Time Tells

March 19, 2016

Victor Hugo said, it is impossible to resist an idea whose time has come. This is one of the natural and inherent characteristics of life in this world. All the existing causes in this world to date have been originally resisted by the society leaders be it political or religious they were borne, but thru the process of time, such resistance and oppositions such causes face will contribute to their successes and they became evident since their given and matured time has come and no power can be equal to them. They grow and influence the whole world since their right time has come.

Why do such societies reject and resist such causes or  thinking which few individuals come up out of their given observation and imagination due to the fact that such individuals could come up with provoking but truthful and insightful ideas that can change how society should perceive life and this world at large? Why do such given societies incline to suspicion and negativity towards such few people who have come up with new and different insights though societies realize by their own that their practices and thinking are wrong, such few people are correct?

This is quite noteworthy to discuss such matter since the idea of rejecting and accepting any given thinking is related to the thinking level and maturity of society in which backward societies live with backward mentality and practice where as civilized societies live and practice with modern way of perceiving this world and the attitude and thinking such societies can have towards new and different thinking is reflection of the level of maturity they have reached to date even if various unseemly claims are  going on, their action speaks louder than their given thoughts and words too.

Accordingly, when new and different idea come, resistance is good and healthy sign to the growth of such ideas since it is with such opposition and rejection that such thinking get strength. When any given thinking passes such oppositions, then it passes its require tests and it will shine over the entire world; whereas when such thinking cannot pass such rejection and opposition it faces from society which it respectively belongs, it dies. Thus, it should pass certain amount of stresses and complication from such places of birth until it gets widespread to the whole world.

The first and major obstacles to such given aspect of the human life are leaders of religion and politics since thinking by its very nature has inherent connection with such given aspect of human life due to the fact that leaders of religion and politics assume power and authority in the world of thinking, especially to the society which they belong and dictate, and they also think that they are leading by thought, not by power as they assume that thought is power, but they sometimes forget that they govern society by the use of armaments. Such new and different ideas, also, naturally, inject fear and insecurity to such leaders and it makes them sleepless.

Next to them are respective the advocator of such religion and politics since such people want to reflect their loyalty to their given leaders and they do all kinds of bad things to the author of new and different thinking since such new and different thinking are golden opportunities for such people so as to show their faithfulness and obedience to their given leaders. The life of great thinkers of humanity are good and perfect examples for such type of occurrences.

Below such level, is the majority or the mass that reject such few people thinking even if society live with bored mentality and thinking, the mass does not want to accept new and different thinking in life for various reasons. The first reason is that it has been already shaped in way that society become change allergy since it has been daily injected by its leaders in way that it cannot live outside the shell it has already been encircled. Society is not even aware that it lives under bomb encircled shelter and it has no clue where its leaders are driving and heading too.

The second reason is that such change resistant attitude and thinking give birth to fear and ignorance since society does not feel secure when alien type of thinking come into its domain due to the fact it feels unsafe and unwarranted and such fear will not allow any given society to go far beyond the box it is already contained. Hence, such given mentality and thinking shape society to think only inside the box and it develops a fish within fish bowl thinking and mentality.

Quite to the contrary, with all such noise and chaos any given new and different thinking face, it overcomes all kinds of resistances—ignorance and arrogance—it face from all walks of life, it will be triumphant at last; it become victorious since it is impossible to resist an idea whose time has already come. When an idea has come to its fruition, no power on earth can prevent it from happening and being reality since this is one of the natural and inherent characteristics of life in this world.


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