change or ups and downs in life that could make one shift the way and what one thinks about life.

There are cases and times where one shifts the way and what one thinks due to certain explosive incidents that could create a sudden change in the way and what one thinks. Sometimes, place even could be a matter of state being. For instance, one day, when I was living abroad, and I met someone whom I know in here on the road. And I spend making all kinds of conversations about what was going on at home for few hours with that person in café while having coffee. In the middle of this time, I was totally confused about the place thing, in which my conversation with that person made me think that I was at home, not abroad. I had that thought for few hours until I got back to the real place that I was there.

Time is like that. Sometimes one could live in past while being in present. Sometimes one lives the future at present. Sometime one could live mixing three of them. Here, time means all, past, present and future; but the crux here is the balance. Where is the balance? How do we get he balance? It is not possible to say that one should forget everything in the past, or overemphasize on the past, but one has to consider certain aspects of past, which helps the present and then brings and creates certain forecasting model to the future.

For example, there are many types of calendars that exist in our world. All of them have their own new year in their own days. They have 30/31/ and the like days in one month. When a certain community is created based on its own calendar, which is not in agreement with the larger society, here that given community suffers of confusion and contradiction since its measurement of time is not working out. One receives one’s pay once in a month in 30 days, but celebrates its own holidays once in 21 days. This is non sense and foolish drama.

Time is basically measured by the natural cycles of the rotation and revolutions of the sun, moon and earth. Such transactions and actions and reactions have mysterious connection with the mysteries of cosmos. There are of course other dimensions and aspects of life one could figure out like, how can 60 second pain and a 60 second joy be equal in length? There are emotional and intellectual aspects that need to be figured out, but they still can not change the rotation and revolution of the earth and moon and the sun.


A Peep Stay in Lie

A lie is a statement that is known or intended by its source to be misleading, inaccurate, or false. The practice of communicating lies is called lying, and a person who communicates a lie may be termed a liar. Lies may be employed to serve a variety of instrumental, interpersonal, or psychological functions for the individuals who use them. Generally, the term “lie” carries a negative connotation, and depending on the context a person who communicates a lie may be subject to social, legal, religious, or criminal sanctions. In certain situations, however, lying is permitted, expected, or even encouraged.

Accordingly one of such kinds statements which everyone finds in everywhere is in relation to the concept of matters that are unknown, which are imaginary and fabrication of the human mind such as heaven, hell, God, Satan and the like, in which how and what people  understand about any unknown aspects of life in this world are speculations and guesses since they are not something that can be objectively proven out due to the fact their character and nature is not something that can easily be dictated and governed by the human mind except conventional agreements which people deliver.

When such speculations are communicated to others as if they are the absolute truth, such act can be treated as lie since people are becoming sure in things that they cannot be sure. The act of being certain in matters that are not know to the human mind is by itself lying due to reasons that the nature and character of such ideals cannot be certified by anyone, this can mislead many people. Agreement does not comply with the truth since it is not the agreement on the unknown that should matter but the truthful realities of such unknown maters that should really matter.

Lies can be done without any category or class of human beings in which all are not free but what could vary is the degree to which people are subjected to exercise in which few people lie as they are under certain pressure in life; others lie as means of obtaining personal advantage and benefit on others; other people lie in order to hurt people; others lie as pastime; others lie without even knowing and realizing that they are lying too. This belongs to every city and age of the human life.

What could be strange and interesting in here is that there are certain lies which are fabricate for certain purpose and agenda, and such lies are assumed as truth and they convince many people in due course of time, and such lies could be protected with huge mechanism so that many people could be part and parcel of such lie drama as time goes by, such people do not realize that they enter the  city of misleading and deception, they keep going in such city without even realizing that they are in such state of lying, and they lie as if they are living in the city of the truth.

Such people could live in lies and deception until the truth is out in its own time. The truth can be revealed in its own good time, since it has its own manifestation period. In this case, such lie could be considered as truth for years and centuries even if it is found out as lie, many people could not accept as lie since they get used to it and they have assumed that what they have is the truth, not the lie for many reasons and factors due to the fact they are human.

