The Two Ingredients

March 3, 2016

Ego and ambition are the drive that fuel and catalyze life on this world. When such ego and ambition reaches to its climax, it will lead to the thinking of creating one’s own society and community in one’s own way and fashion. And then, people drive to think of creating new thinking territory and island with its own denizens and adherents. In such way, when such ego and ambition are with good intent and is realistic, such people could succeed otherwise the motive is not pure and bad, they vanish and perish since the motive behind such drama is unclean and is polluted.

This world lives on by creating and killing societies and communities which few ambitious people try to fabricate so that life can be simple or complicated as per the type of social dynamics that is on stage. When certain society wants to establish their own economic and social community, this should not erase other people who do not belong to such given community since they share same nation and belongings towards any given nation. Otherwise, this will be like building or creating an island within an island and isolation will become the nature and character of such given societies, and such life will be the life of rats and cats.

Such political and economic community can be created under the umbrella of two great and dynamic factors. These two great factors tell on what type of community or society is structured. When any given social order and system is created, it should have two basic ingredients of life so as to make it working and functional in way that it can shape citizens and the society itself to the best and to the betterment of society and the world at large. In whatever scenario of life and status any given social system and order is placed, it needs such components of life for its survival and advancement.

The first one is the quality of leadership and the second one is the objective or vision it sets to achieve certain goals in life. Otherwise, such society cannot survive and cannot advance to better and best since it lacks one of the two ingredients. When any give society puts certain vision, it is obvious that there are challenges and crisis it should face and such challenges and crisis should be perfectly addressed by the type of leadership it establishes within its own setting. Otherwise, it should perish than live or survive.

When the quality of leadership is directly related with the type of challenges and crisis it faces, it gets better and best, meaning, the quality of leadership increases as it faces more challenges within the system; however when the quality of leadership is inversely related with the amount of challenge and crisis it faces, then it should vanish since leadership cannot play any given role in managing and administering the affairs of society.

Accordingly, there are four types of societies that exist in today. The first ones are those societies that have historical background, meaning few thousand years of age, but they have shown backwardness in economy in today in relation to those that are highly advanced such as Greece; the second ones are those societies that do have such historical tales and stories, and they are coming up to advancement and growth such as China; the third ones are those societies who do not have such historical tales and adventures like China, but they have derived their own profound economic and technological advancement such as America; the fourth ones are those societies who do not have such historic tales and adventures, but they are emerging and coming up to betterment and advancement.

For example, there are certain societies or communities that do not show significant progress and advancement in their given domain as the challenge and crisis they are facing increase on daily basis, there is no such major change that is come within that given social dynamics. In this case, such society is facing big problem in its leadership and the thinking machinery of such leadership is getting paralyzed due to the facts are challenges and crisis are opportunities to bring about significant change in the life of society and they are preludes to having certain advancement within that given society.

And such given change and advancement should knock the home of every citizen that it is reflected in numbers since the current trend of growth is bit tricky due to the fact what numbers talk and what outside and objective reality says are falling apart. In this case, when numbers are put in percent comparison, they could lead to deceiving and misleading conclusion since higher percentage does not mean or guaranty real growth in relation to what society owns. The point is what the parameter in defining and comparing such growth is one good aspect one should consider.

When 100 dollar is increased to 200 dollar, the growth is double in here, by 100 dollar which can be said that economy has raised by 100% but when 1,000,000,000 is increase by 1,000,000, one can claim in here that such given economy has raise by 10%. The point in here is that that the 100% growth is with 100 dollar, but the 1,000,000 growth is justified by 10%, the 10% and 100% growth in real terms could tell different story when these two people  are going to the market in order to buy 1000 dollar worth thing. Who is going to buy this matter, is this with 100% growth or 10% growth?

The point one tries to make in here is that poor societies and their given leadership are overwhelmed by the percentage of growth which they report or they obtain such reports by international agencies or organization. However, the real thing in being happy as leadership should be determined on how far such growth touches every household’s life; how such growth is living as friend in every citizen’s way of life; hence, it is the society’s objective way of life and thinking than such given percentage which are told in medias that should determine such given aspect of life. Otherwise, such growth is good actor in books and reports than in the life of every citizen.

When growth has justice, it is indeed growth; whereas when such claimed growth are not fairly distributed in the life of that give social dynamics, this kind of growth is a paralyzed growth since it is not something that can be found in every home. Any given individual can gain in economy and when such gain is increased to many folds, it should affect the life of others positively otherwise when there is no positive influence, and such economy in achieve at individual basis, greed come into being in that given social dynamics. In this case, it is the leadership that is mainly responsible in creating such social balance to norm by developing certain mechanism so as to bring the temperature of social way of life and environment to function at normal.

When the quality of leadership is maintained in way it faces challenges and crisis society faces in direct and proportional manner, in cases, it should be above the challenges and crisis any given society faces, the quality of life of any given social dynamics is safely kept and such social dynamics and way of life lives to better and best sine it is the quality of leadership that is mainly responsible in reaching to the desire visions it sets to achieve.



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