Cities of Enlightenment

May 25, 2016

Human reality is such subtle and complex creature, whose nature and character is still under study and investigations due to that fact it is indeed mysterious creature and also due to human’s limited capacity to govern out such interesting and mysterious creature, in which various people have come up with their own recipe, with the desire and ambition to know the real nature of human beings and they leave us with their own conceptions and confusions which they derive out of their given exposures and experience of life, which does not mean that what they claim is correct and their experience and understanding is a warranty to what the reality of human truly is since such varied way of looking and perceptions state that human reality is such a fascinating reality that needs quite revision and rethinking at every time as the nature and character of humans change thru the passage of time and process of life.

Different thinkers and societies have come up with different views and perceptions of the reality of human beings since such reality is not only complex and sophisticated but also unknowable and unreachable due to  its very nature in which there is a mystery that goes far beyond the ordinary and the objectively seen out, which tell that there is not only different conceptions about the mysterious aspect of the human reality but also misconceptions that could come about as result of such conceptions which can be proven out in due course of time.

Accordingly, it becomes difficult to tell that which one is perfect and absolute since varied people have derived varied concepts but at their final and last stage or consummation point of life they desire to be simple as the Hindi presume as station of Nirvana, the highest level of enlightenment and spiritual station which people reach after passing all kinds of hurdle and process of life, they prefer simplicity in life, they come down to the earth and being nothing.

Few people are heard saying that Albert Einstein said in his last days of his life, I should have been carpenter than any other thing in life as he was come about to such kinds of conclusion after inventing and coming up all kinds of theories and philosophies of life, which could tell that people prefer and look for simplicity in life after passing all kinds of things in life  of things in this world in which  such simplicity does not mean stupidity, but simplicity that seeks simple things and making life very simple than getting complicated with silly ins and outs of the daily routines and processes of life.

And they claim to the unseen and untouchable and unknowable aspect of their given reality as rational mind, the soul, the intellect and other identification, with the keen interest and desire to know although naming a thing which cannot be known is not warranty that such people know it since its nature is unknowable but it makes simple to communicate and exchange views in relation to such matter with other people so that life can have better perspective, value and meaning.

Why do people say different kinds of thinking about such reality? Why do they not come up with similar processes, perspectives and views of such given aspect of their nature and reality? Does such reality vary as per the context of any given culture and thinking? Why? How?

The Sufi Beliefs

According to Sufi tradition, we have seven souls, or seven facets of the complete soul. Each represents a different stage of evolution. There are the mineral, vegetable, animal, personal, human, and secret souls, and the secret of secrets.

I died from the mineral kingdom and became a plant;

I died to vegetable nature and became an animal;

I died to animality and became a human being.

Next time I will die to human nature and lift up my head among the angels.

Once again I will leave angelic nature and become that which you cannot imagine. — Rumi

The Sufi model of the souls is one of balance. According to this model, spiritual growth is not a matter of developing the higher souls and ignoring or even weakening the lower ones. Each soul has valuable gifts, and in Sufism, real spiritual growth means balanced development of the whole individual, including body, mind, and spirit.

There are many systems and disciplines that focus on the body—sports, martial arts, healing techniques, and a variety of other physical disciplines. Modern education focuses almost completely on the mind. Many spiritual disciplines stress spiritual principles and practices, yet they ignore mind and body. In Sufism, all of life is part of spiritual practice. Family, work, and relationships provide as much opportunity for spiritual development as prayer or contemplation.

Cities of the Soul is an inspiring fable for humans of all ages about our spiritual journey. Based on an ancient Sufi tale, a traveler moves through seven cities, each representing a different challenge and skill in spiritual growth. Beautiful illustrations and contemplative practices are included to support your own journey through the cities of your soul! Cities of the Soul is a surprisingly rich look at the personal spiritual journey for which awakening souls yearn. It is the story of a traveler who has the opportunity to visit seven aspects of Heaven and Hell and find his/her own spiritual maturity.

What others say

Enlightenment, simply put, means to bring light where there was darkness. In spiritual terms, this ‘light’ isn’t literal but symbolic. Just like the cartoon characters whose bright ideas are shown by a lit bulb over their heads, spiritual enlightenment is like a light bulb going on in the mind, giving us insight and understanding about the meaning of life that we didn’t have before.

