Quite a Correlation

April 1, 2016

Life on this plane of existence is quite interesting for many reasons since there are certain given similarities and equivalences that exist between varied fields of studies and hobbies and inclination of life in which what other people undertake in universities and schools or wherever could be found related to what other people do as hobbies or as inclination of their own, due to the fact that they have certain kinds of resemblance in what they undertake in their given daily life and routines.

To the contrary, what a life and death thing to one society will be found as last priority to other society and such way of correlation exist in many instances and undertakings of life. There are societies that exaggerate very irrelevant and minor things as big and hot things as there are societies who undermine and ignore big matters as irrelevant and minor things. This depends on the type of eye any given society posses and what makes an eye, what and how society thinks and perceives and understand about their given life.

People get related and unrelated with one or other way depending on the type of correlation they make and have in due course of time and life and two different people could be found related and unrelated in one given aspect of life and undertaking due to the fact they have and share something in common. Relationship and un-relationship  do not mean in their given natural similarity or differences, but in what they do in their given undertaking in their life time  in which one person could do something different from what another performs, but they could share something similar in their given undertaking which they perform in life.

For example, a person who studies philosophy or is a student of philosophy and holds all kinds of degree in philosophy is in most cases similar to an ordinary person who likes art works and who post various and different kinds of paints on one’s home wall. This is to mean that there are different kinds of correlations and relations that exists between different kinds of people in which a person who specialized in something and a person who has some kind of hobbies due to one major and big reason.

Elucidating this matter further, a person who specializes in the field of philosophy could be found explaining and stating about what given philosopher says and talks about but the person has nothing to deliver of one’s own thinking and ideology in one’s own way and fashion since being student or expert of philosophy or holding many kinds of degrees in philosophy is not warranty to be  a philosopher due to the fact that being a philosopher, one has to come up with certain insight and thinking that delivers certain perspective to the world and any given society at large.

The person who likes any paint work and has never painted any piece of work has never delivered any given art work due to the fact that posting all kinds of paint works in one’s home and all over is not guarantee to make any given paint since such painting work requires gift, passion and skill so that anyone can come up with certain kinds of art work in one’s own way and one can contribute something to the world and society at large.

Accordingly, there are quite different kinds of relationship that exist between suck kinds of people due to the fact that it is the nature of such fields of specialization that could make them or tantamount to other peoples hobby in terms of one given aspect in which there are people who obtain something in life as result of their given hobbies and inclination in their given life while others pursue such tasks with studies and all kinds of efforts the apply in their daily undertakings.

This does not mean that the person who has hobbies of positing any given paint work is doctor of philosophy or something relate to this but this is just to pin point certain similarities which people have in relation to what they think and do due to reasons that there are people who do something as their given job and they get income out of what they do sand such kinds of undertakings could be hobbies to other people and they could do it in their give leisure times.

When certain undertaking become part and parcel of one’s life in which they are done on the basis of interest and inclination, they have better meaning and better perspective they deliver and hence their fruits will be nobler than those undertakings that are done by force, no inclination and for just obtaining certain amount of means of income. Any given undertaking needs gifts, passions, skill and ambition that do lead in acquiring better knowledge, understanding and wisdom in relation to what they do in life so that any given undertaking will be fruitful as there are many pioneers in such arena of life.

Most people in the world have focus on maintaining their living and life by obtaining some kind of source of income in many fields than doing or performing any given task the field requires with passion and zeal. Hence, life in cases becomes tiresome and hard as many people are into such state of being like doing any given task for obtaining any given income than doing it cheerfully and such way of performing any given tasks do create certain kinds of conflict of interest and advantage towards achieving certain common goal while belonging to any given organization nor whatever congregations people assemble for to achieve something in life in common.

When the passion and enthusiasm of positing all kinds of painting works is integrated with the endeavors and efforts people employ in the study of philosophy for many years, such combination and integration could yield a very interesting and exciting fruit as they do deliver certain inspirational and transformative thinking and idea to the world and any society at large. And such way of integrating in which what one lacks in one  -lace is filled with what other posse in any other part, the world will look better and nicer since filling such vacuums any given society possess will make the society itself beneficiary.

Life in this world is quite interesting since such kind of correlation makes people to observe, imagine and understand such life with a different perspective so that what people deliver to their give society could be seen with such angle and direction due to reasons that there are certain people who could be magnified and exaggerated beyond what they contribute, but when they are measure with different scale  of measurements, they contribute less than what is thought and described, since they cannot come up with some insight and understanding to the benefit of society and the world at large.


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