Fake Universalism

April 27, 2016

If an ant can see chemicals and ray of sun, and dogs can hear and smell sounds and odor at far distant, what better and greater gift can be bestowed to human beings, which is claimed as the most noble creatures on earth, which is bestowed by precious gift of the intellect—the mind—unless and otherwise people cannot sense and use, what they have been delivered by nature.

Basically, one can see such given argument into four different ways of life in which such ways of life are employed by many people in this world. The first one is religious; the second one is philosophical; the third one is scientific and the fourth one is political way and approaches of life. Such methods and way of life are useful and important and one can employ in one’s life as per the context, nature, character of actions and reactions of one’s interaction and communications with other people and the surrounding environment at large.

In religious and most of the philosophical approach, the above argument can be true and is considered as true since both aspects of life define human being as the  most excellent of all creatures in which both scopes think that human reality is the perfection of all other creations in general. They do not argue that if other creatures are bestowed with some kind of gifts, they presume that human reality can be bestowed by much higher and greater than them.

In scientific approach, such kinds of argument cannot be considered as plausible since such claim should be proven out in the laboratory or with scientific approach and methods. In fact, the field of parapsychology is employed in order to prove such things out as true and legitimate way of life even if such field is not considered as scientific and such kinds of claims are still assumed as bizarre and they are not something that can be proven out in scientific manner due to the inadequacy of tools and instruments science has at hand.

Political method is way of life that goes by the winning scientific arguments or any other ideological views which the governing party would like to promote , but it in cases could hide and oppress scientific findings when it finds that it is not comfortable to be with, or any given ideological that help its governing and administration program and undertaking simple and peaceful. Politics employ any thinking as far as it finds that it is suitable for its administration and management. Hence, it can employ to the extent evil as God if it finds that it is way of that that can bring comfort and delight to its administrations.

While such theatrical way of life is going on, considering human being as universal creature wit universal and cosmological gifts, it is quite oppressing and narrow minded to view human reality a lot as per the context of culture, ethnicity and other boundaries and margins. Especially, when people think of ethnical politic and drama, one finds it useless and rubbish since one thinks that human being is universal creature and entity. To think in ethnic mindset is to kill human reality, oppress its true identity and destroy the wide range and aspect of the universality of the human reality has been bestowed by nature.

One does not need to think by ethnicity, national identity and other limited boundaries and marginalize thinking since one assumes that one think human reality is universal creature, one should not limit one’s thinking with any given religious dogma, political agenda and any other divisive and narrow minded views and perceptions of life. One does think that being human is not only being or belonging to particular culture and nationality but also being part and parcel of the entire cosmos as well.

However, such universal identity should not be attributed into belonging to certain given group or community but rather such way grouping or belonging to form universal identity under any given organized community or religion is contradictory by itself since by doing such grouping, people are creating their own island and territory, which by itself creates some sort of division and limited mindset, but being universal does not need to have any piece of land, mind territory or whatever, it is narrowing what people think and feel.

When people try to create universal brotherhood under organized group and community, they have their own rules and policies in way that could limit what other people think and feel though they feel and think in universal way and manner in thisr own fashion. Thinking in universalism should not be in way that few rule and procedures are set, but it should be an addition to the existing way of life, without rules, policies and other limiting factors and aspects of such life. People can have their own whatever background, but they can mingle and interact with others without any given preconditions without stating or labeling these people are enemies and others are friends, such people are covenant breakers or others are corrupt people since cosmological view is beyond such minor and silly thinking and perceptions of life.

While people are organize under certain group or community with the intention of creating universal brotherhood, creating a group by itself is a hindrance to such vast and universal approach due to the fact that people think they are universal creatures, but such claim should not be attribute to any given particular religion or political agenda since it is naturally automatic. Being human, by its very nature and virtue tells that one belongs to certain family, ethnicity, community, nationality and universality as whole and there is no need and at this point of time.

Is it possible to form any given religious or other doctrine on behalf of ethnicity claim and hidden agenda under the cover of universal brotherhood, which is rubbish drama which few people play and gamble on? Such claims rare mostly connected with the intention of thinking very loud in relation to one’s own given identity, which could lead to undermining other people’s integrity and identity too. They give high importance to less important factor and things since they have hidden motive going on behind, which will absolutely fail and will be breaking down into many pieces as the truth is out on stage in its own goodtime.




