The Sound and Color of Silence

May 20, 2016

The Estonians say that “Silence is sometimes the answer”. Different societies have various ways of perceiving or defining what silence means to them depending on the experience and relation they have already established with it, in which silence has been interacting in such communities as being an accurate and precise answer. It is safe and wise to use silence as answer to the quest people have since people could obtain all kinds of answers as they observe silence since time tells for everything.

When you are asked to do something, if you keep silent, this means something and silence delivers the right answer to such inquiry due to the fact that silence is not silence in here but quite an answer to the question such people deliver, and it is up to the person who asks to interpret one’s act of silence in way one feels it as an answer.

In silence, there is noise and sound. There is a huge world that reign inside the realm of silence, which demands huge energy to govern the secrets and mysteries endowed in it. People say, “Silence is golden”. Many people can agree with that as far as it does not lead to a different and undesired end. But, in cases such silence could be converted to silver as there are times people should speak out louder. Silence is a good way of expressing one’s feelings towards something that one is not sure about what to say.

Other people say, “Silence means acceptance”, which does not necessarily signify accepting but may be ‘acceptance when there is no other choice and freedom too. In societies where power is shared by few and by force society accepts many rules and regulation without violence and opposition, which does not manifest itself outwardly, in such cases the silence of acceptance is there but it is not willful.  Such silence reflects lack of confidence societies have towards the system and life itself.

Silence is often misinterpreted since it is a very intriguing matter, which needs silent observation of the specific action before reaching to a kind of definition and conclusion on how society perceives and interprets the concept of silence since it should be understood as per the context of action and reactions of society. Silence does not have specific interpretation that one can give, but may be interpreted according to the norm agreed and understood, and by the culture and the society one is living in.

Human being is created to converse and communicate with people, but sometimes people prefer not to do so. Why? There can be many reasons why people prefer to be silent than do any other thing. The followings are some of the major good reasons to why people may prefer silence.

     • When the person is stranger to us—Shyness.

When people do not have any idea and information about the person next to them, they prefer to be quiet until they get to know each other due to the fact that such silence is employed as care and wisdom.

  • When we do not like the topic or subject of discussion—Lack of interest.

When people do not like the idea of discussion due to reasons of lack of volition or interest on what other people are talking about, silence is preferred since it is safe mechanism and way to express lack of interest people have on the subject of whatever reasons they have behind.

  • When we do not want to argue—Avoiding unnecessary arguments.

Although people could be well informed on the subject or they could have interest to participate and share on any kinds of discussions which they like to participate as there are quite antagonistic people and ideas which are fabricated and delivered with the prime intention of belittling them or fighting back, that create discomfort on peoples feeling and thinking, people prefer to be silence with the intention of removing unnecessary arguments and confrontation since it is just waste of time and energy and in fact quite rubbish to engage in such kinds of discussions too.

  • When we hate someone—Express hatred.

People do not like with each other since they have something bad gone in past in their given relationship and communication they used to have in life. And they do not want to fix it or make it even better and they prefer the way it is, staying way with each other could be the wise thing to do since revenge could happen as things are come back on the table again for further and better communication. In such cases, such people prefer to be silent and keep on other aspects, such people to be silent and move on things as they remove such bad company or all kinds of relationship they have since they have deep inside hatred to such people.

  • When we do not have enough information about a topic—Lack of knowledge.

This is obvious that when people lack knowledge on the subject and topic of discussion, they should buy and notebook and write on what other people deliver than talk about such topics of discussion without having any given clue since it is safe and wise to be silent in here than what any other thing such people could deliver.

  • When we want to express humility—To avoid competition in ideas.

There are certain cases in which there are people who want to reflect their humility or humbleness in an environment where people are egocentric and want to show off. In such cases, there are people who employ silence as means of avoiding any given competition and other unnecessary end that they could come about since they do not like such kinds of competitive environments as result of their self confidence they have developed in their life.

  • When we are depressed—Boredom.

This is crystal clear that there are people who prefer to be silent and they seek their own privacy in life as they are bored in life since boredom visit people life at any given period or time as something wrong goes to their life and people could prefer to observe silence as means of checking themselves so that things can go better and be in different directions and they could decide to be in prayerful attitude or meditations.

  • When we are in the mood of prayer and contemplation—Meditation.

When people are in prayerful attitude, as they mediate, such power of being at prayerful attitude forces them to observe silence so that they can think and contemplate further and better on matters they are praying and meditating upon.

  • When we oppose something and are not free to say—Opposition.

They silence means acceptance in world where there is no reply to the inquiry people submit. But, as there are no choice and freedom in which there is dictatorial ruling and administration within any given society, people express their opposition towards any give system thru silence which can explode at any given time as a time bomb.

For whichever reason one is using, silence as an outward expression of something that one thinks deep inside, which does not necessarily mean that it is simply nothing that has no sound or any given idea. In a very fact, when people are silent, people are giving an opportunity to listen to the melodies or noises of this world, to the music of their life and to the sound of nature as well. Silence is the hardest argument to refute. Silence is the best instrument that the wise use to promulgate their wisdom and knowledge. It is a powerful instrument, which keeps the balance of the universe otherwise it would have been a disaster.

Silence may have contextual interpretation depending on the way society observes and understands, but may differ from person to person on how one applies it in the daily interaction within a society. It is not wise and appropriate to judge any individual’s action of silence as per the context of one culture, for any generalizations may lead to wrong conclusions. People may need to figure out to the very specific aspect of it, why a person is silent, without looking in to how any given culture defines it. Our culture is a mixture of peoples’ good thoughts and peoples’ own bias, which gives a direction on how people are, which does not necessarily be an unerring balance to weigh any ideal outside peoples’ own setting.

People need to speak at times needed, and people need to be silent likewise. It does not mean that people need to be silent the whole of their given life, which may lead people to be dumb, and cannot even be gold and safe rather than being nothing and non-sense. However, it is better to be silent, rather than talking about matters people do not know, which do result in bothering people with noise by trying to dominate others, which is quite a rubbish drama.


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