The Legitimacy of Suspicion

March 29, 2016

Suspicion is defined as imagination of anything to be the case or to be likely; a vague notion of something that is possible or likely or true. Can anyone be blamed or considered as mentally ill if one is surrounded by enemies who want to destroy one’s fate in their given tricky plots which they perform at any given place at any time and by anyone? Where is the wrong of being suspicious about people in world trick and trickeries are manipulating this world?

Suspicion is legitimate way of life, thinking and feeling when such given state of being is caused by those bad people who want to attack and destroy one’s life since they could use everything and every means in order to take advantage of their own benefit and they want to achieve their given goal by ruining other peoples’ lives and achievements. In such realm, it is good to take al necessary precautions and taking such important and essential precautious should not be considered as something else.

Accordingly, there are two types of suspicions, the first one is useful and essential suspicion, which helps people to protect and prevent themselves from those people who want to go against their plan and goals in life, which in other words are known as enemies. The second one is non essential and unnecessary suspicion which could be created by false mental images and thinking and such kinds of suspicion could be considered as delusions or what they call hallucination.

Both conditions and state of beings are objectively existing in peoples’ lives which vary as per their given personal experience and exposures in life in which their given goal and objective in life plan is the most important aspect of such given aspect of life. And hence people could face one of the two conditions based on the type of undertaking they undergo in life, in which the task they carry out is mainly the contributing factor in which the former one is occurred in people lives as they carry out important functions in life, which could affect other peoples activities, but the later one visit peoples lives as bad state of being happens in their given life.

The first one is a truthful state of being which make people to be alert in what is going on their given life and on the surrounding environment, but the later one is false and fictitious images and conditions of life, which is indeed non-existent. In the first scenario of life, it is what the nature of the task that the individual performs and function, which is the most important aspect of such life where as in the second condition, what make that given individual thinks and feels to be in that given state of being which is the major aspect since if one feels and be in such state of being without having important functions, other people could raise certain issue in relation to such given thinking and feeling as to why such a person feels and think that way.

For example, when a person carries out an activity related to investigative journalism, it is foolish and unwise to trust anyone, even one’s family member, but it is being smart to be suspicious of everyone who are in one’s around in way that any give information one receive is true or false, any give person come to hug or attack oneself.. Being suspicion in here means in both good and bad way since what people consider as bad could be found as useful and essential and the vice versa is also true. Being suspicion does not mean taking everything to negative and bad, but also quite to the contrary can also happen depending on the circumstance one faces.

Quite to the contrary, when a daily laborer is suspicion of the prime minster of any given country in way that the prime minister will draft a law in order to attack my life and destiny, this is quite a delusion since any given prime minster cannot focus on what any given daily laborer does think and feel and such kinds of thinking and feelings are mental delusions of the person. There are quite certain aspects that should be figured out in relation to what a daily laborer thinks with such aspect and if that person thinks about a heavy truck driver, it could be plausible too.

The nature of function matters to put such thinking under delusive drama even if the person carries out such kinds of jobs that could put under threats, too much thinking on the subject matter creates stresses that could lead to creation of deceptive mental images and thinking within that given person such as the investigative journalist could be found in such state of hallucination, to the extent that the bed one sleeps on could be found as enemy as many doubts and suspicions are going on. The point is keeping the balance and differentiating and sorting out what could be considered as threat and what could be considered as means or opportunity to perform one’s given undertaking in one’s own accent and way.

In such scenario of life, this is the world of everyone should not be trusted in which such thinking and way of life has something to deliver since the nature and the becoming nature of this world makes people to be put under such given scenario of life as the book of Desiderata stated long time ago, this is the world of trickery, and in such world of trickery, to be suspicious has more value to offer in ode to achieve in ones way than to trust everyone since besides every outwardly and seemly good act there could be found bad intent and drama of humans, which people should take care of.

In such scenario of life, one chooses the middle way since one wants to walk alone with precautions so that one can achieve one’s own goal in one’s own way and fashion due to the fact that one does not require having company in one’s home, and such life needs everyone too. One lives in both world of people and no people as situations and mood dictates one’s life too.


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