The Fake Stand

May 24, 2016

The purpose why human beings are created is to find out the truth and to live up it. This is quite a life time project which people should undertake since truth is not only absolute but also relative where it changes from time to time due to two fundamental reasons. The first one is there is evolutionary process and development of life and things change from one form to another; the other one is the human mind itself changes from time to time as it passes thru different experiences and exposures of life which changes on what and how the mind perceives realities of life.

Because of such reasons, it is appropriate to have certain belief and thinking as stand in life since they are torching light for life, but it is unwise and inappropriate to stick to such given aspect of life when they are found in correct and untrue in due course of time since such kind of rigidity causes harm and it is of no use and whatever thinking and belief people have should be in-conformity with the truth otherwise having any kind and form of stand in wrong realm is tantamount to sheer stupidity and is useless drama.

There are two forms of truths; the first one is the discovered and it is seen out on stage to any observer as it is crystal clear; the other form of truth is subjective and relative since it works true for one given period and form of society and it could not work out true for other kind of society and for any other period yet to come in which culture is one good example which is mixture and totality of thinking, beliefs and feeling which any give society make up and share in common.

People live up to one’s given culture since they find some kind of advantage and happiness within such practice as any given culture stops delivering any usefulness and happiness towards its recipient, it stops becoming one’s part of culture and society rejects such drama since there is no use to stick to such old fashioned thinking and belief and sticking to such practice is of no use and relevance as the need of the age requires different social settings and activities of life. In such instance, people try to seek out new and different things in life that can create some sort of delight and comfort to the new way of life and zone which they seek as result of the failure of the old ones that can deliver new perspectives to their given way of life.

This is quite true in terms of religious beliefs and political ideology which people follow and practice in everywhere and land since both are subjective and relative elements and components of life and they live up to the present day by doing all kinds of plastic surgeries within their ideological doctrines and programs; they continue making such surgeries since there is no other way that they can sustain longer and exist for many years yet to come.

In fact, in religious ideology, being rigid and fanatic is considered as being steadfast since this is how they measure the degree of steadfastness which they claim in their given way of life; as they fail in the predictions which they have stated in their given books or any other ask which they undertake, instead of accepting they have failed, but they make another false and deceiving justification for the continuity of their given claim. In reality, being steadfastness in wrong realm is worse than denying such given claim since there is no point people should live up to such way of life since such given practice and thinking does not go in conformity with the truth.

In former days, people used to die for any given ideological claim, but in these technological and scientific advancement period and time of the human history, it is a time where any given thinking in these days should be a champion by its nature and character, as the human mind has reached to its relative maturity and there is no point why people kill themselves or other people in terms of any given ideological doctrine and  thinking, be it religious or political, in world and time where people can exchange their views and arguments in civilized manner and  live up to their given claim than live by the power of muscles, which is one of the old fashioned way of life, which should be replaced by the muscle of thinking and arguments.

For instance, one inhere is jut sharing personal views and perspectives in life. Whatever post is about sharing one’s given view one feels and thinks at that given point, which could be changed and shifted afterwards when another experience and experience of life hit one’s reality. Hence, there is no stand one can have at any of the post one have in here since they are subjected to change. And there is no point that one brings an argument and fight with other peoples in thinking since the primal intent of such posts is to share what one thinks, not to make other people to accept what one thinks. One does not even think that one is someone as the obsolete traditional thinking dictate. And one is just ordinary person, who likes to share one’s view in one’s own accent, but not to open any kind of dialogue with other people or whatever and one doe not even write for any given media consumption since this is no the intent of such given drama. One does not even care on what other people think since this is not even the agenda, except sharing one’s personal view too.

To have any given stand in life is not to be unbending while what one has come up as stand is proven wrong in the process of life. Having such rigidity does not yield anything except living in contradiction and conflict with the objective reality and the environment at large. While such contradiction and conflict exist at any given individual, society and institutional level, life loses its meaning and correct value since the nature and character of such way of life lead to stupidity and futile drama of life.

Truth is not about agreement or majority vote, since many people could agree on false grounds as history tells many account of such cases, truth is about to be in-conformity with the reality in which in such tricky and fake world, there are people who could formulate truth by the majority vote while things and the process of life prove them wrong in due course of time. In such case, there is no way to hide or escape the truth, since time tells louder than any other, which such kinds of people claim.

People can live up to the stand they claim, but such way of life leads to stupidity when such stand is proven wrong in time and people get stick to it even if it is their choice, which does not yield any fruit to anyone and anything in life.

Even if peoples hair turn to gray, as they stick to stupidity, their life is meaningless and useless since they never leave anything fruitful and fruit bearing life for the generations yet to come except sheer stupidity, tricking themselves and other people as they are steadfast in wrong and fake realm and wrong causes of life. People say, the Truth has no me; the truth is heavy burden which few choose to carry on.


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