Almost all spiritual practices have enlightenment as their ultimate goal, and while there are some people who experience sudden and permanent enlightenment, most of us on a spiritual path move through three different levels.

Level 1

At the first level your mind start to let things just be. You allow your experiences to be whatever they are without judging, analyzing or resisting. Before this level, people tend to spend a lot of time planning, labeling, criticizing and worrying. But once they reach this first level, they find that their minds quiet down and become more accepting of what is.

Level 2

When you reach level 2, you’ll feel a oneness with all that is. Here you recognize that every person, animal and even every object is connected to you and that you’re connected to all of them. The rigid boundaries that you once thought existed between you and the rest of the world suddenly don’t seem so clear – or important – anymore. This doesn’t mean you lose yourself. Your mind still functions and you can still take care for yourself and your life. But now you recognize those physical separations as being far less important than the value of your oneness with everything else.

 Level 3

At level three you move beyond the sense of feeling connected with everything else and into the realization that you are everything else – and everything else is you. You fully know the oneness of what we call God, and experience no separation from it or anything else. People who live in level 3 of enlightenment describe it as bliss, and have let go of the kind of desires and wishes that are important to most people.

What Scientology Believes

The first dynamic is the urge toward existence as one’s self. It is the effort to survive as an individual, to be an individual, to attain the highest level of survival for the longest possible time for self. Here we have individuality expressed fully.

The second dynamic is the urge toward existence as a future generation. It has two compartments: sex; and the family unit, including the rearing of children.

The third dynamic is the urge to survive as part of a group, with the individual himself furnishing this motivation. Any group, temporary or permanent, political or social, is part of the third dynamic, and each one is a third dynamic.

The fourth dynamic is survival through man as a species. Whereas the white race would be considered a third dynamic, all the races of man together would be considered the fourth dynamic.

The fifth dynamic is the urge to survive for any and every form of life. These would include all living things, whether animal or vegetable, anything directly and intimately motivated by life. It is the individual’s effort to survive to make life survive.

The sixth dynamic is the urge toward existence as the physical universe. It is the drive of the individual to enhance the survival of all matter, energy, space and time – the component parts of the physical universe which we call MEST. The individual actually has a thrust for the survival of the material universe.

The seventh dynamic is the urge toward existence as or of spirits. Anything spiritual, with or without identity, would come under the heading of the seventh dynamic. This is separate from the physical universe and is the source of life itself. Thus there is an effort for the survival of life source.

The eighth dynamic is the urge toward existence as infinity. This is also identified as the Supreme Being. This can be called the infinity or God dynamic.


The Fake Stand

May 24, 2016

The purpose why human beings are created is to find out the truth and to live up it. This is quite a life time project which people should undertake since truth is not only absolute but also relative where it changes from time to time due to two fundamental reasons. The first one is there is evolutionary process and development of life and things change from one form to another; the other one is the human mind itself changes from time to time as it passes thru different experiences and exposures of life which changes on what and how the mind perceives realities of life.

Because of such reasons, it is appropriate to have certain belief and thinking as stand in life since they are torching light for life, but it is unwise and inappropriate to stick to such given aspect of life when they are found in correct and untrue in due course of time since such kind of rigidity causes harm and it is of no use and whatever thinking and belief people have should be in-conformity with the truth otherwise having any kind and form of stand in wrong realm is tantamount to sheer stupidity and is useless drama.

There are two forms of truths; the first one is the discovered and it is seen out on stage to any observer as it is crystal clear; the other form of truth is subjective and relative since it works true for one given period and form of society and it could not work out true for other kind of society and for any other period yet to come in which culture is one good example which is mixture and totality of thinking, beliefs and feeling which any give society make up and share in common.

People live up to one’s given culture since they find some kind of advantage and happiness within such practice as any given culture stops delivering any usefulness and happiness towards its recipient, it stops becoming one’s part of culture and society rejects such drama since there is no use to stick to such old fashioned thinking and belief and sticking to such practice is of no use and relevance as the need of the age requires different social settings and activities of life. In such instance, people try to seek out new and different things in life that can create some sort of delight and comfort to the new way of life and zone which they seek as result of the failure of the old ones that can deliver new perspectives to their given way of life.

