Diversifying Philosophy

March 31, 2016

Diversifying the demography of philosophy will bring with more diversity in obtaining deeper and better philosophical understanding and interpretation of life that do add certain perspective and value on the existing way of life which society is undertaking, so that life to any given society will be life of consciousness and rational that augment peoples keen desire for life and people can live with knowing things than ignorance.

When people enter into city and valley of philosophy, they add certain quality and flavor to the way of life they possess since one of the common ideas that exist in the world of philosophy is asking on how we should live our life, on the methods and approaches, critically seeing things in clear manner and way, it is not just living a life of having food, wearing nice clothes and talking about what is on the face value on things that happen in peoples surrounding.

This means that when people are philosophical, they go far beyond the ordinary, but they do not enter into the city of delusion and illusion. They live in the between worlds of reality and imagination in which going far beyond the regular routine and the ordinary should not lead and be confuse with entering the city of imaginary  illusions. There is a thin line that exists between creativity and madness as in the case of the art, as there is a thin line between going far beyond the ordinary and living in state of delusion.

Hence, philosophy encourages on the investigation of questions on how people should lead and live their lives and such way of thinking do add certain quality of life to the existing ones since in such area of the valley of quest, it is clearly understood that an eye is an eye, not an ear, but the quest lies on how far an eye can go forward, not on how eye become an ear or on how to convert an eye to an ear or a nose since such part of quest is already answered by nature and life and there is no need to waste one’s time and energy in this regard.

One of the failures of philosophy is that it is not experimental in which such new and different ideas are not investigated further in the laboratory due to the controversial aspect of the concepts and lack of adequate tools in the laboratory too, in which ideas are released without experimentation and further processing hence it become subject and fields of controversy due to the fact that nature of the field dwells in unraveling secrets of the unknown and mysteries of life and people do try to research in the process of life as few could succeed and others could fail as such ides and thoughts contain in any given philosophical ideology is practically experimented. Why?

One of the reasons is that most philosophical thoughts could come and raise an issue that are contrary to what many people believe and think true and they face high resistance. Though the faith and belief of the most is not even practically tested and experimented, since it is assumptions that are considered as fact and most are accustomed to particular way of life and system of thought, people are by exposure change resistant and any new and different idea always provoke them.

In this case, such philosophers face tremendous opposition which does not give a chance for the experimentation and further processing of such new ideas, to the extent, the authors of such ideas could be removed from life. This is what lack of knowledge and understanding causes in which the ignorance and arrogance of the mass results due to the nature of the field as it tries to unravel mysteries of life in the metaphysical world. Any idea has every right to be translated as practical by the very nature of being an idea.

All ideologies and thoughts that are practically translated in today and are accepted by most people as being part and parcel of today’s everyone’s life is by two major reasons. The first one is they make sense and they are plausible to everyone. The second one is they are liked by many or people are accustomed to such ideas thru the process of life since they create kind of comfort zone to the mass and to the social environment.

The first case is crystal clear and if any idea is true and correct, it should live forever since it is torching light to bring many other lights and truths to life and this is need commendable. However, in relation to those ideas and thoughts which are practically translated but they do sound illogical and subject of controversy, but they just create some kind of comfort zone to the mass, should be replaced and adjusted by other truthful, logical and plausible ideas and they should be translated with their give correct version. In this case, this world seeks tinkers that correct such practices and beliefs and fake ideologies and their given interpretations.

Such vacuum should be filled with courageous thinkers and brave philosophers who come up with new and different perspectives and thinking, which help this world to look nicer and better. In such given undertaking, such thinkers should be appreciate and respected than be cursed and blamed since they are the eyes and ears of the world, they see and hear far beyond the ordinary and the regular routines of life  due to the natural gift they are bestowed by nature and life. They pave a way of life useful, helpful and essential to the benefit of the world at large.

Every society has such gaps and vacuums in its own undertaking and such vacuums are detected by such few thinkers who see things in critical and clear manner and they address their give society in way they feel and think appropriate. The maturity and greatness of any given society is measured on how they respond to such thinkers since they are not doing such undertaking to satisfy their own selfish interest and desire, but sense of accountability and responsibility they have for life and to the benefit of the mass and well being of society at large.


