The Costly Mistakes

May 18, 2016

Mistakes are very human, but few mistakes are inhuman and they are grievous ones so that they cost too much. When such mistakes are heinous, they take lives of many people and they stay for centuries and ages since they have worst adverse effect on fate of societies and the future of that given society due to the fact that character and nature of such mistakes cost such individuals or societies in way they pay the prices for many years yet to come.

Serious mistakes in life cost very expensive since such matters will be converted to crime and their effect will be on worst and they harm other peoples’ lives and destinies and the nature of such mistakes will not be remedied or cured by asking an apology or forgiveness, but also seeking justice which is not even warranty that such mistakes will not come again. However, such worst mistake humanity commits in years of its history are observed costing very much and staying for longer years, leaving its own scars by those who commit it and by those who become victims of it.

For example, the Jew crucified Jesus Christ and the scars of such act of crucification led to another unacceptable and wrong act of the German Nazi committing genocide against the Jews in later years. Such vicious circle of wrong acts has its own retributions to pay in due course of time. Although the Germans later on tried to adjust and fix such grievous matter and issues with Israel thru further diplomatic, economic and political tie and relationship which they have established in later years. But the cost was very much and it takes many lives and was very expensive.

And, this is quite interesting and, in cases, fascinating to observe on how people think and behave towards any given undertaking in which there are different levels and stages of life which they should pass thru as they think that they are getting achieved, but also there are various levels and steps of thinking and feeling which they should face as they also fail in any given undertaking which they carry out in their given life. This is an inevitable aspect of their given life.

Especially, when they fail in any given process of life and undertaking, they commit grievous mistakes and they pass different stages of their given life. The first one is denial and they do not want to accept their given failure. As things speak out louder and persist on happening that indicate as to their given failure, and they cannot control over, they start accepting their given failure since it becomes vital and they cannot reject such objective reality. The third one is as they come to a point that they cannot return anything back to the point, they start regretting.

The fourth stage of their life is that they start realizing that they have failed and they know that they have lost in which knowledge of their given failure comes next. Next to this stage, they claim that they have failed and they could declare it publicly. And the last, but not least is that they start believing that they have failed and if they are wise, they adjust their thinking and belief so that they can come up with different mindset so that they can do something better in their life since they cannot change anything and they have reached to a point of no return due to the fact that they are very late to correct anything.

In such scenario of life, life is game. In game, there are laws that punish players and spectators even the referees as they wrongly judge, and even commentators when they disseminate wrong and misleading information to the public too as they abuse the law and they commit injuries and crimes that poison such legitimate games. People who commit wrong doings such as robberies, murders, bribery, and other kinds of corruptions should be punished by law since they commit bad acts that put the life of society under jeopardy since rule of law works true in anywhere at any place and time in order to preserve law and order within any given social dynamics.

Depending on the weight of crimes they commit, people are punished by law since everyone is under the law, none is above the law; and on such circumstances of life, and even players in the field are punished by such law as they transgress their given limit set by the law. In such game of life, life is a game; game can be reality as reality can be game too. In such process of life, the judge gives its own discretion according to the rule of law since the primal purpose of rule of law is to bring an order and stability within any given societal dynamics.

Besides what any given individual feels and thinks and believe in such process of life, the rule of law delivers judiciary judgment to people based on their given wrong doings which is dependent upon the magnitude of crimes which they commit. The sinful aspect goes to the sense of guilt which they feel inwardly, if they could, but the social aspect and dynamics require different social settings in which it requires the practical translation of the rule of law, which depends on the understanding and perception of level of administrators in translating to reality what the rule of law dictates.

In societies where the rule of law is better understood, none can escape from what the judiciary system delivers besides the sense of guilt people feel and think for the wrong and bad act which they commit on other people and society at large. In such process of life, justice can prevail when there is balance and equilibrium in perceiving and treating every citizen in any give social dynamics as equally accountable and responsible to the society which they respectively belong, not by meriting one segment of society and disregarding others.



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