Seven Flavors of Death

April 7, 2016

Last time I was into conversation with someone who was into parapsychology reading and experiences, and I was sharing my personal experience which I have experienced while bowing down for prayer at the threshold in the shrine while I used to live in Israel in 2006, in which the first day I experienced and saw magnificent light and on the second day, I face and saw remote and scary darkness.

And the person exclaimed this was delusional perception. I said, this is not delusional, but this is what is personally and objectively faced and experienced. I have just walked out from that given shrine and performed my regular routine and this happened in my state of alertness and active state of being. And the person did not want to accept. And I left the person on her own and continue my research. And I find the following news article which is published on the BBC Website, and I would like to share an excerpt.

Seeing a light and a tunnel may be the popular perception of death, but as Rachel Nuwer discovers, reports are emerging of many other strange experience. In 2011, Mr A, a 57-year-old social worker from England, was admitted to Southampton General Hospital after collapsing at work. Medical personnel were in the middle of inserting a catheter into his groin when he went into cardiac arrest. With oxygen cut off, his brain immediately flat-lined. Mr A died.

Despite this, he remembers what happened next. The staff grabbed an automated external defibrillator (AED), a shock-delivery machine used to try to reactivate the heart. Mr A heard a mechanical voice twice say, “Shock the patient.” In between those orders, he looked up to see a strange woman beckoning to him from the back corner of the room, near the ceiling. He joined her, leaving his inert body behind. “I felt that she knew me, I felt that I could trust her, and I felt she was there for a reason [but] I didn’t know what that was,” Mr A later recalled. “The next second, I was up there, looking down at me, the nurse and another man who had a bald head

… Sam Parnia, a critical care physician and director of resuscitation research at Stony Brook University School of Medicine in New York, along with colleagues from 17 institutions in the US and UK, wanted to do away with assumptions about what people did or did not experience on their deathbeds. It is possible, they believe, to collect scientific data about those would-be final moments. So for four years, they analysed more than 2,000 cardiac arrest events – moments when a patient’s heart stops and they are officially dead.

Of those patients, doctors were able to bring 16% back from the dead, and Parnia and his colleagues were able to interview 101 of them, or about a third. “The goal was to try to understand, first of all, what is the mental and cognitive experience of death?” Parnia says. “And then, if we got people who claimed auditory and visual awareness at the time of death, to see if we are able to determine if they really were awar

Seven Flavors of Death

Mr A, it turned out, was not the only patient who had some memory of his death. Nearly 50% of the study participants could recall something, but unlike Mr A and just one other woman whose out-of-body account could not be verified externally, the other patients’ experiences did not seem to be tied to actual events that took place during their deat

Those seven themes were: Fear ; Seeing animals or plants ; Bright light; violence and persecution;  Deja-vu ; Seeing family; Recalling events post-cardiac arrest.

These mental experiences ranged from terrifying to blissful. There were those who reported feeling afraid or suffering persecution, for example. “I had to get through a ceremony … and the ceremony was to get burned,” one patient recalled. “There were four men with me, and whichever lied would die … I saw men in coffins being buried upright.” Another remembered being “dragged through deep water”, and still another was “told I was going to die and the quickest way was to say the last short word I could remember”.

Others, however, experienced the opposite sensation, with 22% reporting “a feeling of peace or pleasantness”. Some saw living things: “All plants, no flowers” or “lions and tigers”; while others basked in the glow of “a brilliant light” or were reunited with family. Some, meanwhile, reported a strong sense of deja-vu: “I felt like I knew what people were going to do before they did it”. Heightened senses, a distorted perception of the passage of time and a feeling of disconnection from the body were also common sensations that survivors report.

In my case, neither the flavors of death occurred nor such mental experience that ranged from terrifying to blushful occurred, except the state of confusion one faced in earliest days of such given happening. Quite surprisingly what I have personally performed and done is carefully realizing and recognizing the state of being I was in, and observing my surrounding and any other people which I meet and interact with tact, care and wisdom, and sharing such personal experiences to those people whom I wanted to share, in fact, I went far beyond sharing, which is reporting to legitimate bodies on such human drama is going on stage, for their attention and consideration

I am still personally working on it since such mind theater or control drama comes from unknown place or it is deliberately done with the intention of controlling and configuring the human mind in which such theater is organized and orchestrate by secret group or organizations which is carried out in organized but in secretive manner, which one is currently working and making further research and investigation in one’s own accent and way.


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