Refreshing and Reinventing

April 25, 2016

In any given social dynamics and way of life, there are basically two types of people that do exist and they are treated and considered as per their given thinking which is mostly reflected in their given character and behaviors they have in relation to that given system and way of life. They live and walk according to the nature of their given thinking and understanding they have in connection to that given claim which every way or system of life does.

The first one are those people who are delivered pan cake, ice-cream, fruit juices and the like on every day on every table they share. Such people are considered as great and special since they are highly respected by the system or way of life due to the fact they play key role in promoting the claims of such ways of life and they are highly protected. In such layer of life, there are other kinds of people who are perceived as friends and well wishers of the claims of such way of life; they are treated in relation to the degree and amount of contribution and thinking they contribute towards the success of the claims of such system of life do.

The second ones are those people who delivered bullets, electric shocks, gangsters and other sabotages and conspiracies on every day at their home, work place, cafe or restaurant they visit and everywhere they go and live and work. This happens to them it is not because they are envious or jealous that the above mentioned people are delivered hotcakes or ice creams, but they have their own personal quests and they search for meaning for life. Such people are considered as enemies of such system of life since they have fundamental and significant questions and inquiries which leaders of such system and way of life do not like and they are considered as threats and administrators of such systems of life plot bad on every single day to remove them under label or tag which they claim as protectionism and they have allocated funds for such purposes and they do all kinds of things, wherever such people live and work.

When one goes on further on why such kinds of differing and quite opposing treatments and attitude are delivered to such people by any given system of life is due to the fact they have their own natural characteristics, processes and causes since people cannot think similar things towards any given claim any system of life do. This is lie tit for tat kinds of relationship in which in order to take something one should give, it is market oriented approach and commercial relationship which such people establish towards any given system of life which they respectively belong.

Circumstances of life make people to think and question on things and claims of such system of life do and various people can come up with various types of thinking and questions they have in life and thus people think and quest become the integral part of their given life. And people question many things in life. People think further. People could start seeing things in different angle and perspectives, which never happened in their given life.

People ask while belonging to particular system and way of life, two broad ranges and kinds of questions. The first ones are those types of questions which people ask, what if we can contribute money more than we are asked thing and questions which are basically related to the progress and achievement of the common goals, without having further inquiry and investigation to truth and integrity of the claim which their given group or respective system of life declare and dictate.

The second ones are those questions which people raise that have significant and fundamental impact on the claims any given group which they respectively belong declare and dictate and such people ask issues on the basics of the principles or visions which they are asked to follow and practice due to the keen desire and motive of seeking and searching for the  truth of the claims since they have observed certain unseemly actions and reactions due to reasons which they observe within the system of life they belong and follow.

Most people in this world are the first one types of people since they do not want to take risk and they do not like challenges in their give life and they assume that whatever thing around them is peaceful, even if others are suffering and facing big shocks on their life, which they do not care, they assume that life nice and healthy. They do not want to go further as they eat, drink, wear nice things in their lie, they think they are secure and safe since the standards of life which they think in which most people think and do, and they go by the dictation of the norm. They are afraid to think and live outside the container which they are shaped to think and live since they think like those fishes in the fish bowl.

There are quite few people who are courageous enough to think and ask further, in cases quite contrary to that given claim but quests that go in conformity wit reality and the truth, which most people are afraid to think and ask since they think and believe that thinking has no limit and boundary and they do not like such thinking that limit the human reality since they believe and think that there is no pint to suppress human freedom as far as that given thinking is true and they have some truth in such thinking, they ask and they seek appropriate answers and if they do not find satisfying answers, they shun away and reject any given claim.

This world is mostly shaped by such rebellious people who think quite differently since they come up with different mindset and perspective and the existing ones are quite lamentably defective to provide proper answers to the quest such people have, and they make courageous move with courageous thinking, they create their own world in their own fashion, in which such thinking will be the center of attraction to many others who come afterwards and think in same way as great thinker of the world claim and do. Otherwise, this world will not be refreshed and reinvented in such way as everyone sees and finds it in today.



The Basic Needs Aspects


April 22, 2016

When I was in elementary schooling in here, they told me that human basic needs were three such as food, clothing and shelter. And as one grow up and sort out things by one’s own, there are other scholars who define basic human needs which go up to five. And one was wondering on the confusions which everyone is brought up due to the fact scholars do not reach to general and universal agreement on these kinds of subject matters and people like us are raised with such puzzled mindset.

