The Translator Drama

May 3, 2016

At the beginning of his presentation, a Chinese speaker cracked a joke through an interpreter at a meeting and after a few seconds the whole room burst into laughter. He was very pleased that finally some people have appreciated his joke.

At the end of the meeting he walked to the interpreter and told him: “You know I’ve cracked the same joke several times through interpreters but no one would laugh. I think it’s hard to translate. You must be very good and I wonder how you managed to translate it.

The interpreter replied, “I simply said: the Chinese man has just cracked a joke, please laugh…”

And in one of the news, it is read, in the 12 months since Nelson Mandela died aged 95, South Africa has wrestled with a turbulent year in politics that threatens to derail the former president’s legacy. But for the man who grabbed headlines around the world by appearing to fake the sign language interpretation of Mandela’s memorial service, 2014 has been a chance for a change of career. The person caused outrage when he stood for hours alongside global leaders making “childish hand gestures” in a bizarre attempt to sign their tributes to the late freedom campaigner. Deaf groups responded immediately, saying he made no sense in any language and did not seem to know the recognized signs.

Accordingly, there are two types of conditions or situational matters that need quite a translation while people converse and communicate with each other in which they require a medium so as to make their given communications smoother. The first condition is when they speak with different languages in which they could in here need quite a medium in order to translate such given conversation that can help and facilitate such given conversation to go smooth.

The second condition is that people could use similar language, but they do not understand with each other for various reasons and causes and they cannot communicate well since there are certain barriers that do happen between peoples way of communication. They do not communicate well since there are other basic reasons beyond the language factors that contribute to such given misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Translation is defined as the conversion of something from one form or medium into another.  This means that people need translator when they are in need and they are in difficulty while communicating with other people and they want to avoid misunderstanding and misinterpretation that cause then and put the in difficult shape with others. Even if people speak similar language, there are certain times and condition that could force them to have a translator or an interpreter who should mediate their given conversation and communication.

And what are these possible causes that make such people who use similar language but they misunderstand with each other in need of such mediators that could facilitate their communication better. These could be as follows, when:

  • they have difficulty in of speech—Dysarthria
  • they cannot entirely speak-Dumbness
  • they have difficulty in mental makeup—Mental disorder
  • they have varied level of understanding—Gap in thinking
  • they face different personal and life experience—Exposures

In such cases, when people have varied thinking level in which there are quite few people who cannot be understood with the society they respectively belong due to the fact that what they think is outside the box and what they read is between the lines and they do not think on face value, but they take on what is hidden and behind on the face value, and people cannot perceive them well and they cannot have a grasp in what they speak and they could be considered as abnormal or mad people due to the fact society could not perceive them well.

Such experience of life exists in places and societies where there are great thinkers and the gap people have in terms of understanding and thinking create such kind of misunderstanding and misinterpretation on what they deliver, society could not have enough grasp on what such people deliver though they use similar language and tongue and they belong to same native land since society lacks capacity to understand and interpret on what such people deliver in its proper sense and meaning.

Thinkers are great not by answering questions which had been put before, but by altering the nature of the questions themselves, by transforming the angle of vision from which the questions seemed to be questions; not so much by solving the problems as by so powerfully affecting the people to whom they talked as to cause them to see things ‘in a very different light. Such way of perceiving things in life make such people thinker since they do not blow like the wind and they do not simply go to a direction where the mass go. They do not answer questions but they change the nature and character of questions too.

They have quite a personality and a gift to change the direction of thinking from one direction into another, from one stage and level of development into another, they make significant change in the way of life in due course of time since they confirm to the truth, not to what the society conventionally and traditionally think and accepts, they question the way of life society practices and they come up with revolutionary thinking and idea in which what has been considered as legitimate and true for thousand years within any given social dynamics and domain could be found false and abnormal, and they have the ability to change such matters into something different.

Such gap is created between thinkers and their given respective society which they belong due to the following reasons:

  • The ability and capacity to see things differently
  • The ability and capacity to see things at bigger scenario of life
  • The ability to understand things in deeper level
  • The desire to have curiosity in everything
  • The ability and capacity to ask on things differently

In such process of life,  due to experience and exposure people have in the process of life, people differ in thinking, understanding and interpreting such given aspects of life though they share similar education, training, experience and exposures due to the fact they have different way of seeing and perceiving things and such varied level of understanding things do have an effect on how they understand and interpret any given experience of life that will help them as guiding and torch light to the way of life they develop in due course of their given life.


Such quite few people could need genuine and honest translators or interpreters that could serve as bridges to the rest of society though they speak similar language since they see things far beyond the ordinary and they let everyone ask things on different way.


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