Cutting throat or hugging Shoulder!?

March 24, 2016

What can you say to a man who tells you he prefers obeying God rather than men, and that as a result he is certain he will go to heaven if he cuts your throat?” Voltaire. This is one of the challenging understanding of the concept of God which everyone finds on the earth in which the idea of God is confused in relation to the belief and faith they have develop with imaginary realms than what can be seen and touched.

When any given understanding is derived in relation to what is objectively and practically translated on the physical earth, life has its own great meaning otherwise such contradiction and conflict in terms of perceiving and interpreting such realities of life do put this world in chaos and confusion as result of such illusory understanding and perception of God, which cannot be known by any being in descriptive manner.

What is God? Who is God? Where is God? Why do we need God?  Is God something that can only be raveled to one culture or society in way they like and want to be described and revealed Do we need the idea of God for conflict and contradiction or love and harmony? Which one describes and reveals God in honorable and profound manner? Does cutting throats of other people honor or degrade the idea and station of God? Cannot we change such idea of cutting throat to hugging peoples shoulder as one idea of God?

There are many inquires many people raise and are making since such subtle and difficult issue are becoming the cause of conflict and contradiction. Such given conflict and contradiction cannot be resolved by formulating and establishing another religion with another perspective, which do add another confusion and contradiction, but raising tolerance and understanding between existing ones thru two potent forces of this world.

The first one is by the power of education and the second one is by the power of rule of law and justice. Every religion has its own responsibility and accountability in raising awareness and educating their respective adherents so that love and peace, tolerance and forbearance should settle amongst the world and mankind. When such failure comes to place, ever nation and government is also accountable and responsible to secure justice and security within its own domain since one of the job description of any government is not only to make society and citizens happy and smiling face but also to interfere in conflicting and contradicting cases and issues between societies and secure peace and tranquility within its domain. This is how the world functions!!

In matters pertaining to God in which God has no specified territory, citizenship, culture, race, color, sex, age, nationality, profession, ethnicity, nation, and so on listing, it is indeed difficult to claim ownership, responsibility and accountability due to the fact that such given idea of claiming any given authority and power in connection with the idea of God is tantamount to one of the blasphemous act due to the fact such given idea and concept is not only controversial but also a matter of life and death thing that could end many people and society to bloodshed and unnecessary conflict and contradiction.

Most people and societies want to reflect and their given responsibility and accountability to God, not by performing the right things to do within their life and in their life, but thru pointing fingers on others, blaming other people and societies which is one of the becoming characteristics of society and people. Most people want to show their given loyalty to system which they advocate not by manifesting the right virtues and thinking within lives, but by fighting and making others wrong and bad people. This is one of the becoming and normal human drama that is going on this world.

As quite interesting remark to mention on one of the famous Khlail Gibran quote, God says, love your enemies and then I loved myself, which is a witty remark in which such given idea originates from the idea of that ego or self is the enemy of any being in which, such self is the enemy of any being and if God says love your enemies, there is no way that one could go first to one’s neighborhood, who could be an enemy, if any, but the enemy that exist within that should be love at first. This means, that selfishness and self centered approaches will be on stage as this is one of the practical dramas operating within the human society on stage.

The point in here is that most people and societies are self centered and they want to show their degree of sacrifice and love to the claims they make to God, by respecting and listening to their given ego and ambition than what the real and truthful reality of God could deliver. By agreement, God is universal reality and unknowable essence and such unknown-ability is found described and stated in knowable manner since life in relation to such given aspect and matter is matter of and about convention.

Agreement cannot comply to the truth even if such agreement is made between the whole population of the entire world, this does not mean that they are correct and truthful to due to the controversial subject and nature and complex aspect of the reality of God. Human agreement is not warranty to remove universal truths and for instance, by such give general agreement such as  the ray and light of sun cannot be removed, but people have the right and choice to carry an umbrella and be in shed,  or use the power of electricity invented by Thomas Edison. This does not mean that the universal reality will be removed and cannot bring light to the world.

Whatever derivation and interpretation people and society deliver, an entity called God, cannot be defined and known by general assumption and convention and what any give people and society can have is what is in their given palm than what that given universal reality should deliver, assuming such unknown reality become knowable, its unknown-abilty will be in question and it will be no more unknowable in due course of time. Can this happen, one does not eve think so!!


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