This is quite true in terms of religious beliefs and political ideology which people follow and practice in everywhere and land since both are subjective and relative elements and components of life and they live up to the present day by doing all kinds of plastic surgeries within their ideological doctrines and programs; they continue making such surgeries since there is no other way that they can sustain longer and exist for many years yet to come.

In fact, in religious ideology, being rigid and fanatic is considered as being steadfast since this is how they measure the degree of steadfastness which they claim in their given way of life; as they fail in the predictions which they have stated in their given books or any other ask which they undertake, instead of accepting they have failed, but they make another false and deceiving justification for the continuity of their given claim. In reality, being steadfastness in wrong realm is worse than denying such given claim since there is no point people should live up to such way of life since such given practice and thinking does not go in conformity with the truth.

In former days, people used to die for any given ideological claim, but in these technological and scientific advancement period and time of the human history, it is a time where any given thinking in these days should be a champion by its nature and character, as the human mind has reached to its relative maturity and there is no point why people kill themselves or other people in terms of any given ideological doctrine and  thinking, be it religious or political, in world and time where people can exchange their views and arguments in civilized manner and  live up to their given claim than live by the power of muscles, which is one of the old fashioned way of life, which should be replaced by the muscle of thinking and arguments.

For instance, one inhere is jut sharing personal views and perspectives in life. Whatever post is about sharing one’s given view one feels and thinks at that given point, which could be changed and shifted afterwards when another experience and experience of life hit one’s reality. Hence, there is no stand one can have at any of the post one have in here since they are subjected to change. And there is no point that one brings an argument and fight with other peoples in thinking since the primal intent of such posts is to share what one thinks, not to make other people to accept what one thinks. One does not even think that one is someone as the obsolete traditional thinking dictate. And one is just ordinary person, who likes to share one’s view in one’s own accent, but not to open any kind of dialogue with other people or whatever and one doe not even write for any given media consumption since this is no the intent of such given drama. One does not even care on what other people think since this is not even the agenda, except sharing one’s personal view too.

To have any given stand in life is not to be unbending while what one has come up as stand is proven wrong in the process of life. Having such rigidity does not yield anything except living in contradiction and conflict with the objective reality and the environment at large. While such contradiction and conflict exist at any given individual, society and institutional level, life loses its meaning and correct value since the nature and character of such way of life lead to stupidity and futile drama of life.

Truth is not about agreement or majority vote, since many people could agree on false grounds as history tells many account of such cases, truth is about to be in-conformity with the reality in which in such tricky and fake world, there are people who could formulate truth by the majority vote while things and the process of life prove them wrong in due course of time. In such case, there is no way to hide or escape the truth, since time tells louder than any other, which such kinds of people claim.

People can live up to the stand they claim, but such way of life leads to stupidity when such stand is proven wrong in time and people get stick to it even if it is their choice, which does not yield any fruit to anyone and anything in life.

Even if peoples hair turn to gray, as they stick to stupidity, their life is meaningless and useless since they never leave anything fruitful and fruit bearing life for the generations yet to come except sheer stupidity, tricking themselves and other people as they are steadfast in wrong and fake realm and wrong causes of life. People say, the Truth has no me; the truth is heavy burden which few choose to carry on.

Dying for Wrongs

May 23, 2016

Bertrand Russell said, I would never die for my belief because I might be wrong. This is quite fascinating statement since this is indeed correct. While living in such an imperfect and incomplete world, to claim perfection and absoluteness is not only sheer stupidity but also in appropriate since change is one of the inevitable aspect of the human life and what one thinks in today will not be same after a decade due to the progressive and dynamism character and nature of human reality than being rigid and stagnant at similar stand.

Why do people die for their given belief and thinking which they come about at certain point and time, which could shift and change, even quite to a contrary afterwards? Why do people kill with each other due to belief and thinking which is dynamic and progressive by its very nature? Why do people see each other with hostility due to causes of belief and thinking in world where such existence of diversity is highly appreciated and encouraged?