Quite confusing will be when the above claim is found contrary or differing to what one practices in the real life that human reality is beyond the physical reality in which the assumptions made on the above claim is mainly derived by considering the human point of view as being physical entity where as life and experience and exposure tells a different reality and truth since one of the methods by which knowledge is gained thru experience one faces in life.

Accordingly, before one derives what the basic needs of human reality is, one should at first address what is the human reality by itself and if the human reality is only the physical one and aspect, the above claims are correct, but as the nature of human reality are diverse, such conceptual address on basic needs should also be diverse as per the context and nature of the human reality. And the other given factor is that everything changes and the human needs too as time goes by since change is one of the fundamental and basic aspect of life in this world.

In such manner, one could say in here as addressed by the general convention in many divers write ups and conclusion, human reality has at least four natures, such as physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects in which the basic and other human needs should be perceived as per the context and nature of such realities so that what people claim, healthy human being and reality should be perceived from such perspectives and point of view otherwise the way people look and address with one perspective and neglecting the other one would make people conceptual and understanding of the human  reality and needs handicapped.

And one also should further consider on what drive the human needs since most people’s needs are dictated by the amount of income they generate, but needs are derived by personal exposures and peoples’ understandings and perception of life. One cannot be dictated by the amount of income one receives or generates, but one can mange one’s need as per the income one generates. These two things are very separate and different. Needs are not generated by income, but they are mange by income.

Human needs are generated by thinking intensity and level and the amount of freedom they have in life in addition to their given personal experience and exposures of life they come up with their given give personal experiences and exposures in life. Based on peoples’ perception and understanding they have in life, they generate their own needs accordingly and hence one person’s need is quite different from the other even if they have same amount of income, but due to needs factors which make them distinct, people differ accordingly.

The basic need of one society differs from the other, not only of the economic factor, but also their given psychological and thinking aspect in which thinking has an impact on economy and economy has also its own effect on people psychological make-up. Thus, the basic human need in the developed nations is quite different from the basic human need in those developing or poor nations since peoples’ need is mostly dictated not only by the economy factor but also emotional and intellectual aspects too.

Everything in this world is interconnected and interrelated with one or the other way, but the point is to sort out how they are interconnected and what makes them interrelated since such basic and fundamental knowledge helps to figure out, handle and manage many things in their proper way so that people or society can come up with better perspective on how to articulate and approach life in healthy and nice way.

The basic need of one person could also be different from the basic needs of the other person within one given society as one goes further since thinking, personal exposures and experience in life, economy, and other psycho and intellectual make up of the person matter as to the derivation of such basic needs. Societies come up with such kind of generalization, since economy and politics are the governing factors as whole, and they can derive certain touchstone as per the context, nature and character rof their given society at large.

This does not mean the every single member of society should live by that touchstone and benchmark, but rather every citizen has the right and freedom to come up with one’s own basin needs so that people can measure their level of life as to their given standards and marginalize way of life. Hence, everyone is free to come up with one’s own basic needs I one’s own and fashion and everyone has the right to live with that given way of life as far as that given standard is useful and helpful and make people to achieve something in their given process of life and undertaking.

The Religious Mindset—Aspect I

April 19, 2016

Most of the things in this world are created by the emanation of the human mind’s creative inspiration and thinking. Every greatness and honor in this world is a reflection of such given deliberations by the undertaking one performs in one’s given life time. Those causes that become praiseworthy, noteworthy and noble purposed missions will afterwards leave their own legacy and they have their own respective people who promulgate and protect such given claim since they deserve to be promoted and preserved. Hence, people carry forward such given righteous causes and pass them to next generations and to centuries and ages yet to come. This is indeed one of the properties of life in this world.

Religion is a way of life, a collective worship by like-minded people and a social system which is created by the claims respective founders assert in which such founders do state that they assume personally declared authority and power in relation to the connection they have established with the power of divinity, the absolute power, which they call and know as God. Due to its unknowable nature and essence, God, misunderstanding and misinterpretation and misrepresentation of such given aspect is obvious and there is a vacuum and spaces which such limited knowledge of the absolute create, and few people have come up with their own imaginative and speculative understanding on the perception of such reality and many people belong, follow, think and believe in way such few people claim and dictate.

