The Pretending Knowledge

May 4, 2016

The child asked father, dad, why do things fall, what make them fall on to the earth? The father replied, “nobody knows son why things fall. It is still a deep mystery, and the smartest people in the world do not know the basic reason for it. And they say it is because of gravity. But none knows what gravity is really mean, even if Albert Einstein predicted that gravity is a wave. However, simply giving a name to something does not mean that people understand it and this is not even warranty to such knowledge.

Even if giving some kind of identification to such given abstract realities makes peoples communication and way of exchanging ideas pertaining to such matters simple and clear, such delivering name or title does not clearly and precisely tell on the essence and what such matters are since such aspects are beyond words or names and they have different realities and way of manifestation to the objective plane of existence. People could have certain degrees in relation to certain concepts, but such certification is not even warranty that such people perfectly know about such given matters though they spend years of study and research on such subject matters.

The point in here is that by merely giving a name to something does not mean that people know it, and for example in such regard can be the idea of the soul, God and other mystical and metaphysical matters and aspects of life in which most people mention these words and they go far to the extent that they know such given abstract concepts due to the fact they mention such words, they discuss ideas with other people in relation to them, and the like.

This is one of the tricky arguments and deceiving conclusions people could come about as result of mentioning such words many times as warranty in claiming certain friendly knowledge and kind of authority about them, in which such kinds of people could deceive and trick even themselves since they talk about them many times in any given day. Talking or delivering articulated discourse about such words and concepts, producing movies in connection with such matters, sharing perspectives and views in relation to such concepts, and writing books, poems, essays, and articles about such matters and other related activities in connection with such words are not guaranty that such people know such given matters since such abstract and unseen matters are still mysterious subject matters and none can even claim any given authority and knowledge over such complex issues that are still controversial and unknown to date.

Most people would find the picture of God as an infinite power rather unreasonable, but why do we think we know better in terms of such entity and matter which all clams that it is unknowable essence and reality? What do we know about God? What do we know about the soul?  How do we know it? Where did the universe come from, and where is it going? Did God has a beginning, and if so, what caused that beginning and what happened before then? What is the nature of this world? Will it ever come to an end?

There are many other possible inquiries which people could raise in which humanity has spent thousand years and much time and energies have been  spent in searching for meaning and understanding of such unresolved mysteries of life to date. In fact, what makes life on the earth is quite fascinating and interesting that there are abundant mysteries which are left unreachable, untraceable and undiscovered to date.  And wise people spend their times, energies and focus in looking for possible perspectives and views for search after the truth of such mysterious realities of life along with their given daily regular activities and routine they perform in every single day.

They say, when false is repeated many times, it could be considered as true and when such people talk about such given abstract concepts and realities of life, they discus with other people, they could assume that they know about such matters. And this is one of the theaters one observes in everywhere in which when such people deliver conversation with other people, they indirectly, but quite intentionally claim certain authority and knowledge about such given matters and realities of life.

Who is God? What is God? Where is God? Does God have ethnicity? Does God have color or race or sex or age, or profession or education?  Does God have religion or church or messenger? What does it mean by when people claim that they are messengers of God? How do we know? Why do we need God and the idea of God? Why do we have to know and worship God? What does it mean by knowing and worshiping God?  Who create God? Why?

The above quests are discussed many times thru centuries and ages by the instrumentality of all kinds of religions though people still have their own quests and unquenchable thirsts in such regards and their thirst is not satisfied and quenched by such given deliberations since all of them are trying to explain and tell with paternalistic attitude and thinking on what they understand and they know up to what their given limit could tell and they cannot go beyond since they have their own end point and they cannot go further due to their given natural limitation.

Although they lived all their lives explaining and discussing on such subject matters, such given explanations and deliberations are not even warranty to their given knowledge which they claim as authentic and legitimate since the nature of subject matters is not something that anyone can claim such given authority and power.  It is wiser to keep silent on matters that are unknown than talk things in relation to unknown matters with bragging by self claimed authority for centuries and ages since silence, in such cases, is the essence and reflection of wisdom than such kinds of nonsense speech such people deliver. In such case, people could live with deceiving and tricking others including themselves due to the nature of the subject matter.



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