Tricky and Meaningless

March 30, 2016

A man was sued by a woman for defamation of character. She charged that he had called her a pig. The man was found guilty and fined. After the trial he asked the judge, “This means that I cannot call Mrs. Compton a pig?” The judge said that was true. “Does this mean I cannot call a pig Mrs. Compton?” the man asked. The judge replied that he could indeed call a pig Mrs. Compton with no fear of legal action. The man looked directly at Mrs. Compton and said, “Good afternoon, Mrs. Compton.

We live quite in tricky world since this is the way how one present what one know and have at hand which is important than what a person really and actually knows since methods and approaches become life and death thing that the real thing in way that articulation plays vital role that the fact. This is like a person could be having beer, but the person presents such act of drinking beer with the glass of coca-cola and others perceive that the person is having coca-cola, but in reality, it is beer. The end result is though slow and time taking it is beer, but what others perceive is the person takes coca-cola, which is wrong.

It is the play game of words and acts in which the image building which play significant role than the truthful reality and this is how this world functions and operates. Most nations have embassies and establish foreign relations, not only with spying one on another, but also with the intention of building image in relation to the integrity of society which they respectively belong and represent. In such representation, various tricky and deceptions could be going on since the truthful aspect of their given society could be presented with exaggeration so as to paint good image on the eye of others.

Getting back to the intro of this piece, this reminds that life in most cases is life of playing with games of words and wording plays major role than the intent due to the fact that it is not what people perceive others which is important and how they present their perception to other is by far more important and sensitive. This is quite interesting indeed since there are certain legal proceedings that could be considered as joke since they are more of word games than any other thing. They do not have any practical understanding they deliver since it is more of procedure and protocol.

This is like as people go to the bank offices, bank officers are by rule asked to wear necktie on their dressing style. The point in here is about image building and checking obedience to certain discipline within a system, but the person’s thinking and capacity is all the same even if the person wears a necktie or not due to the fact that it is not the necktie that is performing the task one is assigned to undertake.

The same is true in those worship places in which in some places, wearing jeans is not allowed due to the fact that the idea of reverence is raised in a way that jeans is a garment which people wear at their given leisure time for fun and relaxation, where as worship places are assumed that they are serious places with serious businesses. Although most people go to worship places in order to remove grief and sadness and replace such bad mood to happiness and joy, laugher and relaxation.

What is quite interesting about life in this world, most of the things are more of procedural in which people employ various methods in order to face and promote certain things in life, they should know how this world functions and operate even if they have correct and truthful things in their given principle of life, unless and otherwise, they do not know how to present to what they claim and know, they will be in trouble and in problematic condition.

That is why the advice and counsel of experts is important in here since such people are experts as they know how to present certain given matter to certain given audience or recipient in way that what they present and deliver could not be the source of disappointment and dissatisfactions to both parties. Hence, people are protected and prevented from unwise presentation and deliberation they make to other audience since protocol and procedure are one of the becoming characteristics of life in this world.

Though wisdom is relative and subjective idea and it is one of subject of controversy in way that there are certain people and society who interpret being cowardice as being wise and being brave as being foolish and stupid, there are other features of life that require peoples’ own way of perceiving life as per the context of their give personal experience and exposures of life.

It should be the intent that should be considered worthwhile than the form since form is way and method that is used to translate the truth or any given reality. When the method and approach become too superficial in way that it makes lose the direction of the intent, life becomes tricky and meaningless.

The Legitimacy of Suspicion

March 29, 2016

Suspicion is defined as imagination of anything to be the case or to be likely; a vague notion of something that is possible or likely or true. Can anyone be blamed or considered as mentally ill if one is surrounded by enemies who want to destroy one’s fate in their given tricky plots which they perform at any given place at any time and by anyone? Where is the wrong of being suspicious about people in world trick and trickeries are manipulating this world?

Suspicion is legitimate way of life, thinking and feeling when such given state of being is caused by those bad people who want to attack and destroy one’s life since they could use everything and every means in order to take advantage of their own benefit and they want to achieve their given goal by ruining other peoples’ lives and achievements. In such realm, it is good to take al necessary precautions and taking such important and essential precautious should not be considered as something else.