People pursue and be part and parcel of different kinds of ideological programs due to the fact that they have a nature that insist them to belong to particular group for stalking some kind of public or group identity so as to make their given life path and pattern complete and meaningful, in world where most people like to be followers than leaders, and they come up with certain perspectives in order to fill the kind of vacuum they have in life, solve their challenges and overcome tests they face in life. Hence, people become religious since it is useful and important; people become scientific in order to solve problems and challenges they face in organized and systematic manner; people become philosophical so as to derive different perspective and way of life; people become political since it is one of the governing ideological ways of life in managing their given life.

Whatever philosophical or ideological views people think and believe in, when people become religious, whoever they are, they have in most cases something in common which they share and practice and reflect in their given life as general characteristics in which one could find—based on one’s personal observation and personal experience in life—such behaviors and patterns of life as they share similar way of life, no matter variance and differences they have in their given claims they do, since they are religious, they share something in common, in terms of thinking and behaviors, personally and collectively too.

Consequently, such few people have come up with certain given social system which incorporate various people with diverse background and they try to deliver views in organized way so as to make their individual and collective worship, and process of life to focus on common and similar direction and pivot point. Hence, such given undertaking stays for longer periods and years  and for centuries and ages, people follow one generation by generation since they like to be part and parcel of such process and they share their values, beliefs, thinking and other given aspects of their life.

Accordingly, based on one’s personal exposure of life, this observation is mostly reflected by adherents or the systems of administration. Administrators come with different kinds of rule and regulations with their given domain since they are responsible in administering and managing the affairs of what is going on within their given domain and such process and practice is mostly reflected in both the system and adherents in common as their given style, pattern and identity of the system of belief since such aspects do exist in such ways of life.

  1. Blame Others on their Failures

When their given adherents or followers shun way from the doctrine or domain which they respectively belong, even if they have found out that they have failures or something irregularities that make such people to be far way from such doctrine or domain, they assume that such people have failed due to their own given shortcoming than they accept their legitimate opinion or view they have in relation to the misadministration or corruption they have faced in that given group or domain. They prefer to justify the resignation of their members from their given domain, as if it is the faults and failures of such people than the maladministration or failures which they experience and have within their given undertakings.

  1. Ambition to be Perfectionist

It is good to desire for perfection but such given claim should be realistic and practical. They assume that they have faultless way or path to God and what they practice and adhere is absolute and perfect, but they sometimes think that life in this world is relative and subjective as they change from time to time in terms of their given administrative functions, structures and activities which they come due to the evolving human needs. Things change from time to time, they make certain changes in their administration and functioning and they claim such changes are reflections and manifestation of the perfectionist claim they do. Though it is very hard to be perfect while living in an imperfect world, being better than others in one aspect or getting some kind of progress from their yesteryear as they assume is way of manifesting their perfectionist claim. They forget, God stops becoming real God as it is knowable by others.

  1. Schism and Protectionism

Every religion has its own sects that is created out of certain deviations or misinterpretations or misunderstanding that come afterwards and hence, whatever few numbers or large numbers every sect contains, schism is the becoming nature and characteristics of every religion which arise in terms of understanding and interpretations of the claims every given form of religion and opposing and antagonistic understanding and interpretations of the claims every given religion do in translating its claims, doctrines and principles. Due to existence of such sects and factions created within any given domain, the idea of friend and enemy is mostly common in every group, and they focus more on the agenda of protectionism and they use various means to protect their given claim and every group focuses more on protectionist way of life than propagation though they try to propagate as means for their protectionism, and they spend their resources, time and energy to protect their given claim.

  1. Legalized Thinking

They feel and think that they are safe since they are living in accordance with the law of their given religious belief dictate and tell. The feeling of salvation and security is derived out of adhering to the laws of their given religious doctrines and laws. They adhere to rules and practice than they a first check the usefulness or dangers of what they practice as they give priority to obedience to rules and regulations than they prefer or identify the usefulness and harmfulness of what they are asked to do.

For example, they do not drink alcohol, smoke or take cigars or drugs since they are asked not to do so, than verifying the usefulness or danger of what they practice comes that comes later, in which they use for justifying to their given claim. They think that they are special, they could show off on other people who practice such things as if they are practicing something like the end of the world thing since they might not be aware that such simple practice s possible without following any religious doctrine which they assume that it is the sign of integrity of one’s life.

