The Subjective Aspect

March 9, 2016

Subjective is personal, skewed, in cases, biased and one sided. Objective is impartial, dispassionate, unprejudiced, real and factual. In this given case, life is both subjective and objective in which it is dictated by biases and prejudice along with dispassionate and unprejudiced too. Knowledge is both subjective and objective due to the fact that there are certain assumptions that are considered as knowledge but thru the process of time they are found out as false as there are objective knowledge that governs for centuries and ages too.

This happens for two reasons. The first one is that the human mind can grasp limited things and it cannot perceive certain mysterious aspects of life as they are something objective due to its limitation in which it is only time that proves such matters out. The second reason is that the mysterious aspect of such matters that make them difficult to be proven out with objective judgment since they are mysterious and complex aspects of life.

For example, while speed of light was known before, it was assumed that it is not possible to measure the speed of light. The first known person to question the whole “speed of light is infinite” thing was the 5th century BC philosopher Empedocles.  Less than a century later, Aristotle would disagree with Empedocles and the argument continued for more than 2,000 years after. These both judgment were subjective. In fact one of the first prominent individuals to actually come up with a tangible experiment to test whether light had a speed was Dutch Scientist, Isaac Beeckman, in 1629, and claim that it was possible to measure it, whose final result was obtained with precise outcome was issued in 1973 after the discovery of the laser—which was useful instrumental to measure the speed of light that equals to 299, 792,489 meter per second. In fact, the scientist who discovered the laser before was ridiculed at the time by the scientific community that said that the scientist invented nothing since they had no idea for what purpose the laser could be used.

Mostly, this world is dictated by subjective knowledge since it is personal assumptions than facts and objective opinions that dictate this world. This world is the world of the few peoples’ understanding and interpretations of life that dictate and govern the whole world at large. One good example in here is the concept of taxation in which the percentages which states apply to society is subjective due to the fact it is few people understanding and interoperation of the society called objective reality is applied by the number they put as tax, which are subjective and contextual understanding of individuals. Why do people add 15% or 30%, why not 7 or 22 %?

When subjective knowledge is further processed with objective methods and approaches of life, it gives more sense and meaning since it becomes something closer to fact and truth; it gives sagacity and better perspective to life and reality as well. Otherwise, when subjective judgments and knowledge are considered as they are as truth, they misguide society and they put many aspects of life to be in jeopardy since they could lose the balance that keep the temperature of society to function at the normal point.

Both subjective and objective knowledge are further processed and examine by the power of intuition and the power of reason since both powers help humanity to arrive to sense of truth. When subjective knowledge is derived, it is mostly reached by the power of reason that is utilized since there are many cases and data that are further investigated and researched along with the power of intuitions since intuitions help to obtain inspiration that justify the claims arrived on subjective judgments and knowledge too.

In cases of philosophical knowledge, which are not scientifically proven out, since it is subjective knowledge that governs such subjective realities of life, it is the power of intuition that helps to arrive at some kind of inspirational thought although such inspirational thought is cumulative effect of what the power of reason has stored in one’s life time in one’s understanding and interpretations and perception of life which is indeed supported by the power of reason in which memory is one feature of the power of reason too.

For instance, when Rene Descartes dictate the so called modern philosophy and he started with doubt, existence of oneself though he know he had existence in what others before claim, but his reason and rational beyond doubting such existence is derived from false assumptions in which people before him underline, due to the fact that doubt germinates in his entire being so as to arrive to concrete knowledge of self that make him arrive, I think therefore I am, which is a reflection of thought far beyond an ordinary claims in terms of existence since it is thinking that is the reality of existence, not physical appearance.

This is subjective but it sounds true since it makes people to think far beyond the ordinary aspect of the human life so as to come up with better meaning and insight which people should govern in their search for meaning for life. This kind of perception and understanding of life make people to go far beyond the daily routines and permit everyone to see far beyond so at to have and make sense in existence and derive thoughtful life which makes one to be accountable and responsible to oneself and to the society at large.

Subjective knowledge are essential and useful since they derive certain perspective as insightful and thinking people deliver due to the fact that their hypothetic assumptions could be proven out true in due course of time since humanity can come up with tools and instruments that justify them as true in due course of time.


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