Accordingly, there are two types of suspicions, the first one is useful and essential suspicion, which helps people to protect and prevent themselves from those people who want to go against their plan and goals in life, which in other words are known as enemies. The second one is non essential and unnecessary suspicion which could be created by false mental images and thinking and such kinds of suspicion could be considered as delusions or what they call hallucination.

Both conditions and state of beings are objectively existing in peoples’ lives which vary as per their given personal experience and exposures in life in which their given goal and objective in life plan is the most important aspect of such given aspect of life. And hence people could face one of the two conditions based on the type of undertaking they undergo in life, in which the task they carry out is mainly the contributing factor in which the former one is occurred in people lives as they carry out important functions in life, which could affect other peoples activities, but the later one visit peoples lives as bad state of being happens in their given life.

The first one is a truthful state of being which make people to be alert in what is going on their given life and on the surrounding environment, but the later one is false and fictitious images and conditions of life, which is indeed non-existent. In the first scenario of life, it is what the nature of the task that the individual performs and function, which is the most important aspect of such life where as in the second condition, what make that given individual thinks and feels to be in that given state of being which is the major aspect since if one feels and be in such state of being without having important functions, other people could raise certain issue in relation to such given thinking and feeling as to why such a person feels and think that way.

For example, when a person carries out an activity related to investigative journalism, it is foolish and unwise to trust anyone, even one’s family member, but it is being smart to be suspicious of everyone who are in one’s around in way that any give information one receive is true or false, any give person come to hug or attack oneself.. Being suspicion in here means in both good and bad way since what people consider as bad could be found as useful and essential and the vice versa is also true. Being suspicion does not mean taking everything to negative and bad, but also quite to the contrary can also happen depending on the circumstance one faces.

Quite to the contrary, when a daily laborer is suspicion of the prime minster of any given country in way that the prime minister will draft a law in order to attack my life and destiny, this is quite a delusion since any given prime minster cannot focus on what any given daily laborer does think and feel and such kinds of thinking and feelings are mental delusions of the person. There are quite certain aspects that should be figured out in relation to what a daily laborer thinks with such aspect and if that person thinks about a heavy truck driver, it could be plausible too.

The nature of function matters to put such thinking under delusive drama even if the person carries out such kinds of jobs that could put under threats, too much thinking on the subject matter creates stresses that could lead to creation of deceptive mental images and thinking within that given person such as the investigative journalist could be found in such state of hallucination, to the extent that the bed one sleeps on could be found as enemy as many doubts and suspicions are going on. The point is keeping the balance and differentiating and sorting out what could be considered as threat and what could be considered as means or opportunity to perform one’s given undertaking in one’s own accent and way.

In such scenario of life, this is the world of everyone should not be trusted in which such thinking and way of life has something to deliver since the nature and the becoming nature of this world makes people to be put under such given scenario of life as the book of Desiderata stated long time ago, this is the world of trickery, and in such world of trickery, to be suspicious has more value to offer in ode to achieve in ones way than to trust everyone since besides every outwardly and seemly good act there could be found bad intent and drama of humans, which people should take care of.

In such scenario of life, one chooses the middle way since one wants to walk alone with precautions so that one can achieve one’s own goal in one’s own way and fashion due to the fact that one does not require having company in one’s home, and such life needs everyone too. One lives in both world of people and no people as situations and mood dictates one’s life too.

A cause within cause

March 28, 2016

Any given undertaking has two types of features within its own dynamics and outside its own dynamics. The first one is the support and positive energies it receive within and outside its own dynamics; the second one is the negative and destructive forces that it faces within and outside its own dynamics. When the negative and destructive force within its own dynamics is getting its own shape, this is obvious to deduce that its policies, strategies and mechanism in implementing its undertakings deserve quite contemplation to further investigation since such strong forces come to happen as result of certain wrongs and failures that make such forces to happen and to be in such negative forces and such causes should be further processed and analyzed.

One of the reasons why such undertaking faces strong opposition within and outside its dynamics is it puts wrong people as model to the entire social dynamics, which make the thinking machinery of such community and system under scary state of being and it lives under jeopardy. And the fate of any of such given kinds of social dynamics is crystal clear since such given social dynamics have lifeless life and many of its citizens live in state of confusion and contradiction due to the fact that wrong people are leading in terms of political, social and economic activities.