  1. Labeling or Categorization

They have cadres or few core people who promulgate and protect their given claims which they consider them as special or chosen ones in which such people are the ones who attend or represent them in all types of conferences on behalf of the system or society which they participate since they talk about what they know and they do not know, but they present their given claims in way presentable manner to others with the prime intention of convincing other people as per the nature and character of audience which they face. These people are the ones who invent all kinds of analogies, theories, philosophies, hypothesis that favor and merit their given claims and perspectives.

To the contrary, anyone who comes with different mindset, within and outside their give domain is subjected to certain kind of categorization and labeling to certain group of people which they do not even have a clue which they do not like and they put such people under suspicious eye since they assume that they are dangerous or difficult people to socialize and interact due to the fact they have different views and perceptions than what they think and they claim. Hence, they have different or negative eyes for such kinds of people who think in different way and perspective than theirs perspectives.

  1. Shifting or Deviations in Claims

They do not like or they hate all kinds of challenges which shake the fundamentals of their belief or thinking. They could have some irregularities in their given claims or in any kind of failed predictions or any given prophecies which they have already contained in their given books, as such kinds of issues are raised by others time and again, they hate such views and those who carry such views since such kinds or aspects do shake or put to questions the fundamentals of their give undertakings due to the fact they know they have failures, but they do not want to talk about such failures, but they shift their movement to different direction, by creating agenda or attention diverting claims and issues both within and outside their give domain. They change their jargons, perspectives and other processes which they undertake from time to time, and by doing so, they check the integrity of their given respective followers accordingly.


  1. Avoiding Questions or Investigations

They do not like individuals who question especially pin point their given failures and mistakes they commit in their given process of undertakings, since they think that such individuals who question lack faith and integrity in the practice and belief they commonly practice as they think that faith is the corner stone of the fundamentals of belief, but reason could poison such faith and do not agree with faith as questions arise time and again.

In this case, such individuals are seen with suspicious eyes and adherents of any given belief or domain are asked to refrain from having any kinds of contacts and interactions with such kinds of people of such types of inquisitive personality as they think that such kinds of personality is contagious and many people could be infected with such kind of inquisitive minds that put the fundamentals or the survival and existence of their belief system under threat or jeopardy. They claim, they try to be open-minded, but they still live with marginalized thinking and belief, in fact, they are closed for many things and they practice everything based on boundaries and limits they set.

  1. Apocalyptic Views of Life

They presume that there is only one way to God, which they only follow and practice, otherwise people cannot think and live outside the claim they do and think and believe. They think like a fish in the fish bowl since spiritual life which they claim can be gained while they practice rituals and doctrines of religion which they adhere and they in cases confuse being spiritual with being religious. They follow the teachings of their given books that have apocalyptic views of life in this world and they relate and connect any significant happening, especially strange happenings, with the apocalyptic perceptions and understanding which they are taught in their given religious dogmas.

  1. Paternalistic Attitudes Towards Answer

They think that fundamental questions in cases all questions humanity could raise in terms of the mysterious life, about metaphysical worlds and life, and other aspects of the human side and life are answered in their books. They have developed while answering paternalistic attitude towards the questions many people raise. When they are asked, questions which they do not even have answers, they prefer to have escaping mechanism such as mystery of God, miracles of God can do and other magical way of defending such challenging type questions that many people raise that cannot go in conformity with the rational mind, that seeks views that quench thirsts such people have since they ask questions based on what they see, observe, comprehend and understand on the objective plane of existence. And they do not have adequate answers that satisfy people quests but they prefer to question the integrity of the seeker, and close such chapter, by their own given remarks, we have limited understanding and we cannot perceive such and other many things.

  1. The God Dilemma and Paradox

They all claim that God is unknowable and cannot be reachable by anyone, but, in another aspect, they also claim that God can be known and reachable when people follow and practice the teachings of God taught in their given religious books as proclaimed by those personages which they think and believe that they are vicegerent of God. They all build mansions and beautiful buildings in order to accommodate such views and glorify their God, in way their perception, interpretations and understanding dictate and they try to deliver and portray the image of God as per the context of architectural and attractive building complexes which they construct in everywhere.

