Diversifying Philosophy

March 31, 2016

Diversifying the demography of philosophy will bring with more diversity in obtaining deeper and better philosophical understanding and interpretation of life that do add certain perspective and value on the existing way of life which society is undertaking, so that life to any given society will be life of consciousness and rational that augment peoples keen desire for life and people can live with knowing things than ignorance.

When people enter into city and valley of philosophy, they add certain quality and flavor to the way of life they possess since one of the common ideas that exist in the world of philosophy is asking on how we should live our life, on the methods and approaches, critically seeing things in clear manner and way, it is not just living a life of having food, wearing nice clothes and talking about what is on the face value on things that happen in peoples surrounding.

This means that when people are philosophical, they go far beyond the ordinary, but they do not enter into the city of delusion and illusion. They live in the between worlds of reality and imagination in which going far beyond the regular routine and the ordinary should not lead and be confuse with entering the city of imaginary  illusions. There is a thin line that exists between creativity and madness as in the case of the art, as there is a thin line between going far beyond the ordinary and living in state of delusion.

Hence, philosophy encourages on the investigation of questions on how people should lead and live their lives and such way of thinking do add certain quality of life to the existing ones since in such area of the valley of quest, it is clearly understood that an eye is an eye, not an ear, but the quest lies on how far an eye can go forward, not on how eye become an ear or on how to convert an eye to an ear or a nose since such part of quest is already answered by nature and life and there is no need to waste one’s time and energy in this regard.

One of the failures of philosophy is that it is not experimental in which such new and different ideas are not investigated further in the laboratory due to the controversial aspect of the concepts and lack of adequate tools in the laboratory too, in which ideas are released without experimentation and further processing hence it become subject and fields of controversy due to the fact that nature of the field dwells in unraveling secrets of the unknown and mysteries of life and people do try to research in the process of life as few could succeed and others could fail as such ides and thoughts contain in any given philosophical ideology is practically experimented. Why?

One of the reasons is that most philosophical thoughts could come and raise an issue that are contrary to what many people believe and think true and they face high resistance. Though the faith and belief of the most is not even practically tested and experimented, since it is assumptions that are considered as fact and most are accustomed to particular way of life and system of thought, people are by exposure change resistant and any new and different idea always provoke them.

In this case, such philosophers face tremendous opposition which does not give a chance for the experimentation and further processing of such new ideas, to the extent, the authors of such ideas could be removed from life. This is what lack of knowledge and understanding causes in which the ignorance and arrogance of the mass results due to the nature of the field as it tries to unravel mysteries of life in the metaphysical world. Any idea has every right to be translated as practical by the very nature of being an idea.

All ideologies and thoughts that are practically translated in today and are accepted by most people as being part and parcel of today’s everyone’s life is by two major reasons. The first one is they make sense and they are plausible to everyone. The second one is they are liked by many or people are accustomed to such ideas thru the process of life since they create kind of comfort zone to the mass and to the social environment.

The first case is crystal clear and if any idea is true and correct, it should live forever since it is torching light to bring many other lights and truths to life and this is need commendable. However, in relation to those ideas and thoughts which are practically translated but they do sound illogical and subject of controversy, but they just create some kind of comfort zone to the mass, should be replaced and adjusted by other truthful, logical and plausible ideas and they should be translated with their give correct version. In this case, this world seeks tinkers that correct such practices and beliefs and fake ideologies and their given interpretations.

Such vacuum should be filled with courageous thinkers and brave philosophers who come up with new and different perspectives and thinking, which help this world to look nicer and better. In such given undertaking, such thinkers should be appreciate and respected than be cursed and blamed since they are the eyes and ears of the world, they see and hear far beyond the ordinary and the regular routines of life  due to the natural gift they are bestowed by nature and life. They pave a way of life useful, helpful and essential to the benefit of the world at large.

Every society has such gaps and vacuums in its own undertaking and such vacuums are detected by such few thinkers who see things in critical and clear manner and they address their give society in way they feel and think appropriate. The maturity and greatness of any given society is measured on how they respond to such thinkers since they are not doing such undertaking to satisfy their own selfish interest and desire, but sense of accountability and responsibility they have for life and to the benefit of the mass and well being of society at large.


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