As monopolization is the becoming identity of any given group within a social dynamics, life in that given social dynamics will be lifeless since people by nature seek to be diversified and they do not allow monopoly in their given  organization and social activities and thinking too. The desire to seek monopolization do create a life of boredom and stress within that given dynamics since humans by their very nature question the very idea of freedom and free will and they want to exercise the dictates of their own choices and efforts that make life fascinating and interesting too. Here, strong and negative forces germinate that could result as to removing the entire system.

For instance, one has personally faced three political systems as part of one’s given personal experience. One system is by reading, but two are practically facing in one’s life time. Although three of them have their own peculiar characteristics and claims, which vary as per the political dogma and ideology they practice and follow, but they share similar problems and challenges that should be addressed, in which there are certain untouchable matters or practices which are not set for compromise, but the root problems could lie in such given matters, which should be reconsidered and reviewed.

Although humans are biological machines created by nature, they do not like to be the product of other peoples thinking machinery since independence is one given aspect of human life which comes out as result of their given thinking, efforts and choice in life and they do not want to be the product of human mind like those machines that are fabricated and programmed to think in machine way. In this case, people could revolt since it is wrong people who are on the front desk in every field and scope and their life could be dictated by such people who think less than them and such way of life make the entire social environment miserable and depressed.

In this scenario of life, it is not the cause of such people being considered as model that is important, but those further causes that make such people to be considered as examples in that given society, which is the most important. The fault could not go to such people as models, but some other intent and purpose beyond whose consequences will be scary as such wrong way of life is going on, but the real cause of such drama since as the real causes are known, solutions could be simpler. And it is bad idea to give right solutions to wrong problem too. This puts any given social system under vicious circle of crisis and it will never get out from similar problems that come again and again since the root problem is not even identified, touched and removed.

A match for instance is a tool for starting a fire. Typically, modern matches are made of small wooden sticks or stiff paper. One end is coated with a material that can be ignited by frictional heat generated by striking the match against a suitable surface. Wooden matches are packaged in matchboxes, and paper matches are partially cut into rows and stapled into matchbooks. The coated end of a match, known as the match “head”, consists of a bead of active ingredients and binder; often coloured for easier inspection.

What makes fire comes out of any given match? Is it because the stick is fractioned with the match box or there is further reason that needs to be sorted and figured out? When a stick in match box is in hot connection with the oxygen gas that is already fixed on the side of the match, it gives fire and then people can make use of such given commodity item for productive purpose. The firs cause is the connection and friction that exists between the stick in the match box with the gas on the side of the match.

The external cause is the connection between the stick and the match box, which consist of wooden splints or sticks of cardboard coated with sulphur and tipped with a mixture of sulphide of antimony, chlorate of potash, and gum, the sulphur serving to communicate the flame to the wood or white phosphorus as well as those made from phosphorus sesquisulfide can be struck on any suitable surface. And the real cause is such chemical combinations that exist as ingredients that can use the fire to come out that is put on t edge of the stick and the side of the match. Many of the things in this world have one superficial cause, but the real cause is the one that is processed further that makes any given matter to happen. By just looking at the superficial cause, one cannot derive the real truth, but by going further, one can know the reality of things and one can do the necessary precautions before anything bad can happen.

The point on discussing in studying a cause within a cause is important to figure and sort out things in better manner so that people can gain and have  better perspective and knowledge on what they think and do since people should not do things since they like them to do or they want them to happen, but people should figure out further consequences of what they like and want to do even if they are doing it in their daily routine and they are accustomed to doing such things, they should live with state of  consciousness and they should figure out further consequences and they should make the pros and cons of things they undertake so that they can have better life, a life with meaning and undertaking.

In such case, people will be helpful to people, they do not become obstacle to people since they live with the power of reason than blind imitation and with an outbreak of ill-mannered emotions and blind move. Life to any given social environment will be with better insight and consciousness than life of illogical faith and blind arguments since as any given individual lives in such state of mind so that the cumulative effect of that given society and community will be a life of greater hope and brighter realms.