It is sometimes quite interesting to note that when people die for any given ideology which is product of the human mind fabrication and result of their given imagination that can be proven wrong in due course of time as circumstances and time changes. When people are delivered a station of martyrdom for wrong cause, one can clearly observe and understand that there is huge drama and missing thing in this world since there is no bad in having belief and thinking, but there is wrong to die for such given thinking and belief since things change in due course of time.

It is good and appropriate to have any given belief and thinking towards any given aspect of life, but it is bad to suppress and oppress other people with the sole intention of making everyone to be under one given shelter of thinking and belief since it is freewill that should govern and dictate the future and fate of any given thinking belief than the use of force and oppressions. Such given practice is not only dangerous but also boring since it makes everyone to think and believe at uniform rate and momentum.

One of the natural characteristic of nature and life is diversity in many aspects which should include also belief and thinking otherwise if all people of the world think and believe in similar way, there could be redundancy in different aspects of life due to the fact that it is such diversity that delivers profound beauty that do add color and flavor of life which augments peoples keen desire for life and most people appreciate and respect life since there is diversity in many aspects of nature and life.

One of the given shortcomings of life in this world is the rigidity many people and societies have in terms of thinking and belief which they formulate as way of life, and everyone is conservative and fundamental on the belief and thinking as they become some kind of identity to any given social dynamics even if that given belief and thinking could be outdated as time goes by or is found out false in due course of time, they prefer to stick to it and they live deceiving and tricking themselves as if they are correct and true.

This is not good idea and practice one should buy since it is appropriate to reject and remove any false idea and conception from one’s reality even if what one has accepted in decade ago as true, is found as false, due to the progressive and dynamic aspect of life and the human mind reaches to certain progressive maturity—thru experience and exposures of life—it is proper to remove it and accept it as false idea and it is appropriate to replace it with its correct and truthful version than invest huge amount of energies and resources to make or convert any given false idea to truth. This is quite an absolute deception of oneself and others, which should not be employed as guiding principle of life.

Contradiction and conflict become the very nature of societies life since most people are rigid towards any given forms of belie and thinking which they practice and follow centuries ago as they wish to promote and promulgate such belief and thinking contrary to the need and look of what the objective reality is telling, since things are failing apart and things in due course of time are getting in different way and manner. And thru the process of life, such obsolete and old fashioned thinking and way of life will be removed since they will be found not only backward but also inappropriate to have them in life.

And those truthful and correct concepts thinking and beliefs will be continuing to govern the mysteries of life since they are compatible to the need of the age and time but also they are useful and important aspects of life that can serve as torching light for life yet to come. When wrongs are intentionally used as means of propagating one’s given ideology, people question the integrity of that given system since the drama behind such given kinds of cause is not clear.

Idea and ideology is progressive and what people used to think few years back will not be the same as in today for two given rationales and causes. The first one is that the nature of idea is dynamic and it changes as things change. The second one is on how and what people understand and interpret ideas change as they mature in understanding and perceptions of life and they especially change on how they perceive in relation to certain matters in life. Because of such good reason, it is good to have belief and thinking, but it is bad idea to die since there are other better and greater ways of making things better without even dying due to the fact that people could be found wrong for the matters which they want to die for.

The Sound and Color of Silence

May 20, 2016

The Estonians say that “Silence is sometimes the answer”. Different societies have various ways of perceiving or defining what silence means to them depending on the experience and relation they have already established with it, in which silence has been interacting in such communities as being an accurate and precise answer. It is safe and wise to use silence as answer to the quest people have since people could obtain all kinds of answers as they observe silence since time tells for everything.

When you are asked to do something, if you keep silent, this means something and silence delivers the right answer to such inquiry due to the fact that silence is not silence in here but quite an answer to the question such people deliver, and it is up to the person who asks to interpret one’s act of silence in way one feels it as an answer.

In silence, there is noise and sound. There is a huge world that reign inside the realm of silence, which demands huge energy to govern the secrets and mysteries endowed in it. People say, “Silence is golden”. Many people can agree with that as far as it does not lead to a different and undesired end. But, in cases such silence could be converted to silver as there are times people should speak out louder. Silence is a good way of expressing one’s feelings towards something that one is not sure about what to say.