Every religion has its own God and they define God as per what they like and want than it should since such perception is mainly derived out of certain conventions any congregations agree and would like to come up and people follow such God in way their doctrine dictate. They give all kinds of names and attributes which they like and understand they define God as per the context of their given understanding and interpretation of such reality, which is till paradox to date and unresolved mystery in arriving at concrete knowledge of God. They all claim, God is unknowable that they share in common.


Old to New Self

April 18, 2016

They say, in order to make yourself, it is necessary and essential to destroy yourself. This is one of the astonishing and fascinating remarks in which in order to come up with better self, one should remove such old self since it is not possible to come up with different and new yourself by just following and being like the old self. Creating and inventing oneself originally starts by destroying the old self.

When people like to create and invent new identity and reality, they should at first cleanly know what kind of self they are trying to come up, and how they should come up with that given new self. Once such process and objective is clearly visualized in their given reality, the next process will be moving on to the process of transforming and changing oneself into new oneself.

Here, there are two alternatives. The first one is to remove the old self and create new one. The second is to add certain ingredients to the old self and come up with the new ones. This depends on how the space and gap that exist between the old self and the desired and visualized one new self as there is much gap between both, it is better to remove the old self and come up with the new ones as there is the gap and space between the old self and desired new self is small, one just add few elements of life to and create the new one.

For example, when one belongs to certain given social dynamics, which is bit communal and social network is stronger, to have one’s own privacy will be joke or chimera. In this case, in order to come up with one’s privacy and have new way of thinking, one should have one’s own schedule and framework on one’s interaction with other people in way that one’s privacy can be nicely protected and preserved.

The first thing one should do is to avoid such social interaction that comes  unprecedented and without plans and schedule and such way of life has its own risk since stigmatization could follow by the society as one tries to be organized and programmed. In this case, such stigmatizations of society do create to such kinds of people to have much time left undone and utilized. In this case, such space and availability of time should be used for another productive purpose since such space do allow people to contemplate on what can be done with such amount of time left unused.

Creativity and innovation should be the end result of such contemplation since none can do have control over the practice and use of one’s mind so as to come up with something in this world. Every negative resistance is an opportunity to do and come up with something positive and useful. Every threat could give birth to an opportunity for something. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction as science claims too.

In such process of life, new visions and directions are borne which can serve as means to do something, not only to one person, but also to millions of people who lack directions and perspectives. All great thinkers of the world faced oppositions and resistance from societies which they respectively belong and such resistance do make them stigmatized as they are stigmatized, they get enough time and space to do something in the world. They know how to use such gap—time and space—which such threat they receive from societies have created, they use for something constructive and profound purposes. Hence, they are thinkers and they are indeed great people.

Visions and directions are borne two times in which the first one is within the human mind and the second one is what they are objectively translated since there are certain deviations on what one has originally perceived in one’s mind, there are certain matters that do not even come as they are  and different versions do come due to the fact that there are obstacles and hindrances that visit everyone’s life in due course of time, and people should be flexible and they adjust such goals in way the existing world conditions dictate and govern.

This mindset make such people more systematic and wise as they are not rigid and no fundamentalism can take place in such peoples’ minds as they are adaptive to circumstances of life as time goes by. In this case, harmony and reconciliation will take place than conflict and contradiction. Nothing in this world is going on in precise manner as foretold by any given prophets or sages in the past or any give claim anyone has in this world to date since deviation si one of the normal and becoming nature of this world. If that was the case, everyone in this world will be like letters on the computer keyboards.

When people try to come up with new mindset and perspective in life, they pass difficulties from all walks of life, and such strong and fierce oppositions are helpful ingredients to the new self which they are going to create for themselves. This new self is real self since it passes all kinds of challenges and obstacles. Here, the new self declarers that it creates oneself by destroying the old self in one’s own way. And society in here has contributed negatively, in creating the new self, though positive outcome is achieved and gained.

People can change from old self to new self both vertically and horizontally except on what nature dictate and govern such as people cannot grow in height vertically as they reach to certain age level in physical. The rest is possible as far as they are ready and want to change. The drive goes to most part to their inward reality and motto of life too.

Regret—Opportunities or Threats!?

April 14, 2016

Experts define regret as it is a negative cognitive emotional state that involves blaming ourselves for a bad outcome, feeling a sense of loss or sorrow at what might have been or wishing we could undo a previous choice that we made. For people, regret, although painful to experience, can be a helpful emotion. The pain of regret can result in refocusing and taking corrective action or pursuing a new path. However, the less opportunity one has to change the situation, the more likely it is that regret can turn into rumination and chronic stress that damages mind and body.

