Work—Result Oriented

April 11, 2016

Work is an activity involving mental or physical effort done in order to achieve a result. And hence people work in order to achieve something in their give undertaking and life. Mostly, work is organized in form of mysterious entities such as company or organization, such achievements are channeled by the chains of command any given organization has and such peoples achievement and end result is left to the mercy of boss and subordinate relationships and such way of viewing work in certain places have its own distortion or prejudice due to peoples’ own personality and behavior too.

Work is a reality that connects people for many different reasons. And people work and they obtain sources of income as one and major reason. In fact, it is one profound tool by which people make their sustenance and life and without work, they cannot survive since it is one of the ways and mechanism that make them to have a secured and safe life. Hence, people migrate to better places and developed nation in order to work and seek better life.

Work is one of the enigmatic forces that keep the balance of this world since if there was no work or the realm of work is muted for micro second, one wonders at to the look of this world and how this world could look like which is indeed hard to imagine. The importance and significance of work is crystal clear at this obvious point of time in human history, but the attitude and thinking which people develop and make up could shift and change from time to time as time goes by and why?

One of the reasons on why such shift in thinking could arise is the need factor in which it is the human need that create any given job or work as if there is no need, there is no point to invest money in creating that given specific job and such people who invest money to hire many other people and engage them in specific work and earn money. The person who creates any give work is beneficiary as the workers who are engaged in helping such people will also take their own share accordingly as per their given agreement.

In reality, work connects individuals with organization, which is an unseen entity. In such connection and relation, it is law that binds them, not even prayer and worship. People are connected to organization by instrumentality of policies, rules and regulations, which judge them according to their capacity, accountability and responsibility which they assume in that given organization.

When people are connected with organization by the instrumentality of work, there are certain rights and freedom which they enjoy along with obligations and responsibilities that they assume. Both go hand in hand in which they should be compensated for the good they merit and they should receive punishment for the harm they put on the organization. They are channeled with chains of functions and activities along with rules and regulations and administrative procedures too.

They also create vertical connection along with horizontal relationship which they come up that is mainly based upon their given personal behavioral relationship in which those who do associate most could have more connection with surrounding people than those who are very private, but both kinds of people function and operate by similar law, rules, policy and regulation of that given organization and they cannot go beyond the margin they are set to abide, which should not necessarily lead to conclusion that those who are very social can override or those who are too private can under-benefited by such given system of organization.

There is always balance that exists between these two extreme kinds of people since it is not their personal behavior which is very important, but their given connection with the organization, which is on discharging their function and responsibility in expedient manner, which is the primal and major need of any given organization. When such personal behaviors are getting compatible with one to the other in any give organization system, it is fine, but they should not be the end goal of any given organization.

Organizations behavior is different from personal behavior since organization behavior is the synergy that comes as result of organizational character and nature along with employees personal behavior too in which such given combination and integration of these factors create the organization behavior of any give organizations. It is not only how the organization management functions and undertake its obligation but also how its employees respond to their management, how they function and operate their daily routines is also important in which in places where healthy organizational behavior is established, its social environment and integration is better as the vice versa is also true.

Any given good organization could affect its employees in good or bad manner, depending on how it shapes them in which good organizations create good employee as the bad ones do same too. Organizations have moral and emotional and psychological impact on their respective employees since they are connected in major way and great human drama. They affect one another in different ways and individuals affect organizations too. Such mysterious linkage and connection between individuals and organizations should be correctly understood at first before they attain their future plans and goals.


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