Other people say, “Silence means acceptance”, which does not necessarily signify accepting but may be ‘acceptance when there is no other choice and freedom too. In societies where power is shared by few and by force society accepts many rules and regulation without violence and opposition, which does not manifest itself outwardly, in such cases the silence of acceptance is there but it is not willful.  Such silence reflects lack of confidence societies have towards the system and life itself.

Silence is often misinterpreted since it is a very intriguing matter, which needs silent observation of the specific action before reaching to a kind of definition and conclusion on how society perceives and interprets the concept of silence since it should be understood as per the context of action and reactions of society. Silence does not have specific interpretation that one can give, but may be interpreted according to the norm agreed and understood, and by the culture and the society one is living in.

Human being is created to converse and communicate with people, but sometimes people prefer not to do so. Why? There can be many reasons why people prefer to be silent than do any other thing. The followings are some of the major good reasons to why people may prefer silence.

     • When the person is stranger to us—Shyness.

When people do not have any idea and information about the person next to them, they prefer to be quiet until they get to know each other due to the fact that such silence is employed as care and wisdom.

  • When we do not like the topic or subject of discussion—Lack of interest.

When people do not like the idea of discussion due to reasons of lack of volition or interest on what other people are talking about, silence is preferred since it is safe mechanism and way to express lack of interest people have on the subject of whatever reasons they have behind.

  • When we do not want to argue—Avoiding unnecessary arguments.

Although people could be well informed on the subject or they could have interest to participate and share on any kinds of discussions which they like to participate as there are quite antagonistic people and ideas which are fabricated and delivered with the prime intention of belittling them or fighting back, that create discomfort on peoples feeling and thinking, people prefer to be silence with the intention of removing unnecessary arguments and confrontation since it is just waste of time and energy and in fact quite rubbish to engage in such kinds of discussions too.

  • When we hate someone—Express hatred.

People do not like with each other since they have something bad gone in past in their given relationship and communication they used to have in life. And they do not want to fix it or make it even better and they prefer the way it is, staying way with each other could be the wise thing to do since revenge could happen as things are come back on the table again for further and better communication. In such cases, such people prefer to be silent and keep on other aspects, such people to be silent and move on things as they remove such bad company or all kinds of relationship they have since they have deep inside hatred to such people.

  • When we do not have enough information about a topic—Lack of knowledge.

This is obvious that when people lack knowledge on the subject and topic of discussion, they should buy and notebook and write on what other people deliver than talk about such topics of discussion without having any given clue since it is safe and wise to be silent in here than what any other thing such people could deliver.

  • When we want to express humility—To avoid competition in ideas.

There are certain cases in which there are people who want to reflect their humility or humbleness in an environment where people are egocentric and want to show off. In such cases, there are people who employ silence as means of avoiding any given competition and other unnecessary end that they could come about since they do not like such kinds of competitive environments as result of their self confidence they have developed in their life.

  • When we are depressed—Boredom.

This is crystal clear that there are people who prefer to be silent and they seek their own privacy in life as they are bored in life since boredom visit people life at any given period or time as something wrong goes to their life and people could prefer to observe silence as means of checking themselves so that things can go better and be in different directions and they could decide to be in prayerful attitude or meditations.

  • When we are in the mood of prayer and contemplation—Meditation.

When people are in prayerful attitude, as they mediate, such power of being at prayerful attitude forces them to observe silence so that they can think and contemplate further and better on matters they are praying and meditating upon.

  • When we oppose something and are not free to say—Opposition.

They silence means acceptance in world where there is no reply to the inquiry people submit. But, as there are no choice and freedom in which there is dictatorial ruling and administration within any given society, people express their opposition towards any give system thru silence which can explode at any given time as a time bomb.

