Refreshing and Reinventing

April 25, 2016

In any given social dynamics and way of life, there are basically two types of people that do exist and they are treated and considered as per their given thinking which is mostly reflected in their given character and behaviors they have in relation to that given system and way of life. They live and walk according to the nature of their given thinking and understanding they have in connection to that given claim which every way or system of life does.

The first one are those people who are delivered pan cake, ice-cream, fruit juices and the like on every day on every table they share. Such people are considered as great and special since they are highly respected by the system or way of life due to the fact they play key role in promoting the claims of such ways of life and they are highly protected. In such layer of life, there are other kinds of people who are perceived as friends and well wishers of the claims of such way of life; they are treated in relation to the degree and amount of contribution and thinking they contribute towards the success of the claims of such system of life do.

The second ones are those people who delivered bullets, electric shocks, gangsters and other sabotages and conspiracies on every day at their home, work place, cafe or restaurant they visit and everywhere they go and live and work. This happens to them it is not because they are envious or jealous that the above mentioned people are delivered hotcakes or ice creams, but they have their own personal quests and they search for meaning for life. Such people are considered as enemies of such system of life since they have fundamental and significant questions and inquiries which leaders of such system and way of life do not like and they are considered as threats and administrators of such systems of life plot bad on every single day to remove them under label or tag which they claim as protectionism and they have allocated funds for such purposes and they do all kinds of things, wherever such people live and work.

When one goes on further on why such kinds of differing and quite opposing treatments and attitude are delivered to such people by any given system of life is due to the fact they have their own natural characteristics, processes and causes since people cannot think similar things towards any given claim any system of life do. This is lie tit for tat kinds of relationship in which in order to take something one should give, it is market oriented approach and commercial relationship which such people establish towards any given system of life which they respectively belong.

Circumstances of life make people to think and question on things and claims of such system of life do and various people can come up with various types of thinking and questions they have in life and thus people think and quest become the integral part of their given life. And people question many things in life. People think further. People could start seeing things in different angle and perspectives, which never happened in their given life.

People ask while belonging to particular system and way of life, two broad ranges and kinds of questions. The first ones are those types of questions which people ask, what if we can contribute money more than we are asked thing and questions which are basically related to the progress and achievement of the common goals, without having further inquiry and investigation to truth and integrity of the claim which their given group or respective system of life declare and dictate.

The second ones are those questions which people raise that have significant and fundamental impact on the claims any given group which they respectively belong declare and dictate and such people ask issues on the basics of the principles or visions which they are asked to follow and practice due to the keen desire and motive of seeking and searching for the  truth of the claims since they have observed certain unseemly actions and reactions due to reasons which they observe within the system of life they belong and follow.

Most people in this world are the first one types of people since they do not want to take risk and they do not like challenges in their give life and they assume that whatever thing around them is peaceful, even if others are suffering and facing big shocks on their life, which they do not care, they assume that life nice and healthy. They do not want to go further as they eat, drink, wear nice things in their lie, they think they are secure and safe since the standards of life which they think in which most people think and do, and they go by the dictation of the norm. They are afraid to think and live outside the container which they are shaped to think and live since they think like those fishes in the fish bowl.

There are quite few people who are courageous enough to think and ask further, in cases quite contrary to that given claim but quests that go in conformity wit reality and the truth, which most people are afraid to think and ask since they think and believe that thinking has no limit and boundary and they do not like such thinking that limit the human reality since they believe and think that there is no pint to suppress human freedom as far as that given thinking is true and they have some truth in such thinking, they ask and they seek appropriate answers and if they do not find satisfying answers, they shun away and reject any given claim.

This world is mostly shaped by such rebellious people who think quite differently since they come up with different mindset and perspective and the existing ones are quite lamentably defective to provide proper answers to the quest such people have, and they make courageous move with courageous thinking, they create their own world in their own fashion, in which such thinking will be the center of attraction to many others who come afterwards and think in same way as great thinker of the world claim and do. Otherwise, this world will not be refreshed and reinvented in such way as everyone sees and finds it in today.




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