The Other Side of Forgiveness

April 13, 2016

Love sometimes conspires with envy and jealousy and kills and hurts many innocent people. This is one of the human dramas of life. In such instance of life, forgiveness will not be a solution but justice shall be done. When people forgive others, such forgiveness does not include forgetting everything or doing and making things as was before, pretending as if nothing happened before, which sounds foolish, but it should add certain aspects such as tact and wisdom should be a necessity due to the fact that such harm may not come again for the second time.

Wise people learn from others mistake and failures, but others learn from the injury and damage they have received in life. Hence, people differ from people on how they understand, observe and imagine life in which as people hear, see, understand, sense, face and feel such experiences of life, they learn something in life. People take great lesson from experiences and such experiences are precious lessons which they gain from life.

In terms of monetary values, few people learn by life costing them millions and billions of dollar where as others learn by only few coins or penny. This depends on the magnitude of circumstance which they face and experience in life. Both are lessons, but the amount and intensity of pain could be different and what could vary in here is the magnitude of the pain which could be resembled or tantamount to the degree of the magnitude of earth quakes that hit any given city in which the stronger the magnitude, the heavy and worst destruction it comes about, as the lesser the magnitude is the lesser destruction.

However, in both scenarios and cases of life, reconstruction is quite possible. In fact, things could be redesigned with better and best architectural designs in way that things could look nicer and better and at the end of the completion of reconstruction and erection of new and beautiful buildings, people could exclaim, though bad and sad the destruction is, they could be grateful since they have newer and better ones. Life is like that.

It is good to make no mistake and no fail, but if it happens, it is better and wiser to admit and work on failures and mistakes than resist and reject one’s failure and mistakes in life. In this case, life becomes more tasteful and meaningful as people admit their failures and mistakes. People should not commit suicide for their given failures and mistakes, since to err is very human and they should work harder on their failures so that tomorrow will be nicer and better.

This is very contextual and subjective element of life that anyone should perform in one’s way and methods people employ in their life, but the point is good shall happen to everyone and journey they make since none can dictate anyone in such aspect of life. Life should be simple.

There is space that exist between forgiving and forgetting in which when people are forgiving, they should not be an expectation that relationship and communication between people will be the same as was in past by forgetting wrongs and bad that happen between people. To expect things to be like that is funny, but to understand the gap that arise due to such circumstances of life is being clever. What could be important is forgiveness, people at least will not fire and pinpoint bullets and guns on others since they do not want to go that far for revenge, but they forgive.

They remove the bad measure which they intend to take on others as they forgive others. Forgiveness is come and borne since there is bad thing between two parties, in which one party is wrong doer and the other party is wrong recipient. Forgiveness is a realty that goes in the hand of wrong recipient in which such recipient becomes forgiving, one tolerates and forbears the bad that happen on oneself from others, and continue one’s journey of life without taking any revenge thinking and action. This is what it means by being forgiving mean to one’s give understanding.

One keeps going taking one’s path of life in one’s own way without considering oneself as victim and one takes one’s own direction without thinking other wrong actions as par of one’s future life since one kill such history and opens new chapter of life in one’s way. Going back to past way of life and forgetting everything is impossible since forgiveness is not about forgetting, and such way of life could invoke such people to go for revenge in their own way since as they get into past way of life under the cover of forgiveness, such aspect could trigger anger again and things could be falling apart.

The safe and secure way of life to such kinds of people is to be at far distant from past wrong doers, and open up new gates of way of life so that life do mean different with better meaning and new flavor otherwise going back to previous way of life and mingle with past wrong doers sound adding fuel to the fire and belong to same sheet circle of vicious circle of crisis which could not make things better, but take even to worse as per the context of one’s given understanding and context of life dictate.

Life is about governing and practicing freewill and as people impose such way of life on others, things could go wrong and unexpected since life has interesting color as people do and practice things on voluntarily basis than being dictated by force and power. And it is possible to forgive others and past wrong doers, but it is not an idea one buys to mingle and be with such people and play cheap games since such way of life is rubbish drama and garbage game such people play on others. One definitely knows what should one do think and do in life and one does not need any help from others in this regard.


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