People regret for two major and fundamental reasons. The first one is, they regret since they could have made or selected better options and choices in life than the one which they have failed or made a mistake on; the second one is, better opportunities were given in their life, but they have failed to exploit and make use of such give opportunities at hand. The first one is an assumption or hypothetical; the second one is an actual failure. In both aspects and scenarios of life, sense and thinking of regrets is borne.

When people receive offense from other people in relation to their given personality such as they could be insulted that they are bad people, liars and the like, which could provoke bad reaction in peoples’ lives in which such action and reactions of such kind of personal transactions do rouse people to be in bad shape or force them to make bad choices in life. However, whatever bad or worse offense come from other people, people still have a choice to take or be better person no matter how strong pressure they face from others. While they make bad choice in life, they could regret since they could have taken other better alternates.

Regrets are part of peoples’ daily live and undertakings. What could vary is that the intensity of regrets which people face in which the guilt which is natural part of one’s reality responds to such acts that lead to consequential regrets which people experience in life. In fact, people should enjoy on their failures with regrets so that tomorrow is another day with its own blessings and graces, as they say, there is still time for courtesy in which they can do much better things in life and there are much more things left to be done.

Living without regrets is not always so easy. People regret for missed opportunities. People regret on things that made feel dumb. People regret not telling someone people loved more before they died. People regret not spending their time more wisely, accomplishing more. People regret for not forming better habits, eating too many sweets, not writing the novel people always wanted to write, not reading all the books people planned to read. People regret getting into bad relationships, or making mistakes in a past relationship.

What is the root cause for peoples’ regret? Is it because of failures that have caused by ignorance or non-intentional basis and cases or is it because of failure of deliberate and intentional moves they have made on something or someone, taking risks of failure, but in due course of time the nature of such wrong doings make them feel something they do not like to feel about, and cause them to have regrets, as reflection of sense of guilt which they are naturally bestowed by life?

Can people escape regrets as they do any wrong in life or on other people? Can they trick such natural reality which they have been bestowed by life? Is it possible to compensate with other goods which they want to offer on anything bad or damage they inflict on other people? Is the tit for tat approach a good idea to remove sense of regrets or confession which is rightful thing to do? If they do not confess—such failures or mistakes they commit on other people—at least to their own mind and reality, how could such people admit their failures or sense of regrets should follow afterwards?

When people live to their own, admit their failures and mistakes as they are wrong and mistake at least they should tell to their own before they go to other people and such idea of confessing to themselves, not to priests, or any other person or institution which they might go, but telling such failures to their own should make them more human than pretending themselves as if nothing happened and they continue their life without admitting their own sheet, which make them more selfish and look them bad.

After admitting such failures and they feel something awkward to sense of guilt which is built within everyone’s reality, people should start enjoy life since there is much more time left to do good and better things in life and they can do more on the alternatives which they should presume in life, as if I did this or that, on the times remaining, they can be alert and they can still make good choices and they can choose good aspects of life since it is the mindset that is the most important thing and matter .

People are not actually always good, and in fact peoples’ identity can encompass a whole range; people are sometimes good, sometimes not, and sometimes somewhere in between. People make mistakes, people do good things, people care, people are selfish, people are honest, people sometimes are not honest. People are all of it, and so making a bad choice is not in conflict with that more flexible and realistic self-identity. It is part of life. So this happens and people keep going and live another cycle of life.

People regret on these bad or wrong choices they have made in past that cue for their given failures in life, which are in the past and cannot be changed, because people compare them to an ideal path that they think they should have made. People have an idea in their heads of what could have been, if only a different choice had been made. The problem is that they cannot change those choices. Hence, they keep comparing the unchangeable choice they actually made, to this ideal, It can’t be changed, and it will never be as good as the ideal. The unchangeable choice they made will always be worse. It spins around and around in their heads.

Experts also advice that regret is a negative emotion that may be adaptive if it motivates action to learn from mistakes and become a smarter or better person. However, getting stuck in regret where there is nothing that can be done to change the situation can be damaging to mind and body.  For the elderly, the developmental task may be to learn to live with and accept the life they have had, focusing on the positive aspects and forgiving themselves both for mistakes made and opportunities not taken. Feeling that one has done the best one can, given the circumstances and letting go of regret can lead to self-compassion and peace.