For whichever reason one is using, silence as an outward expression of something that one thinks deep inside, which does not necessarily mean that it is simply nothing that has no sound or any given idea. In a very fact, when people are silent, people are giving an opportunity to listen to the melodies or noises of this world, to the music of their life and to the sound of nature as well. Silence is the hardest argument to refute. Silence is the best instrument that the wise use to promulgate their wisdom and knowledge. It is a powerful instrument, which keeps the balance of the universe otherwise it would have been a disaster.

Silence may have contextual interpretation depending on the way society observes and understands, but may differ from person to person on how one applies it in the daily interaction within a society. It is not wise and appropriate to judge any individual’s action of silence as per the context of one culture, for any generalizations may lead to wrong conclusions. People may need to figure out to the very specific aspect of it, why a person is silent, without looking in to how any given culture defines it. Our culture is a mixture of peoples’ good thoughts and peoples’ own bias, which gives a direction on how people are, which does not necessarily be an unerring balance to weigh any ideal outside peoples’ own setting.

People need to speak at times needed, and people need to be silent likewise. It does not mean that people need to be silent the whole of their given life, which may lead people to be dumb, and cannot even be gold and safe rather than being nothing and non-sense. However, it is better to be silent, rather than talking about matters people do not know, which do result in bothering people with noise by trying to dominate others, which is quite a rubbish drama.

The Costly Mistakes

May 18, 2016

Mistakes are very human, but few mistakes are inhuman and they are grievous ones so that they cost too much. When such mistakes are heinous, they take lives of many people and they stay for centuries and ages since they have worst adverse effect on fate of societies and the future of that given society due to the fact that character and nature of such mistakes cost such individuals or societies in way they pay the prices for many years yet to come.

Serious mistakes in life cost very expensive since such matters will be converted to crime and their effect will be on worst and they harm other peoples’ lives and destinies and the nature of such mistakes will not be remedied or cured by asking an apology or forgiveness, but also seeking justice which is not even warranty that such mistakes will not come again. However, such worst mistake humanity commits in years of its history are observed costing very much and staying for longer years, leaving its own scars by those who commit it and by those who become victims of it.

For example, the Jew crucified Jesus Christ and the scars of such act of crucification led to another unacceptable and wrong act of the German Nazi committing genocide against the Jews in later years. Such vicious circle of wrong acts has its own retributions to pay in due course of time. Although the Germans later on tried to adjust and fix such grievous matter and issues with Israel thru further diplomatic, economic and political tie and relationship which they have established in later years. But the cost was very much and it takes many lives and was very expensive.

And, this is quite interesting and, in cases, fascinating to observe on how people think and behave towards any given undertaking in which there are different levels and stages of life which they should pass thru as they think that they are getting achieved, but also there are various levels and steps of thinking and feeling which they should face as they also fail in any given undertaking which they carry out in their given life. This is an inevitable aspect of their given life.

Especially, when they fail in any given process of life and undertaking, they commit grievous mistakes and they pass different stages of their given life. The first one is denial and they do not want to accept their given failure. As things speak out louder and persist on happening that indicate as to their given failure, and they cannot control over, they start accepting their given failure since it becomes vital and they cannot reject such objective reality. The third one is as they come to a point that they cannot return anything back to the point, they start regretting.

The fourth stage of their life is that they start realizing that they have failed and they know that they have lost in which knowledge of their given failure comes next. Next to this stage, they claim that they have failed and they could declare it publicly. And the last, but not least is that they start believing that they have failed and if they are wise, they adjust their thinking and belief so that they can come up with different mindset so that they can do something better in their life since they cannot change anything and they have reached to a point of no return due to the fact that they are very late to correct anything.

In such scenario of life, life is game. In game, there are laws that punish players and spectators even the referees as they wrongly judge, and even commentators when they disseminate wrong and misleading information to the public too as they abuse the law and they commit injuries and crimes that poison such legitimate games. People who commit wrong doings such as robberies, murders, bribery, and other kinds of corruptions should be punished by law since they commit bad acts that put the life of society under jeopardy since rule of law works true in anywhere at any place and time in order to preserve law and order within any given social dynamics.

Depending on the weight of crimes they commit, people are punished by law since everyone is under the law, none is above the law; and on such circumstances of life, and even players in the field are punished by such law as they transgress their given limit set by the law. In such game of life, life is a game; game can be reality as reality can be game too. In such process of life, the judge gives its own discretion according to the rule of law since the primal purpose of rule of law is to bring an order and stability within any given societal dynamics.

