Good Shall Win

February 29, 2016

A psychoanalyst shows a patient an inkblot, and asks him what he sees. The patient says: “A man and woman making love.” The psychoanalyst shows him a second inkblot, and the patient says: “That’s a woman and man making love.” The psychoanalyst says: “You are obsessed with sex.” The patient says: “What do you mean I’m obsessed? You’re the one with all the dirty pictures.”

This joke reminds me to a person or physician, I do not know, whom I was arranged to see in here ten years ago as I got back from abroad, Israel, since I was considered and deported due to case of mental illness as reported by those who wish my life to end in bad as insiders of those people who made such claim and made such report on me informed me, which could be found in their minutes or report, though the reality is I got back after my completion of the contract period which I was originally agreed, that was certified by letter of credential which I later received on March 9, 2006 from that given office too.

Although, I did not feel safe and comfortable towards the end of my stay in there since I was given some kind of strange shocks to my body thrice which I had no clue and other strange arrangements which I was arranged to face in those end of days, and I reported to concerning office in there that I felt not well, and it was not possible to say anything and one could not be sure on what was going on around oneself, not within my mental stuff, but with some kind of outside and strange drama which one had experienced at that given spot.

And then one was arranged to see medical treatment in there and there was no such declared case on my being as the physician in the hospital told me I was fine and I could not be admitted to hospital. Later, I obtained release paper from there and departed that given place afterwards. In fact, I was accompanied by heath person, Pilipino guy, who came with me with that given flight. They were making sure that I arrived safe. And I did. This is healthy.

What is quite funny and interesting in here is that, different arrangement was going on in here after I got back since such arrangement was done by some kind of an office in here, which I have no trust and respect to date, since I told them that I was scared and some kind of sheet drama and fishy thing was going on. Life in certain case is comical since one is pretty much aware of sheet drama going on. How can half empty glass advise another glass on how to be full?

Then, I was arranged to see a physician in here. As I was making conversation with that given person, they said he is physician, the person in the middle of conversation, asked me, why did people follow you, and I was not sure why he was asking. The question later on became clear since he was arranging oneself in his way and wanted to prescribe medicine due to the fact that by asking that question, if I answer, yes, the person could possibly think that I had schizophrenia, and there is no need even to be a physician to make such kind of deduction in which one of the signs of that given illness which they claim is such kinds of people think that people follow them behind or they are going to be attacked by someone or others. What if that given case is true?

I know this kind of silly and sheet drama before I met this person that was why I removed all kind of treatment, people related to such person or whatever advice from such people since they are like those people who show you sex picture and they tell you that you are sex addict as per the context of that given joke, which is fake psycho drama they play on others What happened in my case is that they tried to perform fake drama, they arranged all kinds of people to follow behind, and they tried to make you think people are following you, and they later on arrange a carpenter or police  or military or whatever or physician to tell you, you are ill, and you need medication. This is quite strange. They just have ink and paper, not even single drop of truthful reality.

In reality, there were people following behind, and they still do that and there is no point that that such kinds of conclusions could be reached since they are the ones who fabricate such illness; they are the ones who medicate such illness and they are the ones who do all kinds of garbage drama on stage; this is not the first time where such kinds of conspiracy and sabotage are going on, but such kinds of sheet arrangement on people made most people to think and understand that sabotage and conspiracy are becoming nature of this world. And responsible citizens and institutions should act accordingly and take serious measures before the worse is come and their children become victims of such garbage drama on stage.

When such conspiracy theories are created, they are done with utmost care and cautions in way that such people know, where, when and how to start; where and how and when to end with; where, when and how to go straight; where and how, how to go for curve since they are already pretty much aware that they are committing crime though legitimate under certain legal framework. If they are caught, they are criminals, and if they are not caught and they succeed in what they are planning to do, they are heroes or scientist since what they claim is found truthful and real, but at the expense of killing innocent and good citizens of the world. This is what people can see in movies related to such kinds of sheet dramas and people can find stories in the Medias.

