Color and Height of God

March 17, 2016

Is God a reality or just an imagination or fantasy? Is God a faith or a hope? Is it possible to trust matters that are unknown? How? Why do we trust the unknown? Is trust something established based on knowledge and experience or just an assumption? Is God a truth or a lie? What is God? Who is God? Where is God? How do we know God? Why do we have to know God? Why do we need God? Who can ably tell us about God? Does God have right path to be known, trusted or respected? Where is it? Is telling or explaining or claiming authority about unknown and unlimited matter in knowable and limited manner true or false, acceptable or unacceptable? Is making any kinds of deliberation and statement in relation to God a truth or a lie?

Various people and societies have come about with their own given understanding and interpretation of the concept of God with the intention of knowing the unknown, perceiving the unlimited reality with limited mind and experience since people and society have come about with their given perception of God as per the context of their wishes, dreams, visions, wants, needs, likes, ego, ambition, experience and exposures of life and so on.

Hence, God in the this world becomes contextual, subjective and idealistic since none can objectively prove out the color, size, weight and height of God due to the inadequacy of tools and instruments this world has furnished itself up to now, except peoples’ mere reflections and conclusions and confusions which they come about as result of their own volitions and efforts they apply in life. Thus, various societies have their own perception and understanding of God based upon the relationship and communion they assume they have established with God, in cases, similar and in other cases quite to the contrary.

God has been defined as personal, cultural, philosophical, scientific, magician, religious, and so on which vary as per what and how people and society perceive and interpret, but not what really it is since such conception and misconception has been derived with keen desire and thirst and search for meaning and values of life in relation to God so that life can have better value and meaning to society and people too. This has no harm.

The perception and understanding of God is manifolds. Due to its controversial natures and character, unknowable aspect and something beyond the human imagination and comprehension, various societies have reached to their given understanding and perception of God in defining and stating the color and height of God with their own accent and style of life.

The first one is the God that involves in the personal affairs of individuals. This God gives birth to a child and then makes every choices and plans to every given individual actions and reactions in life, interferes in the life of the individual until the person leaves this world. Even the person leave this plane of existence based on God’s will. This is very personal God which many people find in religion and in every individual’s home and diary.

The other type of God is the God that formulates any given cause and protects that given cause by the instrumentality of individuals and the so called institutions which are assumed as representatives of God, in which every attempt and endeavor such people apply in promoting and promulgating such given cause is attributed as plan and choice of God. This God is assumed that is the author of that given cause.

The other type of God is the God that creates this world and leaves this world to its own due to the fact that this God gives freedom and freewill to every creature according to the nature and character of the creation. This God has created this creation with law and patterns so that whatever matter and aspects creations could come about can be synchronized with the natural law and patterns. This God is not even jealous since it accepts creations’ choices and decisions too.

The other God is the God that punishes people since they are doing evil and they are rebellious in which such God has warrior mentality and revengeful due to the fact that creations do not obey its laws and patterns due to the fact that when creations transgress their limit, this God backfires since it should survive as author of creation. It gives a reminder that there is an owner to this world beyond what is objectively seen and sensed.

The other God is a God that confuses wisdom with cowardice which does not interfere in balancing life since it keeps silent with all the injustice drama and theater is going on this world, it does not make any single move to correct and rectify but it rather lets things go on to the worst, making everyone except fouling everyone with magical drama to happen on stage at the end of days, which has no even end.

The other type of God is the God that is not found in any given diary and book since it is not knowable to the capacity of the limited mind in which none can perceive such God due to its unknowable essence and reality and none can befittingly tell when strange or surprising matter occurs in this world, such incident comes from God or not, but by the general assumption and conventions people and society has come about, if the thing is good, people claim it is from God, where as the matter is bad, it is assumed as the source is anti-God one, or enemy of God.

In connection with the conception of such complex and abstract realities of life such as the God, people have two different deductions they have come about as consequence of the process of defining and knowing such God. The first one is a certainty amalgamated with superstition which is derived out of their given claimed faith they have acquired in their given process of life. The second one is uncertainty which is derived out of their given limited perception and understanding of God due to the fact that such reality is unknowable and cannot be definitely known by any being, which is pretty much good.

With all nuance of such aspect of realities of life, everyone keeps going along with continuing and unending drama of—defining, understanding, blaming, interpreting—the God theater on stage, and everyone has come about with their own derivation on the height and color of God as per the context and understanding and experience and exposures of life, which is mere reflection of their own image on the mirror than the truthful realities and image of God. Hence, one has come to a derivation that it is man who creates God than God creates man!!


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