Besides what any given individual feels and thinks and believe in such process of life, the rule of law delivers judiciary judgment to people based on their given wrong doings which is dependent upon the magnitude of crimes which they commit. The sinful aspect goes to the sense of guilt which they feel inwardly, if they could, but the social aspect and dynamics require different social settings in which it requires the practical translation of the rule of law, which depends on the understanding and perception of level of administrators in translating to reality what the rule of law dictates.

In societies where the rule of law is better understood, none can escape from what the judiciary system delivers besides the sense of guilt people feel and think for the wrong and bad act which they commit on other people and society at large. In such process of life, justice can prevail when there is balance and equilibrium in perceiving and treating every citizen in any give social dynamics as equally accountable and responsible to the society which they respectively belong, not by meriting one segment of society and disregarding others.


Social Schizophrenia

May 16, 2016

In past few years, one was observing on how people act and react towards oneself in terms of normal relationship they have in which one was observing on how people behave in terms of individually and while they are in group, as they have quite different thinking and personality when they are alone and when they are in group and such given way of interaction  and communication makes oneself to think that there is some kind of hidden and fake drama going on behind oneself from what such people act and react within two scenarios of their given life.

When they are in groups, they do not even say hello, but when one meets them in private, and they even say hello with respect. And one was wondering on what such people are told behind which sound that they are ill advised like those kids in primary school, do not talk to stranger thing, and such people are afraid to say hello in group, which they respectively belong. This is quite funny and strange since they do not believe and think that what they are advised is proper and correct thing to do, but they inwardly think that saying hello is no wrong and the correct thing to do, in world they preach and teach others, love your enemies.

This is an indication that there are certain societies or group of people who think that what other people think and do are bad, whatever thing such people think and do harm and make their people think and feel bad about their life and thus, they employ protectionism agenda on others and they become change resistant towards anything that comes from any foreign land or outside their given circle. They think that whatever outsiders are come up to attack them, rob their culture and thinking and kill their values. This kind of thinking is developed from the very assumption and belief that delivering over exaggerated values to their own, which do lead to undermining other peoples and societies and thinking.

In reality, other people are seen excelling in many scopes and undertaking since such people do give high importance to less relevant matters and aspects s of life and they do not check and refer to their inward values and thinking whether they are conformity with the practical reality and assumption as they are challenged and asked on why certain bad practices prevail, they just cover up with justification of wrong cultures that should continue in world and life that culture is even dynamic and progressive as  the human mind and thinking and belief progresses and changes too.

In such scenarios of life, such people should wake up from the deep sleeps they are injected for centuries and ages since this is new scientific era and age of human mind and thinking in way that past good can be well preserved, but pas bad practices and thinking should be removed so that prosperity and progress will be the vital and inevitable end of such societies. It is not possible to go by an outburst of ignorant and spontaneous emotions since the power of reason and rational mind excel over any other ignorant ambition that such people hold in such lands due to the fact lasting solutions can come with sound reasons and arguments but not with obsolete passion and ignorant heroisms.

Unless and otherwise such people are sad since they cannot bake nice cake and bread on such arena of life due the fact that human beings are self-centered in many aspects of their give undertaking and their self centered interest and desire are reflected and manifested on outwardly and seemly convincing and observable social aspects and phenomena Any anything that comes from outside cannot be bad, and is not with the intention of destroying other people culture and thinking, but with the intention of sharing their values and thinking in way that others should know, not take.

Such give understanding can be reached as there is matured thinking and interpretation of any give act. For example, when I see a movie, in which such practice is even coming in many local lands which condemn such given type of movies, such movie is not telling me to make sex on the street, since there is a thing called my mind, which tells me where to make such and how to do it and when to do it. This Is not the day and time that movie can dictate people thinking and what people think decade ago from now has changed a lot.

Movie reached to stage of informing something, not dictating or influencing since things have change since most people want to take the motive behind such movie than what is on the face value due to the fact most people have interacted and communicate further on such matters. In many cases, the audience goes by far further than the movie in which the end of the movie is known ahead, even from its beginning. Now everyone goes by everyone’s thinking and mind and such way of thinking has passed.