As more wrong people are found as good examples to society, the wrong goes to the thinking machinery of such given social dynamics. In such wrong machinery, to bring about transformative change and significant achievement will be chimera; since the tools that are fabricated and selected to promote noble ideas are broken ones, obsolete, and handicapped. Any vision and goal goals needs tools and instruments compatible to undertake and implement its visions and goals, otherwise such claims are good actors and performers in movies than in the real world.

It is simple, compared to humans, to change grass, stone and sands, to make them look magnificent and beautiful since they can be shaped by humans and they have no such freewill that exist in their given reality that make them oppose or reject such kinds of ordained claims upon them and they are already destined to accept but it is not a trouble-free idea to change the thinking machinery and minds of human society since changing human mind requires quite a mindset and transformative thought that can touch the hearts and minds of not only few people, but the entire social dynamics and framework of society.

Rights VS Uniqueness

March 26, 2016

Speaking similar language, belonging to related ethnic group or culture and other belongings which people do towards any given domain and domesticated community or society is not warranty that such people should share similar thinking, ideology and belief in regard to life on this plane of existence due to the fact that search for meaning and mystery in life is one of the natural process of life that everyone carries out that could create some sort of differences in the way people perceive human reality and life in this world.

When people belong to similar culture or community, it is obvious that they share similar language. Sharing similar language create some kind of good communication and interaction ground for such people but such sharing is not again a guarantee that such people live with peace and comfort since one of the complications and challenges every society faces is conflict that exist within particular culture or society, but they have different thinking on the perception in relation to the method of life which they employ though they share or speak similar language.

There are certain people who communicate and interact smoothly and nicely while belonging to different culture and as they speak different languages than those people who share similar languages and culture. This is one good indication that shows people have some sort of mysterious connection even if they do not belong to similar culture and language. Understanding and smoother communication in life is not only about sharing similar language and culture, but similar understanding and perception of life.

This happens due to the fact that human reality is about thinking and thinking has no culture and language. Language and culture are reflections and manifestation of thinking and they are one of the results of thinking realm but they are not the beginning and end of such thinking realm. Language is a means and a tool by which any given thinking is revealed and addressed, and culture is a realm and a city by which such thinking creates.

In such city of culture and language, there are only few individuals who deviate from such practices and thinking any given society and culture is made up of and such people by virtue of their endeavor and attempt in seeking the mysteries of life, they do not go by the norm and they are considered as something unacceptable due to the fact that they think and behave differently, and such deviations could come up about with its own good fruit as time goes by as far as their thinking is timely and acceptable by others  and like-minded people in due course of time.

And one of the manifested actions and reactions in this regard is religion. People could share similar culture and language, but they could belong to different religions since belief is another element n which people do come  up in life as matter of their given perception and interpretations in life and thus they share similar language and culture, but they have or belong to different religion. In such case, people do vary as per the context of their given belief though they share similar language.

Religion and cultures are sometimes living together and getting married as they in other scenarios of life live separated and they are in divorce too depending on the variables and mechanics of any give society in which in certain societies religion and culture are mixed up, but in other societies, religion and culture are distinctly treated and undertaken since culture is about social make up and social organization and it has geographical boundaries but religion is beyond such social make up and organization, but also creating mystical communion with the divine and is universal reality and has no boundary.

The other aspect of such differentiations people obtain in such process of life is in terms of their given political belief and determinations they have, though they share and speak same language and ethnicity, the political stand and willpower they manifest in life put them in different colors and ways of life and hence people do differ by something though they share similar culture too. The mass belongs to any given culture and way of life even if they do not have something to promote as an ideology in life.

The other given aspect of such realities of life in which people vary though they belong to similar culture and they speak similar language is the philosophical ideology and understanding they draw from in life and such way of interpreting and understanding their given life make them think and see things in different perspectives and such people differ from the norm as result of their version and derived understanding and perception of life.

Quite interestingly, there is another cause for the divide of those people who share similar language and culture, especially those who live in developing nations, which is the desire and quest people have in obtaining better life, they immigrate to developed and other better countries and they seek better economic life and they come up with different identity and  personality, and they add another culture, which could be quite contrary to the values that they used to have and they used to belong and they live in creating hybrid community and society due to economic needs and other persuasive reasons such as escaping war, and other domestic conflicts. Such gap of people do come up with their given different identity make them look a bit different and they have also different thinking, not based on any religious, philosophical, or political, but they got to share another culture which is not their own, and they have their own different identity and group.

