March 4, 2016

People get connected to people based on biological, intellectual and instinctual relationship they have and they establish with one another. The biological aspect is something that nature has already bestowed and none has control and choice over such given relationship and connection which people have with other people. It is not conditioned upon efforts and choice which they make in life. This is something natural.

These are families, ethnicity, color, race, and other relationship which people obtain in life due to natural factors and bonds they have already established under certain given domain and realm. They have developed certain way of life due to the fact that they share something naturally. Hence, people connect to such people based on natural factors and elements of life.

In connection to intellectual aspect which people establish such relationship with other people, such given aspect of life is mainly affected by schools and fields of studies and specializations’ which people undertake in life. They can also be connected with what they work for living; they share common idea and thinking in life; they share similar challenges and pains in life and thus they get connected on with the other due to the fact that they have similar experience and exposures in life and they have parallel level of thinking which they share too.

These are related to connection which people establish with other people in relation to field of specializations, work related aspects and environment, ideologies which they follow worship, practice and follow, hobbies they share and practice, and many other activities which they undertake and share with one another due to the fact that such common grounds for interaction and communications do create a common field to interact so that they can be related to one another with such common grounds.

In relation to instinctual relationship people have with people, this is something that cannot be known by the authors of such instinct in which it is the intuition, which they call the other or extra ordinary sense, that is connected with other people and such matter is not even controlled by the people themselves, but it something that happens and exist in real life base on perception and understanding and interpretation capacities which they have in and for life. Hence, people get connected with people by insights and perceptions with the instrumentality of the faculty of intuitions.

In this given case, a good example is a historical account of Jesus Christ and Peter and other disciples of Christ since it is not biological or intellectual relationship which they had in life, but it is the power of intuitions that make them connected and related and every citizen of the world in today talk and preach about such historic and unique relationship which such people undergone in past and many people see it as exemplary and role models to their given life and such relationship becomes an energizing and motivating cause that inspire them to appreciate and respect life and existence.

Such given connection is different and lasting and is by far better than any other form of connection which people establish with other people since the nature and character of such relationship is not something earthly or worldly, biological or intellectual, or it is done not only with the choices which people make but they are impelled by some great purpose of life which they do not have control and choice over.

For example, the biological and intellectual, relationship which people establish can be connected in way that when one get married with another one, while having intellectual acquaintances, such intellectual relationship which people establish with other people could be automatically converted into biological since the fusion of both create some kind of offspring that could possibly connect many intellectual relationship into biological relation in due course of time. Those separate entities could be merged into different families and the get connected to one another to better level of relationship.

However, in such intuition relationship which people establish with other people, this is not something that can be easily established by biological or intellectual, but it is something different. In cases, such relationship could even affect and disturb such intuitive relationship in negative way due to the fact that families are divided and destructed due to institutive relationship which people establish with other people as same is true in the intellectual aspect too, which do affect negatively.

Intuitive relationship is not founded upon biological or intellectual grounds, but it is with something extra ordinary way and level of communication and people have established that give layer and level of communications in different way and manner. That is why many people are heard saying, I had dreams or nightmares and they claim that they have different way of knowing things or people as they are good or bad to them or not; they have their own method of knowing other people other than the usual trend and way of life which people have with one another since nature has bestowed everyone with certain gift, the point is o how far people have unitized what they have been delivered by nature.

Hence, many conclaves of people exist in such intuitive communications which people establish with other people in terms of religious grounds and ideologies, philosophical ideologies and relationships, political and economic make up and other level and layers of communications and interactions which people formulate with other people due to the fact they have some sort of common ground for interaction as matter of belief or thinking they have towards something which they share in common in life.


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