Prophetic or Coincidence

March 21, 2016

“The United States will come to talk to us when you have a black president and the world has a Latin American pope.”– Fidel Castro speaking to the international press in 1973. Most people are however wrong just as Castro was in his prediction. What we have is coincidence not prophesy.

Someone has not to be in church or mosque, or in state of fasting and praying in order to tell and know what is going to happen in the future in the world at large.. Anyone can have such given psych capacity since everyone is created as human and everyone is gifted of such given capacity. This is not a point and time where knowing future events can only be attributed to few individuals which other people try to deliver their own fake gesture of respect and recognition since time tells to everything.

We live quite in a time and century that when those highly articulated thinking and acts of mystified personalities are performed any given ordinary person who is walking on the earth in which this tells that this time is by high virtuous and exceptionally unique than other ages due to the fact that what has been assume as impossible are becoming possible, what has been assumed as unrealistic become realistic, not by magic or holy water, but by conscious efforts and hard works.

This is quite a phenomenon since the former Cuba president, Castro, making such historic speech at an international gathering, such wonderful and prophetic statement is happening true in today, as current US President Barack Obama visits Cuba at present day. This is not only politically historical but also a statement that make everyone to reflect on other aspect of the human life due to the fact that one does not have to be recognized as prophet in order to tell future happening but also a politician with insight who can deliver something prophetic unlike others who fail many times, forget about a statement to happen for decades, but they fail in two days after they speak.

Life is quite interesting since there is something unexpected in it due to reason of peoples expectation in which many people define certain things to happen in certain category or fashion which they have preconceived mindset. Such way of life is customary in everywhere since they assume that a prophet is someone who claim to have power from divinity, and what is quite fascinating in here is that there are certain field of studies that replace such knowing of the future events with the power of reason and the rational faculty as there are also other people of gifted insight  who come up with better understanding and perspective of life and the world at large without claiming such given and recognize station of the prophet hood.

When certain incidents hit on stage without and beyond our expectation, people tend to deny, even if the person make a prophetic prediction, people decline to recognize, they prefer to presume as coincidence. Such denial and shift from the reality is a reflection of the confusions that many people face in life in which their given political side is in conflict with what is happening on stage, they live in the between world of their emotions and along with objective reality in which their given emotional reality speaks contrary to what it is happening on the real world as truth. When any given truth is in contradiction with what people think and wish to happen, such people live in confusion and contradiction.

Such kinds of people live in state of denial and dilemma since they do not face reality and they prefer to hide within the cave they have built to shade themselves and they prefer to give their own analytical interpretation and understanding in order to convince their given state of denial in peaceful manner. When they have money, they continue making such kinds of plastic and political surgeries t their own mindset as their thinking and wish happen to be false, so that any given happening has objectively proven out as true that make their wish and dream to be fake and false too.

And they fabricate all kinds of analogy and interpretations that make them seem true and appealing to others since they prefer to be recognized as internationally accepted and recognize as legitimate that their given claim is truthful and realistic. Whatever interpretation and understanding is delivered, when a person makes predictive statement that comes true, it cannot be coincidence, but one feels and thinks that such statement has great meaning and understanding on life and a reflection of any given experience such person has undertaken in life, such statement happens to be mysterious reality and aspect of life.


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