The Conversion Matter

March 18, 2016

A company employee went toilet. As soon as he sat on the seat, on the front wall, this was written: Had you put the same pressure at work, company’s target would have been achieved today. This is quite an interesting remark to many aspects of every human undertaking since such recommendation, not even a joke, has great things to tell to the world at large.

And one can correlate this particular toilet comment on the bad and wrongs many people intentionally plan and do on other people, have they changed their thinking and energy which they expend on doing and thinking evil on other people, the good have been by far better and best since it is such energy and time that is consumed on the working and thinking of the bad that has its own adverse effect and influence on the good of others and this world at large.

As they also say, do not waste sunset with people who will be gone by sunrise. This is to mean that people should be selective and careful on whom to exchanging their views and perceptions of life in their given daily undertaking since it sometimes is useless and nonsense to waste one’s time talking and sharing opinions with those people who cannot understand or are doing some kind of sabotage and conspiracies on others since the point of sharing opinions is to come up with better perspectives on life, not to share destructive critics on what people share since such people have bad intent on one’s life.

The energy and time spent on the bad is by far greater than the energy spent on the good since this world has inclined to bad due to the fact that energy and time most people spent on thinking and doing good on others is less, and this is one of the superficial observation one can obtain as result of the observation of the surrounding environment, what the Medias delivers and reading of other published materials in this regard.

This means that most people spend and exert nice amount of pressure at the toilet than anywhere else like that given person. In fact that given pressure at the toilet deliver some kind of relief at the end but people’s bad thinking and doing do create vicious circle of crisis that goes on and on. This kind of bad intent and doings will continue as far as there is wrong way of managing and handling freewill and freedom which people are bestowed by nature and life that require quite a perspective and mindset.

If someone comes to my life and think bad on oneself, there is no revenge one seeks or thinks for such people since one observes their given undertaking with silence due to the fact silence has told many things in one’s life. One sees such people and their evil thinking vanishing like cloud in due course of time, as part of one’s own given personal and experience in life. In silence, their evil intent and thinking will be gone.

Silence is a means by which one uses and listens to the melodies and noises of other people since silence is powerful mechanism one employs in life especially in time of war and bad condition with other people. Silence is a tool where one employs it as potent force and energy to the protection of one’s realities of life since silence gives time and energy to contemplate on other aspect of one’s given undertaking. In silence, chaotic thinking and actions come to their given to their normal state.

What is quite noteworthy on such give aspect of the human undertaking is that one learns from yesterday, and one makes certain adjustment in today and lives for today, and then keep going and planning for tomorrow in one’s own way and accent, in relation to what people think on other people since good can be returned by good where as bad is something one shun away than return bad to such people; one does not look and go for such people for revenge since revenge is waste of time and energy and it prohibits oneself to focus on the good of one’s future. Revenge has no light to offer to one’s life.

This does not mean that one hugs and takes cup of coffee with those people who think and bad on oneself, but one stays away from such people and one looks for the good of oneself to the future than play the game and joke of forgiveness and living together or reunion due to the fact it is just plain waste of time and energy to have any kind of further relation with such kinds of people. One lives with care and tact with such kinds of people.

Humans are selfish and that given natural selfishness makes them to think and do good and bad on others. Ego is a reality that can be oppressed and compressed, but it is not something that can be completely extinguished from the reality of self. People out of their given consciousness try to be humble to themselves and others since awareness is the point of realization in relation to the connection and communications they create with their own ego.

In order to satisfy the thirst towards their given ego, most people think bad towards others, and by doing so, they destruct the world at large. Ego is not only the enemy of self but it is one of the major enemies of the world at large whose universal source should be investigated and analyzed further since ego has universal manifestation. Such universal manifestation should be removed and ruined by universal cause that everyone should contemplate and work on!!



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