Everything depends on what type of eye people see and interpret such realities and what people see as threats and dangers could be means and preludes to great opportunities and successes yet to come.

Justice Vs Order

May 14, 2016

They say in legal humor that implies that lawyers are not functioning well, and do little work in relation to the social accountability and responsibility which they assume in any given social dynamics due to the fact that the main cause of social injustice and social disorder and insecurity that do happen in any given society is because of the failure and inadequacy of judiciary system and personalities in which there is a popular joke that goes like, what do lawyers and sperm have in common, and only one in two millions does any real work.

Justice is the legal or philosophical theory by which fairness and the desire to be good is administered. The concept of justice differs in every culture. An eye for an eye is doing justice in one particular society in which other societies practice in it indifferent approach and method; when a person harms one’s eye, they refer such act of injury to the court procedure and system so that justice could be done.

Hence, justice is a relative concept and its practical translation does differ from one society to another based on society’s understanding and way of perceiving its social aspects and realities. As far as justice is about the quality of being just, righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness, its practical translation should not be by far different one from the other since being fair means being good, in which any bad act should require its own punishment, but the way society punish such bad act should vary as per the culture and context of social framework.

Justice is about bringing rule of law to attention of citizens and bringing means to an order. It is not about threatening people and society, under the cover of any given article and code which are formulated by any given social or legal institutions. When any given code and article is raised for any given act or thinking any given person is doing, none is free and even the judiciary system could be found committing similar act as those that are threatened by such moves and thinking.

When the justice system becomes as stick and bullet to kill people, such society is living under great jeopardy and social sickness since the motive behind any justice system and drama is formulated and established not with the intention of attacking individuals or free thinking, but creating socially secured thru maintaining its well being and balance, in which such society lives free of crime and injury. Justice is about creating free and healthy society, not converting innocent people to criminal act by wrongfully using and abusing the nature and character of social and justice system.

Even if, justice is the best beloved of all things in many peoples’ eye, such being beloved is not even enough, mere words, without practically translating and interpreting the true concept and nature of justice in its proper and accurate sense in any given undertaking. Otherwise loving and falling in love towards it does not yield any given noble fruit since such given way of attraction will be just mere wish and dream of social phenomena since it is not supported by practical thinking and act any given social dynamics and community needs to have in its own domain.

It is good to hug justice, but it is bad to shun way from it in its practical translation even if the bitter fruit is come with its truthful and practical translation, people should also hug and love such bitterness too since justice is not about doing what people like and love a but also accepting punishment when they commit crimes against other people or when they fail in their given undertaking even if they claim themselves as they are the promulgators, promoters and lovers of justice too.

Justice has no particular city, race, ethnicity, class, sex, age or whatever classification or group people may designate since it is about fairness and goodness, which are subjective and relative aspects, but such given social reality requires higher and perfect level of consciousness and discretions to come up since it is about creating sense of reasonability, accountability and duty conscious citizens, by maintaining truthful and honest grounds of media for interaction and communication so that well being and health of society can be securely established and maintained.

However, in any society, justice could be used as instrumental and tool for the oppressors, in which governors use it as means of oppressing or threatening the social dynamics by manipulating and tricking the justice system so that society could lived under threatening environment and pressure. It is use as way of life in securing and establishing power in any given social administrating, in cases, without truthful and honest grounds and the look of such societies is very amorphous and it makes other people feel and think that all animals are equal, but few animals are more equal. It is used as tough muscle to make other people live by fear of punishment, which creates sense of insecurity , since administrators can put anyone whom they do not like the eyes or noses of anyone to jail or remove, by the instrumentality of their given justice system.

Justice is one of the precious and intangible services society should receive from rulers, not be oppressed by such system. When the justice system becomes fair and honest, the well being of such social dynamics is maintained and securely established; when the justice system becomes threatening, social order and system needs an overhaul since the primal purpose of justice and justice system is not to create threatened or frustrated society, but joyful, safe, secured, independent and confident system and society.