Sharing certain things in common with others is very human experience and deviations from what people share in common in life is also another normal human activity since it is diversity of life, thinking, system and way of life that adds certain color and flavor in life than uniformity. Uniformity makes life boring and it is not one of the natural characters of this world since life and nature has diverse character and scenario. What could be important in here is that on how society differs one from the other, in terms of appreciating and respecting such given human diversity.

The space that exists between such diversified human societies is a space that cannot be measured like physical distance and space one, but it is reality that can be recognized and sensed as matter of peoples’ observation and understanding on what is objectively and outwardly manifested and revealed and communicated. And such scenario of life is one of the natural character tics of life in this world though such space are handled and managed in both peaceful mechanism and non peaceful mechanism due to many other human factors and reasons.

Base on such given understanding and highlight, one can deduce that there are certain people who wear the hat of the divines on the outside, and they claim, they are divine, but they are not in real terms as to other people observe them in their interaction and communications are further processed and noticed; as there are those people who does not wear the hat of such divinity on the outside, but they have real and genuine life in their give inside. People should not be tricked by what they see on the image and outside since inward aspect of life is a different scenario of life.

Most people are judgmental in life. To the contrary, there is customary saying, do no judge the book by its cover. Why do people judge any give book by its cover? One possible reason is due to the title or cover of the book; the other reason is, they could hate the writer; the other reason is that they have no experience of reading any book from first to last page and such listing can go on. However, there are two major political drama which such people want to promote as one is their give failure and the other is they have their own hidden agenda to promote on others. By being judgmental, people put certain kinds of curtain and walls that veils them to see things far beyond from their given biases and prejudices too.

The first one is that such people want other people to be in certain shape and color and scenario of life since they have already come to certain definitive conclusion about others without having true and correct grasp of others due to their own failure; the second is understanding other people require quite  capacity  since many people judge others by the standards at hand, and what is quite strange in here is that they do not even question on the integrity of their standards when they are true, complete, adequate, perfect and the like.

Therefore, when things go wrong and happen quite contrary to what any given society think, wish and claim, it is not the things and matters that are wrong, and they should be considered as evil or wrong, but it is their given standards that should be checked and rechecked. This is what they say ugly truths, truths which most people do not like and want to happen, buy they happen since they should. In such cases it is safer, better and wiser to accept such kinds of truths than rejecting them due to the fact that accepting such kinds of truth requires quite capacity such as detachment, courage, integrity, honesty and other related aspects.

Accepting one’s one failure in cases is better and greater than rejecting the truth. Though it is possible to deceive and trick many other people, but it is foolish, rubbish and quite waste of time to deny, hide and fight the truth due to the fact that one million false cannot be converted into one single truth since one false plus one false is two false; one false minus one false is zero, not even a single truth.

Consequently, sharing and living in similar compound and domain is not warranty that all people should share similar thinking and way of life, but it is quite safe and wise to think in very welcoming and accommodating manner to what such few people think differently as they think outside the box; and thinking outside the box does not mean that such people have lost their consciousness. A good society and community respects such people perception of life where as bad societies perceive such people in bad way. The problem, in cases, goes not on what such people think and perceive, but what others perceive and understand such peoples thinking.

Cutting throat or hugging Shoulder!?

March 24, 2016

What can you say to a man who tells you he prefers obeying God rather than men, and that as a result he is certain he will go to heaven if he cuts your throat?” Voltaire. This is one of the challenging understanding of the concept of God which everyone finds on the earth in which the idea of God is confused in relation to the belief and faith they have develop with imaginary realms than what can be seen and touched.

When any given understanding is derived in relation to what is objectively and practically translated on the physical earth, life has its own great meaning otherwise such contradiction and conflict in terms of perceiving and interpreting such realities of life do put this world in chaos and confusion as result of such illusory understanding and perception of God, which cannot be known by any being in descriptive manner.

What is God? Who is God? Where is God? Why do we need God?  Is God something that can only be raveled to one culture or society in way they like and want to be described and revealed Do we need the idea of God for conflict and contradiction or love and harmony? Which one describes and reveals God in honorable and profound manner? Does cutting throats of other people honor or degrade the idea and station of God? Cannot we change such idea of cutting throat to hugging peoples shoulder as one idea of God?

