Old to New Self

April 18, 2016

They say, in order to make yourself, it is necessary and essential to destroy yourself. This is one of the astonishing and fascinating remarks in which in order to come up with better self, one should remove such old self since it is not possible to come up with different and new yourself by just following and being like the old self. Creating and inventing oneself originally starts by destroying the old self.

When people like to create and invent new identity and reality, they should at first cleanly know what kind of self they are trying to come up, and how they should come up with that given new self. Once such process and objective is clearly visualized in their given reality, the next process will be moving on to the process of transforming and changing oneself into new oneself.

Here, there are two alternatives. The first one is to remove the old self and create new one. The second is to add certain ingredients to the old self and come up with the new ones. This depends on how the space and gap that exist between the old self and the desired and visualized one new self as there is much gap between both, it is better to remove the old self and come up with the new ones as there is the gap and space between the old self and desired new self is small, one just add few elements of life to and create the new one.

For example, when one belongs to certain given social dynamics, which is bit communal and social network is stronger, to have one’s own privacy will be joke or chimera. In this case, in order to come up with one’s privacy and have new way of thinking, one should have one’s own schedule and framework on one’s interaction with other people in way that one’s privacy can be nicely protected and preserved.

The first thing one should do is to avoid such social interaction that comes  unprecedented and without plans and schedule and such way of life has its own risk since stigmatization could follow by the society as one tries to be organized and programmed. In this case, such stigmatizations of society do create to such kinds of people to have much time left undone and utilized. In this case, such space and availability of time should be used for another productive purpose since such space do allow people to contemplate on what can be done with such amount of time left unused.

Creativity and innovation should be the end result of such contemplation since none can do have control over the practice and use of one’s mind so as to come up with something in this world. Every negative resistance is an opportunity to do and come up with something positive and useful. Every threat could give birth to an opportunity for something. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction as science claims too.

In such process of life, new visions and directions are borne which can serve as means to do something, not only to one person, but also to millions of people who lack directions and perspectives. All great thinkers of the world faced oppositions and resistance from societies which they respectively belong and such resistance do make them stigmatized as they are stigmatized, they get enough time and space to do something in the world. They know how to use such gap—time and space—which such threat they receive from societies have created, they use for something constructive and profound purposes. Hence, they are thinkers and they are indeed great people.

Visions and directions are borne two times in which the first one is within the human mind and the second one is what they are objectively translated since there are certain deviations on what one has originally perceived in one’s mind, there are certain matters that do not even come as they are  and different versions do come due to the fact that there are obstacles and hindrances that visit everyone’s life in due course of time, and people should be flexible and they adjust such goals in way the existing world conditions dictate and govern.

This mindset make such people more systematic and wise as they are not rigid and no fundamentalism can take place in such peoples’ minds as they are adaptive to circumstances of life as time goes by. In this case, harmony and reconciliation will take place than conflict and contradiction. Nothing in this world is going on in precise manner as foretold by any given prophets or sages in the past or any give claim anyone has in this world to date since deviation si one of the normal and becoming nature of this world. If that was the case, everyone in this world will be like letters on the computer keyboards.

When people try to come up with new mindset and perspective in life, they pass difficulties from all walks of life, and such strong and fierce oppositions are helpful ingredients to the new self which they are going to create for themselves. This new self is real self since it passes all kinds of challenges and obstacles. Here, the new self declarers that it creates oneself by destroying the old self in one’s own way. And society in here has contributed negatively, in creating the new self, though positive outcome is achieved and gained.

People can change from old self to new self both vertically and horizontally except on what nature dictate and govern such as people cannot grow in height vertically as they reach to certain age level in physical. The rest is possible as far as they are ready and want to change. The drive goes to most part to their inward reality and motto of life too.


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