What makes such given case not easy is that they do such sheet matter with the help of professionals such as they have lawyers who protect them on how to escape such crimes. Though the purpose of studying law is to help the power of justice over shines on the earth, the purpose of legitimate office is to prevent and protect citizens from being victims of crimes, but such people are found violating the very purpose of their mission. They have all kinds of professional who help them in ode to protect and legitimize on what they are doping. Money talks in every language better than the native speakers too.

There must be one thing that should be boldly underlined, the point in here is in regard to the truth; even from the point view of that given physician, I face strange arrangement which I did not expect at the airport when I just arrived, then in the whole day after the airport with people whom I met, and then with the arrangement me to see that given person or physician by itself too. Later on, one sensed other people follow behind and many other people did tell that there are people who follow behind so that I should be careful, which happens to be truthful and the reality.

And after, on the next day, I was supposed to go the bank to make few dollar deposit which I got from abroad, the person whom I was arranged to talk to as bank manger was a fake bank manager, but in fact government security officer that my sources told me, making me think that some kind of drama is going on behind. I knew he was not manager. The point in here is that there were and are people who follow on behind and there is no point that such thing that could be considered even if the person asked, why do people follow you, but one replied, I had no idea if any, since I had no info about what the person tried to deliver at that given point, which later on as considered as illness as I heard from other people.

The point in here is not to tell about one’s obituary or will but to reflect one’s given aspect of one’s life in this regard which is still going on. Although one has already acquired great learning and experience in this regard, one has developed one’s own mechanism on how to manage and handle such given aspect of one’s life since such kinds of things still come from other people in way to harm one’s daily routine, and this sheet drama is still going on today and there are other people who are sleepless to ruin one’s destiny and life. This is evident and one is glad that many people are by now observing this drama.

There are certain fields of study that are tantamount to a drama on stage, they cannot escape from being such given mere display, and such professionals are connected to actors who display performing on stage on behalf of them, in which such kinds of sheet operations and conspiracies could not get away from a doctor and patient drama, performing certain theater on stage since they are not true and they have baseless ground. In fact, the doctor at the drama on stage, though entertaining, one deliver certain perspective and insights to the audience, but, such kinds of professionals do not escape from being sheet criminals since they play with the lives of others and they make innocents people as victims of their sheet therapy.

In such theatrical drama of one’s life, there are two kinds of people that participate, which tell who they are than any other thing. The first ones are the good ones who help and tell that such kinds of evil drama is going on one’s behind and life and they assist in many good ways, they do not want to cooperate in bad way since they have true consciousness and they have great confidence in their life; the other types of people are the bad one who sabotage, conspire and cooperate such sheet drama. They cooperate to perform such theater in bad way since they have no standard or they have wrong standard in their life and they have also less confidence in life too.

Cooperating such given bad drama in bad way is equivalent to thinking and doing bad due to the fact that people have every chance and right to say no or reject such foul plays and game on other people than cooperate to perform such bad theater. This tells what that particular individual, society and institutions look like, whoever they are and whatever status they obtain in society, since this is the balance in which their integrity and claims are tested and challenged.

As they say, let the truth shall set you free than people’s testimony, false witnesses and not fake gestures of opinion since this is not about any given game or joke, or one person story but serious matter which require serious attention and decisions. This is not something that could be claimed as if it is not top priority—unless they are the ones who are intentionally doing it—since this should be a top priority due to the fact that by tomorrow this sheet will knock everyone’s home and household in which innocent individuals are becoming victims of such kinds of stupid drama. Truth is not about personality since truth has no homes. What kind of sheet world is this? And such things must be changed into better and best.

Life is full of mysteries whose secrets are countless and endless. As people govern certain mysteries, another one germinates and waits on stage since the one discovered mystery keeps on serving as prelude to find another one since life is a continuous process. They say ignorance is not fortune!! The point is Good Shall Win!! This will surely happen!!


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