There are many inquires many people raise and are making since such subtle and difficult issue are becoming the cause of conflict and contradiction. Such given conflict and contradiction cannot be resolved by formulating and establishing another religion with another perspective, which do add another confusion and contradiction, but raising tolerance and understanding between existing ones thru two potent forces of this world.

The first one is by the power of education and the second one is by the power of rule of law and justice. Every religion has its own responsibility and accountability in raising awareness and educating their respective adherents so that love and peace, tolerance and forbearance should settle amongst the world and mankind. When such failure comes to place, ever nation and government is also accountable and responsible to secure justice and security within its own domain since one of the job description of any government is not only to make society and citizens happy and smiling face but also to interfere in conflicting and contradicting cases and issues between societies and secure peace and tranquility within its domain. This is how the world functions!!

In matters pertaining to God in which God has no specified territory, citizenship, culture, race, color, sex, age, nationality, profession, ethnicity, nation, and so on listing, it is indeed difficult to claim ownership, responsibility and accountability due to the fact that such given idea of claiming any given authority and power in connection with the idea of God is tantamount to one of the blasphemous act due to the fact such given idea and concept is not only controversial but also a matter of life and death thing that could end many people and society to bloodshed and unnecessary conflict and contradiction.

Most people and societies want to reflect and their given responsibility and accountability to God, not by performing the right things to do within their life and in their life, but thru pointing fingers on others, blaming other people and societies which is one of the becoming characteristics of society and people. Most people want to show their given loyalty to system which they advocate not by manifesting the right virtues and thinking within lives, but by fighting and making others wrong and bad people. This is one of the becoming and normal human drama that is going on this world.

As quite interesting remark to mention on one of the famous Khlail Gibran quote, God says, love your enemies and then I loved myself, which is a witty remark in which such given idea originates from the idea of that ego or self is the enemy of any being in which, such self is the enemy of any being and if God says love your enemies, there is no way that one could go first to one’s neighborhood, who could be an enemy, if any, but the enemy that exist within that should be love at first. This means, that selfishness and self centered approaches will be on stage as this is one of the practical dramas operating within the human society on stage.

The point in here is that most people and societies are self centered and they want to show their degree of sacrifice and love to the claims they make to God, by respecting and listening to their given ego and ambition than what the real and truthful reality of God could deliver. By agreement, God is universal reality and unknowable essence and such unknown-ability is found described and stated in knowable manner since life in relation to such given aspect and matter is matter of and about convention.

Agreement cannot comply to the truth even if such agreement is made between the whole population of the entire world, this does not mean that they are correct and truthful to due to the controversial subject and nature and complex aspect of the reality of God. Human agreement is not warranty to remove universal truths and for instance, by such give general agreement such as  the ray and light of sun cannot be removed, but people have the right and choice to carry an umbrella and be in shed,  or use the power of electricity invented by Thomas Edison. This does not mean that the universal reality will be removed and cannot bring light to the world.

Whatever derivation and interpretation people and society deliver, an entity called God, cannot be defined and known by general assumption and convention and what any give people and society can have is what is in their given palm than what that given universal reality should deliver, assuming such unknown reality become knowable, its unknown-abilty will be in question and it will be no more unknowable in due course of time. Can this happen, one does not eve think so!!

The Numbers of Happiness!?

March 22, 2016

One of the interesting aspects of human life going on stage at this point of time in this given world is an approach currently employed in which happiness become a reality that comes by establishing institution of happiness in which a certain given process of life is considered as goal, certain societies are trying to come up with laws and policies on how to become happy or create happy society. The idea and conceptual thinking is good, but its practicality sounds vague since happiness is process of life that comes as result of doing many good things in life than people seek to achieve it.

The drive to measure happiness in scientific manner sounds a good try, but this sounds that such way and method of measuring happiness in terms of any give individual or society level require its own mysterious mindset due to the fact that poor man or nation can have better level of happier state of being in life than rich man or society and such man could not be delivered any kind of social support from outside part, as those standards claim. When happiness comes in listing, it creates its own biases and prejudice due to reasons that those standards are done with intention of meriting certain segment of society.