The Other Side of Forgiveness

April 13, 2016

Love sometimes conspires with envy and jealousy and kills and hurts many innocent people. This is one of the human dramas of life. In such instance of life, forgiveness will not be a solution but justice shall be done. When people forgive others, such forgiveness does not include forgetting everything or doing and making things as was before, pretending as if nothing happened before, which sounds foolish, but it should add certain aspects such as tact and wisdom should be a necessity due to the fact that such harm may not come again for the second time.

Wise people learn from others mistake and failures, but others learn from the injury and damage they have received in life. Hence, people differ from people on how they understand, observe and imagine life in which as people hear, see, understand, sense, face and feel such experiences of life, they learn something in life. People take great lesson from experiences and such experiences are precious lessons which they gain from life.

In terms of monetary values, few people learn by life costing them millions and billions of dollar where as others learn by only few coins or penny. This depends on the magnitude of circumstance which they face and experience in life. Both are lessons, but the amount and intensity of pain could be different and what could vary in here is the magnitude of the pain which could be resembled or tantamount to the degree of the magnitude of earth quakes that hit any given city in which the stronger the magnitude, the heavy and worst destruction it comes about, as the lesser the magnitude is the lesser destruction.

However, in both scenarios and cases of life, reconstruction is quite possible. In fact, things could be redesigned with better and best architectural designs in way that things could look nicer and better and at the end of the completion of reconstruction and erection of new and beautiful buildings, people could exclaim, though bad and sad the destruction is, they could be grateful since they have newer and better ones. Life is like that.

It is good to make no mistake and no fail, but if it happens, it is better and wiser to admit and work on failures and mistakes than resist and reject one’s failure and mistakes in life. In this case, life becomes more tasteful and meaningful as people admit their failures and mistakes. People should not commit suicide for their given failures and mistakes, since to err is very human and they should work harder on their failures so that tomorrow will be nicer and better.

This is very contextual and subjective element of life that anyone should perform in one’s way and methods people employ in their life, but the point is good shall happen to everyone and journey they make since none can dictate anyone in such aspect of life. Life should be simple.

There is space that exist between forgiving and forgetting in which when people are forgiving, they should not be an expectation that relationship and communication between people will be the same as was in past by forgetting wrongs and bad that happen between people. To expect things to be like that is funny, but to understand the gap that arise due to such circumstances of life is being clever. What could be important is forgiveness, people at least will not fire and pinpoint bullets and guns on others since they do not want to go that far for revenge, but they forgive.

They remove the bad measure which they intend to take on others as they forgive others. Forgiveness is come and borne since there is bad thing between two parties, in which one party is wrong doer and the other party is wrong recipient. Forgiveness is a realty that goes in the hand of wrong recipient in which such recipient becomes forgiving, one tolerates and forbears the bad that happen on oneself from others, and continue one’s journey of life without taking any revenge thinking and action. This is what it means by being forgiving mean to one’s give understanding.

One keeps going taking one’s path of life in one’s own way without considering oneself as victim and one takes one’s own direction without thinking other wrong actions as par of one’s future life since one kill such history and opens new chapter of life in one’s way. Going back to past way of life and forgetting everything is impossible since forgiveness is not about forgetting, and such way of life could invoke such people to go for revenge in their own way since as they get into past way of life under the cover of forgiveness, such aspect could trigger anger again and things could be falling apart.

The safe and secure way of life to such kinds of people is to be at far distant from past wrong doers, and open up new gates of way of life so that life do mean different with better meaning and new flavor otherwise going back to previous way of life and mingle with past wrong doers sound adding fuel to the fire and belong to same sheet circle of vicious circle of crisis which could not make things better, but take even to worse as per the context of one’s given understanding and context of life dictate.

Life is about governing and practicing freewill and as people impose such way of life on others, things could go wrong and unexpected since life has interesting color as people do and practice things on voluntarily basis than being dictated by force and power. And it is possible to forgive others and past wrong doers, but it is not an idea one buys to mingle and be with such people and play cheap games since such way of life is rubbish drama and garbage game such people play on others. One definitely knows what should one do think and do in life and one does not need any help from others in this regard.