Dying for Wrongs

May 23, 2016

Bertrand Russell said, I would never die for my belief because I might be wrong. This is quite fascinating statement since this is indeed correct. While living in such an imperfect and incomplete world, to claim perfection and absoluteness is not only sheer stupidity but also in appropriate since change is one of the inevitable aspect of the human life and what one thinks in today will not be same after a decade due to the progressive and dynamism character and nature of human reality than being rigid and stagnant at similar stand.

Why do people die for their given belief and thinking which they come about at certain point and time, which could shift and change, even quite to a contrary afterwards? Why do people kill with each other due to belief and thinking which is dynamic and progressive by its very nature? Why do people see each other with hostility due to causes of belief and thinking in world where such existence of diversity is highly appreciated and encouraged?

It is sometimes quite interesting to note that when people die for any given ideology which is product of the human mind fabrication and result of their given imagination that can be proven wrong in due course of time as circumstances and time changes. When people are delivered a station of martyrdom for wrong cause, one can clearly observe and understand that there is huge drama and missing thing in this world since there is no bad in having belief and thinking, but there is wrong to die for such given thinking and belief since things change in due course of time.

It is good and appropriate to have any given belief and thinking towards any given aspect of life, but it is bad to suppress and oppress other people with the sole intention of making everyone to be under one given shelter of thinking and belief since it is freewill that should govern and dictate the future and fate of any given thinking belief than the use of force and oppressions. Such given practice is not only dangerous but also boring since it makes everyone to think and believe at uniform rate and momentum.

One of the natural characteristic of nature and life is diversity in many aspects which should include also belief and thinking otherwise if all people of the world think and believe in similar way, there could be redundancy in different aspects of life due to the fact that it is such diversity that delivers profound beauty that do add color and flavor of life which augments peoples keen desire for life and most people appreciate and respect life since there is diversity in many aspects of nature and life.

One of the given shortcomings of life in this world is the rigidity many people and societies have in terms of thinking and belief which they formulate as way of life, and everyone is conservative and fundamental on the belief and thinking as they become some kind of identity to any given social dynamics even if that given belief and thinking could be outdated as time goes by or is found out false in due course of time, they prefer to stick to it and they live deceiving and tricking themselves as if they are correct and true.

This is not good idea and practice one should buy since it is appropriate to reject and remove any false idea and conception from one’s reality even if what one has accepted in decade ago as true, is found as false, due to the progressive and dynamic aspect of life and the human mind reaches to certain progressive maturity—thru experience and exposures of life—it is proper to remove it and accept it as false idea and it is appropriate to replace it with its correct and truthful version than invest huge amount of energies and resources to make or convert any given false idea to truth. This is quite an absolute deception of oneself and others, which should not be employed as guiding principle of life.

Contradiction and conflict become the very nature of societies life since most people are rigid towards any given forms of belie and thinking which they practice and follow centuries ago as they wish to promote and promulgate such belief and thinking contrary to the need and look of what the objective reality is telling, since things are failing apart and things in due course of time are getting in different way and manner. And thru the process of life, such obsolete and old fashioned thinking and way of life will be removed since they will be found not only backward but also inappropriate to have them in life.

And those truthful and correct concepts thinking and beliefs will be continuing to govern the mysteries of life since they are compatible to the need of the age and time but also they are useful and important aspects of life that can serve as torching light for life yet to come. When wrongs are intentionally used as means of propagating one’s given ideology, people question the integrity of that given system since the drama behind such given kinds of cause is not clear.

Idea and ideology is progressive and what people used to think few years back will not be the same as in today for two given rationales and causes. The first one is that the nature of idea is dynamic and it changes as things change. The second one is on how and what people understand and interpret ideas change as they mature in understanding and perceptions of life and they especially change on how they perceive in relation to certain matters in life. Because of such good reason, it is good to have belief and thinking, but it is bad idea to die since there are other better and greater ways of making things better without even dying due to the fact that people could be found wrong for the matters which they want to die for.


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