Instinctual Relationship

March 8, 2016

Instinct is an impulse, gut feeling, an intuitive power which every human being is naturally bestowed by life for fruitful and productive purposes. In such instinct, the power of imagination is highly employed and utilized since imagination—which is the eye of the mind—is one of the gifts of nature to human being. With such connection, people could have various types, level and degree of instinctual relationship with one another depending on the nature and type of matter that make them connected.

Those who can see the far distant can be connected in today since they know what their thinking could deliver though they could be ridiculed and scorned at now since imagination is power that drive the intuitive faculty to sense and feel something truthful even if time could tell for few things that sound as novel in toady, but, they guide humanity as being path of life to the multitudes due to the sharpness of such power of imaginations which they exercise and practice with such precision and accuracy.

Hence, people know people without even talking to each other and sharing single words with each other, but by the power of intuitions that they are delivered by nature, one knows other without even listening to what they say to oneself.  People who speak or belong to different languages or races or color or whatever category they belong could be found highly connected to other people who speak and belong to similar language or ethnicity or other kind of groups which nature or life has bestowed.

Presumably, the first level is the thinking aspect in which people could know what other people generally think and feel about them by the way their instinct dictate and deliver to them. This is like Mr. A know what Ms. X thinks about Mr. A since there is an instinctual relationship that govern the whole nature. It is possible to detect that what any given individual thinks about another individual due to the fact that thinking by its very nature is an energy transmittal from one point to another, from source to a recipient.

Further elucidating this matter, when one person thinks, such thinking is by itself energy—be it good or bad, thought or any other matter—such thinking an individual makes within is an energy which the individual by oneself could not even be aware but it is natural energy that the other one could detect. In such thinking aspect, when such thinking goes to another individual, meaning, when people think good or bad on other individuals, other individuals sense it as per the nature of the thinking since it is natural to feel in this way and this is how human beings are originally fashioned by nature.

Two or more people who live at distant or at near, and who live at different times, can be instinctly connected, without personally knowing each other due to the fact that their imaginative or intuitive power could make them connected. When one exchanges one’s view with the other people, it is not only what is written, but what is understood between the line that make such people get connected  by far than the ordinary lines since there are only few people who get connected in such manner as the rest majority is connected by the ordinary way and manner. This is not citizenship, color, race, education, sex, or whatever seen and objectively translated is a factor, but with what nature has only bestowed.

Based on such context of understanding and interpreting and listening to such instincts individuals bestowed by nature, there are various level of accuracy and precisions which individuals come up as per the amount of time and energy they expend on carefully analyzing in integrating how nature is translated into objective reality and in their given daily routines. Few come up with superstitious way of understanding and perceiving and others come up with some kind of faith that delivers them an eye to see things in different way and manner.

Though, this is not something that can be proven out in laboratory due to the subjective aspect of such natural realities of life, there are people who excel in such matter as per the time and resource they have already spent on such aspect of life due to the fact that they deliver different way of understanding and interpretations of such realities of life as per the context of their personal exposures and experience of life.

On the other level or aspect, when people think about any given matter, be it discovery or searching for something, they release all kinds of energy within the power house they have already acquired within themselves so as to come about with new thing or search for something. In this case, people vary on people as per power house they have acquired in their given life time and they could get stuck at some point as the powerhouse they have built within their reality is completed, they cannot go forward. There are also individual who do things with perseverance—is an energy by itself—they come up with something new or reach to the point they want to reach, in this case, based upon they have established within their reality, such people release certain amount of energy and come up with something at any point.

In such process of searching for something, various people endeavor themselves towards on finding something, search for something in which the energy which they release in finding for something could get connected or have cross section at any given point and they can come up with certain cause which they seek to establish so that they formulate their own cause based on the amount of energy they release, which is unseen, but something which they feel and sense within that given spiral of people, as the one who spend most and invest more power house and energy will be the pivot point towards which all the rest revolve and circumambulate on it.

Here, such people sense with each other and instinctually are connected with one another since this is something that cannot be rationalized or something that cannot be scientifically proven out, but it is something that is naturally felt and sensed due to the natural law of attraction which they have established within their conclaves. Such connection and instinctual relationship could stay longer until their instinctual companionship is over, until they come up with better level of energy transmittal since depending on the power house they have accumulated in their lifetime, they get connected as the amount and level of power house is increased, they seek and establish higher level of instinctual relationship with other people too.

Such way of life can be related to those group of birds who fly at same height and level and the moment one seeks to fly little bit higher level or distance far away from the usual high level which all of them fly—curiosity is the drive, which by itself is an energy— the rest could not agree since they assume that there is no higher space and place other than which they all are used to fly, and the moment one asks to fly high over or to higher level, the rest assumes that one is already dead, in reality, one has found out better level of space and freedom than the one that is confined to that given group of flight.

Those who ask for higher fly over are the establishers of all kind of causes with followers in today, be it in religion or politics or any other given cause which they formulate by their own way. In this case, such given people enjoy better life and freedom though the rest assumes that they are lost, but they have already started and established another level of instinctual relationship with others who share same level and power of imaginations. They have created different way of life which is to the benefit of other people who come and follow after them, who practice on what they dictate.

In such connection, people get instinctually connected to people due to the fact there are mysterious aspects and phenomena of life which make people to be connected with people without using the power of rational in which reality has objective and subjective nature whose knowledge can be gained by both the power of reason and the power of intuitions too. In such case, the power of instinct helps many people to get connected since people are connected to people not only by the power of reason but also by the power of intuition too.

Taking these two variables of such instincts, there is another entity that exist in our living earth, the society or community and the institution, do such entities have natural instinct as any given individual have and process in life? How do such instincts dwell and manifest itself in societies or communities? Does such natural gifts occur in humanly made and artificial components of life? How? This is something that need quite contemplation since what social intelligence and engineering which few people try to deliver in such aspect tell not the natural ones, but what life has delivered to them, which is the process of life, not by the very nature of natural gifts.


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