And, people can lie for many different reasons, and major reasons can be the following:-

1.The desire to be perfect;

2.The desire to be smart-Out of fear, and to  escape other situations;

3.The desire to satisfy personal -selfish interest [short term]-not consistent…

4.The desire to protect hidden agenda [long term]

  1. The desire to protect oneself [prestige, rank and the like];
  2. The desire to reconcile differences or conflicts;

And there can also be other reasons in which people can lie :-

  1. As an expression of disrespect or hate towards others;
  2. As a result or consequence of being deceived, to the extent in which they might not be aware of the fact that they are even lying;
  3. As a pastime or kind of games or jokes;


Life is Continuous

June 22, 2016

Life, in cases, is like a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which light rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky, which is a real optical phenomenon that can be captured on camera, since light rays are actually refracted to form the false image at the observer’s location. What the image appears to represent, however, is determined by the interpretive faculties of the human mind, which in other words described as mirage.

Most people aspire to be someone in the future or they want or plan to do something in their given life; the moment they reach the point of place or destination that they want to reach in their given life time; what they have expected to feel, think and to be, versus what the actual and objective reality tells as they reach to that point of place or destination point they have reached could fall apart, and hence, they could get disappointed or dissatisfied in life since what they have imagined and what the objective reality state are two different aspects of life.

For example, rich people are good example in here. Most rich people, according to many researches deliver, are not happy or satisfied in their life as most are heard in news that they are discontent in life though they have many things to do and they can do whatever things they like to do since they have monetary capacity to do. In such process of life, what they have assumed before they become rich and what they are after they happen to be rich are two different scenarios of life not only in monetary terms but also in the thinking and attitude they demonstrate in life due to the different stages and processes of life they have passed and the type of expectations they set in such process of life.

Most people think that they will have happy life as they get wealth and they think those given complications and problems of such given aspect of life will be removed as they are in poor conditions of life since that given poverty deliver its own stresses and confusions; they think that they solve their given economic problems they face at that given point, as they become rich and they will be happy. However, life does not go in way they aspire and think since they forget or do not realize that the realm of wealth has its own complications and problems to deliver which requires its own mindset though monetary problems are solved and they do not face those kinds of challenges in relation to money.

There are other given aspects of such life in which what such people aspire and plan to be, and as they reach to that point of destination to their give aspiration is fulfilled, the type of expectations they have already portrayed and what the actual reality tells are two different aspects, in cases, going in opposing and contradicting features of life, and they here start contemplating about different aspects and scenarios of life. They in here start contemplating and saying, what is life, what is beyond this point of life and why does this thing happen and the like.

This is good turning point that makes such people to think and wonder that they have misses something they do not know in life since their given expectations are derived from the way of life this world is fashioned, the community or society they belong and shaped up, families they have brought up, schoolings they have been molded up and so on. And such point, if they are, wise and far sighted, make them think further and will help them bring about significant and fundamental changes to life of society a large and to the future of society which they respectively belong than those achieved people who are content and satisfied with the whatever point of destination which they have reached.

Expectation has two features in here. The first one is an expectation which people derive at this point in which they live at certain state of being by now, they expect themselves that they should be in different and better state of being by tomorrow and they expect themselves to be in better and higher scenario of life, which other people call, the goals in life. The second feature is that as they reach to that given goals set in life, their give expectation could be depressing or exciting as result of reaching to that given desired goals. Most people could be simple minded and they could get excited where as there are other people who want to go further and beyond since they think that they can go further and they cannot get excited as those simple minded people who just could say, I am achieved and the best.

In such cases, there are two different kinds of spaces that are created in life within the life and process of any given individual life. The first one is a space that exist between now or today and tomorrow, in which expectation is the main cause for the creation and existence of such given space in life; and the second types of space is a space that comes out as result of checking and verifying such given expectation with its results since as tomorrow comes and what people derive as expectation and what actual is happening could fall apart and then, some kind of space comes to place.

Everyone faces such unseen and untouchable spaces of life since space are inevitable aspects of the human life that should be accommodated and entertained by different kinds approaches in life in which different ways of life which people invent and create are one aspect and following and practicing existing ways of life are another aspects of the human way of life.