The Basic Needs Aspects


April 22, 2016

When I was in elementary schooling in here, they told me that human basic needs were three such as food, clothing and shelter. And as one grow up and sort out things by one’s own, there are other scholars who define basic human needs which go up to five. And one was wondering on the confusions which everyone is brought up due to the fact scholars do not reach to general and universal agreement on these kinds of subject matters and people like us are raised with such puzzled mindset.

Quite confusing will be when the above claim is found contrary or differing to what one practices in the real life that human reality is beyond the physical reality in which the assumptions made on the above claim is mainly derived by considering the human point of view as being physical entity where as life and experience and exposure tells a different reality and truth since one of the methods by which knowledge is gained thru experience one faces in life.

Accordingly, before one derives what the basic needs of human reality is, one should at first address what is the human reality by itself and if the human reality is only the physical one and aspect, the above claims are correct, but as the nature of human reality are diverse, such conceptual address on basic needs should also be diverse as per the context and nature of the human reality. And the other given factor is that everything changes and the human needs too as time goes by since change is one of the fundamental and basic aspect of life in this world.

In such manner, one could say in here as addressed by the general convention in many divers write ups and conclusion, human reality has at least four natures, such as physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects in which the basic and other human needs should be perceived as per the context and nature of such realities so that what people claim, healthy human being and reality should be perceived from such perspectives and point of view otherwise the way people look and address with one perspective and neglecting the other one would make people conceptual and understanding of the human  reality and needs handicapped.

And one also should further consider on what drive the human needs since most people’s needs are dictated by the amount of income they generate, but needs are derived by personal exposures and peoples’ understandings and perception of life. One cannot be dictated by the amount of income one receives or generates, but one can mange one’s need as per the income one generates. These two things are very separate and different. Needs are not generated by income, but they are mange by income.

Human needs are generated by thinking intensity and level and the amount of freedom they have in life in addition to their given personal experience and exposures of life they come up with their given give personal experiences and exposures in life. Based on peoples’ perception and understanding they have in life, they generate their own needs accordingly and hence one person’s need is quite different from the other even if they have same amount of income, but due to needs factors which make them distinct, people differ accordingly.

The basic need of one society differs from the other, not only of the economic factor, but also their given psychological and thinking aspect in which thinking has an impact on economy and economy has also its own effect on people psychological make-up. Thus, the basic human need in the developed nations is quite different from the basic human need in those developing or poor nations since peoples’ need is mostly dictated not only by the economy factor but also emotional and intellectual aspects too.

Everything in this world is interconnected and interrelated with one or the other way, but the point is to sort out how they are interconnected and what makes them interrelated since such basic and fundamental knowledge helps to figure out, handle and manage many things in their proper way so that people or society can come up with better perspective on how to articulate and approach life in healthy and nice way.

The basic need of one person could also be different from the basic needs of the other person within one given society as one goes further since thinking, personal exposures and experience in life, economy, and other psycho and intellectual make up of the person matter as to the derivation of such basic needs. Societies come up with such kind of generalization, since economy and politics are the governing factors as whole, and they can derive certain touchstone as per the context, nature and character rof their given society at large.

This does not mean the every single member of society should live by that touchstone and benchmark, but rather every citizen has the right and freedom to come up with one’s own basin needs so that people can measure their level of life as to their given standards and marginalize way of life. Hence, everyone is free to come up with one’s own basic needs I one’s own and fashion and everyone has the right to live with that given way of life as far as that given standard is useful and helpful and make people to achieve something in their given process of life and undertaking.


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