Fake Universalism

April 27, 2016

If an ant can see chemicals and ray of sun, and dogs can hear and smell sounds and odor at far distant, what better and greater gift can be bestowed to human beings, which is claimed as the most noble creatures on earth, which is bestowed by precious gift of the intellect—the mind—unless and otherwise people cannot sense and use, what they have been delivered by nature.

Basically, one can see such given argument into four different ways of life in which such ways of life are employed by many people in this world. The first one is religious; the second one is philosophical; the third one is scientific and the fourth one is political way and approaches of life. Such methods and way of life are useful and important and one can employ in one’s life as per the context, nature, character of actions and reactions of one’s interaction and communications with other people and the surrounding environment at large.

In religious and most of the philosophical approach, the above argument can be true and is considered as true since both aspects of life define human being as the  most excellent of all creatures in which both scopes think that human reality is the perfection of all other creations in general. They do not argue that if other creatures are bestowed with some kind of gifts, they presume that human reality can be bestowed by much higher and greater than them.

In scientific approach, such kinds of argument cannot be considered as plausible since such claim should be proven out in the laboratory or with scientific approach and methods. In fact, the field of parapsychology is employed in order to prove such things out as true and legitimate way of life even if such field is not considered as scientific and such kinds of claims are still assumed as bizarre and they are not something that can be proven out in scientific manner due to the inadequacy of tools and instruments science has at hand.

Political method is way of life that goes by the winning scientific arguments or any other ideological views which the governing party would like to promote , but it in cases could hide and oppress scientific findings when it finds that it is not comfortable to be with, or any given ideological that help its governing and administration program and undertaking simple and peaceful. Politics employ any thinking as far as it finds that it is suitable for its administration and management. Hence, it can employ to the extent evil as God if it finds that it is way of that that can bring comfort and delight to its administrations.

While such theatrical way of life is going on, considering human being as universal creature wit universal and cosmological gifts, it is quite oppressing and narrow minded to view human reality a lot as per the context of culture, ethnicity and other boundaries and margins. Especially, when people think of ethnical politic and drama, one finds it useless and rubbish since one thinks that human being is universal creature and entity. To think in ethnic mindset is to kill human reality, oppress its true identity and destroy the wide range and aspect of the universality of the human reality has been bestowed by nature.

One does not need to think by ethnicity, national identity and other limited boundaries and marginalize thinking since one assumes that one think human reality is universal creature, one should not limit one’s thinking with any given religious dogma, political agenda and any other divisive and narrow minded views and perceptions of life. One does think that being human is not only being or belonging to particular culture and nationality but also being part and parcel of the entire cosmos as well.

However, such universal identity should not be attributed into belonging to certain given group or community but rather such way grouping or belonging to form universal identity under any given organized community or religion is contradictory by itself since by doing such grouping, people are creating their own island and territory, which by itself creates some sort of division and limited mindset, but being universal does not need to have any piece of land, mind territory or whatever, it is narrowing what people think and feel.

When people try to create universal brotherhood under organized group and community, they have their own rules and policies in way that could limit what other people think and feel though they feel and think in universal way and manner in thisr own fashion. Thinking in universalism should not be in way that few rule and procedures are set, but it should be an addition to the existing way of life, without rules, policies and other limiting factors and aspects of such life. People can have their own whatever background, but they can mingle and interact with others without any given preconditions without stating or labeling these people are enemies and others are friends, such people are covenant breakers or others are corrupt people since cosmological view is beyond such minor and silly thinking and perceptions of life.

While people are organize under certain group or community with the intention of creating universal brotherhood, creating a group by itself is a hindrance to such vast and universal approach due to the fact that people think they are universal creatures, but such claim should not be attribute to any given particular religion or political agenda since it is naturally automatic. Being human, by its very nature and virtue tells that one belongs to certain family, ethnicity, community, nationality and universality as whole and there is no need and at this point of time.

Is it possible to form any given religious or other doctrine on behalf of ethnicity claim and hidden agenda under the cover of universal brotherhood, which is rubbish drama which few people play and gamble on? Such claims rare mostly connected with the intention of thinking very loud in relation to one’s own given identity, which could lead to undermining other people’s integrity and identity too. They give high importance to less important factor and things since they have hidden motive going on behind, which will absolutely fail and will be breaking down into many pieces as the truth is out on stage in its own goodtime.




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