It is good to plan to be happy, but happiness is reality that comes as result of thinking, feeling, behaving and doing something good, which has chains of actions and reactions of life. As result of thinking and doing good, people are encircled with all kinds of chaos and bad conditions of life, still there is much things to be done since it is not possible to be happy while one is encircles with all kinds of chaotic and bad conditions of life even if one is not in such condition, the suffering of other people should make others to share such pain and grief. Otherwise, life would be meaningless and life on this world will be life of self centered and ego oriented approach, people do not care about other people well being.

Such state of being and approach of life do lead many people to be self centered and they will be in state of thinking and feeling comfortable in way that if I am fine and the rest is in bad, such people tend to think that I do not care about others. How can people be happy while others are sad, and this makes the idea and concept of happiness is in vague terms and conditions? The happiness of any given individual and society can be measured on how far it contributes to the welfare and happiness of others, not on the amount of happiness one enjoys in one’s compound and home.

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. A variety of biological, psychological, religious and philosophical approaches have striven to define happiness and identify its sources. Aristotle defines happiness depends on the cultivation of virtue.

According to Buddha, Happiness (sukkha) is that which can be borne with ease; suffering (dukkha) is that which cannot be borne with ease.” This is about as simple and direct a definition of happiness as you can come up with. Buddhist teaching says that what is not happiness, false happiness if you will, is the gratification of desires, because for one thing, desire is rooted in the delusion of the discrete self, and for another, this kind of gratification only leads to more desire. The more one wants the more one gets, and the more one gets the better one gets at wanting, and so we become stuck in a seemingly never-ending spiral of want-it, get-it, want-some-more, get-some-more, and so on.

When societies declare to the world at large that they are planning to be the happiest of all nations, this means that they are planning to have a high level of social capital—meaning as experts in the field claim that they have generalized trust, good governance, and mutual support by individuals within the society—are conducive to pro-social behavior. Some countries show evidence of high social capital, while others show the opposite: generalized distrust, pervasive corruption, and lawless behavior. Are such standards warranty to happiness and how?

According to news article published on CNN, What makes a country happy? Is it wealth, freedom or a trustworthy government? According to the latest World Happiness Report, compiled by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the United Nations, all these factors are key, and measuring happiness is fast becoming a good measure of social progress.

Six key factors were measured to establish a global ranking of the happiest countries;

  • GDP per capita,
  • social support,
  • healthy life expectancy,
  • freedom to make life choices,
  • generosity and
  • perceptions of corruption.

Only five African countries rank among the top 100, and eight of the last ten overall are in Sub-Saharan Africa, having ranked very low on some of the key factors that lead to happiness.

The United Arab Emirates is not leaving the cheerfulness of its citizens to chance, appointing its first minister of happiness. Ohood Al Roumi was sworn into the post this week, one of eight female ministers in the Persian Gulf nation’s 29-member Cabinet. According to the latest United Nations World Happiness Report, which measures everything from a nation’s generosity to its gross domestic product, the UAE is the 20th happiest country in the world.

Most claim that such way perception has more political approach, sentiments and understanding due to the complexity and controversial aspect of the subject matter of happiness in terms of any given individual life, societal and institutional aspect too. And the happiness and sadness of one person affects the other, and in such world, in world where many kinds of statistical data are delivered on the wrongs and bad of individuals and societies, it is premature to think of state of being of happiness though it could exist to some extent, but is not something that can be delivered for official consumptions.

The statistical data deliver on type wrongs of individuals and societies do indicate something that the world should work very and very hard to be in such state of happiness since statistical data in many human sectors and undertaking which society undergo tell many bad features and aspects of the world though there are good things too, but such good things are going on in way they cannot overshadow the bad such as health problems, economic challenge and stresses, political aspects and lack of freedom and justice society seeks,  and individuals face, and many other human drams on stage too.

It is good to be systematic and organized and arrange such aspects of life in scientific manner though the tools at hand are not adequate and sufficient enough to measure the reality of happiness since happiness is state of being that comes not only by holy water or magic or scientific arguments and methods, it requires other mysterious aspects of life due to the fact that happiness is one of the mysterious aspects and realities of life.