The Numbers of Happiness!?

March 22, 2016

One of the interesting aspects of human life going on stage at this point of time in this given world is an approach currently employed in which happiness become a reality that comes by establishing institution of happiness in which a certain given process of life is considered as goal, certain societies are trying to come up with laws and policies on how to become happy or create happy society. The idea and conceptual thinking is good, but its practicality sounds vague since happiness is process of life that comes as result of doing many good things in life than people seek to achieve it.

The drive to measure happiness in scientific manner sounds a good try, but this sounds that such way and method of measuring happiness in terms of any give individual or society level require its own mysterious mindset due to the fact that poor man or nation can have better level of happier state of being in life than rich man or society and such man could not be delivered any kind of social support from outside part, as those standards claim. When happiness comes in listing, it creates its own biases and prejudice due to reasons that those standards are done with intention of meriting certain segment of society.

It is good to plan to be happy, but happiness is reality that comes as result of thinking, feeling, behaving and doing something good, which has chains of actions and reactions of life. As result of thinking and doing good, people are encircled with all kinds of chaos and bad conditions of life, still there is much things to be done since it is not possible to be happy while one is encircles with all kinds of chaotic and bad conditions of life even if one is not in such condition, the suffering of other people should make others to share such pain and grief. Otherwise, life would be meaningless and life on this world will be life of self centered and ego oriented approach, people do not care about other people well being.

Such state of being and approach of life do lead many people to be self centered and they will be in state of thinking and feeling comfortable in way that if I am fine and the rest is in bad, such people tend to think that I do not care about others. How can people be happy while others are sad, and this makes the idea and concept of happiness is in vague terms and conditions? The happiness of any given individual and society can be measured on how far it contributes to the welfare and happiness of others, not on the amount of happiness one enjoys in one’s compound and home.

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Aristotle defines happiness depends on the cultivation of virtue.

According to Buddha, Happiness (sukkha) is that which can be borne with ease; suffering (dukkha) is that which cannot be borne with ease.” This is about as simple and direct a definition of happiness as you can come up with. Buddhist teaching says that what is not happiness, false happiness if you will, is the gratification of desires, because for one thing, desire is rooted in the delusion of the discrete self, and for another, this kind of gratification only leads to more desire. The more one wants the more one gets, and the more one gets the better one gets at wanting, and so we become stuck in a seemingly never-ending spiral of want-it, get-it, want-some-more, get-some-more, and so on.

When societies declare to the world at large that they are planning to be the happiest of all nations, this means that they are planning to have a high level of social capital—meaning as experts in the field claim that they have generalized trust, good governance, and mutual support by individuals within the society—are conducive to pro-social behavior. Some countries show evidence of high social capital, while others show the opposite: generalized distrust, pervasive corruption, and lawless behavior. Are such standards warranty to happiness and how?

According to news article published on CNN, What makes a country happy? Is it wealth, freedom or a trustworthy government? According to the latest World Happiness Report, compiled by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations, all these factors are key, and measuring happiness is fast becoming a good measure of social progress.

Six key factors were measured to establish a global ranking of the happiest countries;

  • GDP per capita,
  • social support,
  • healthy life expectancy,
  • freedom to make life choices,
  • generosity and
  • perceptions of corruption.

Only five African countries rank among the top 100, and eight of the last ten overall are in Sub-Saharan Africa, having ranked very low on some of the key factors that lead to happiness.

The United Arab Emirates is not leaving the cheerfulness of its citizens to chance, appointing its first minister of happiness. Ohood Al Roumi was sworn into the post this week, one of eight female ministers in the Persian Gulf nation’s 29-member Cabinet. According to the latest United Nations World Happiness Report, which measures everything from a nation’s generosity to its gross domestic product, the UAE is the 20th happiest country in the world.

Most claim that such way perception has more political approach, sentiments and understanding due to the complexity and controversial aspect of the subject matter of happiness in terms of any given individual life, societal and institutional aspect too. And the happiness and sadness of one person affects the other, and in such world, in world where many kinds of statistical data are delivered on the wrongs and bad of individuals and societies, it is premature to think of state of being of happiness though it could exist to some extent, but is not something that can be delivered for official consumptions.

The statistical data deliver on type wrongs of individuals and societies do indicate something that the world should work very and very hard to be in such state of happiness since statistical data in many human sectors and undertaking which society undergo tell many bad features and aspects of the world though there are good things too, but such good things are going on in way they cannot overshadow the bad such as health problems, economic challenge and stresses, political aspects and lack of freedom and justice society seeks,  and individuals face, and many other human drams on stage too.

It is good to be systematic and organized and arrange such aspects of life in scientific manner though the tools at hand are not adequate and sufficient enough to measure the reality of happiness since happiness is state of being that comes not only by holy water or magic or scientific arguments and methods, it requires other mysterious aspects of life due to the fact that happiness is one of the mysterious aspects and realities of life.



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