The Great Reflection

February 25, 2016

There were two TV series films which I watched with great interest and enthusiasm while I used to live in Israel ten years ago. These movies are, “Sex and The city” and “Friends”. Both are very interesting since they deliver very profound thinking and practical ideals not only about life in America, but also to any citizen in the world. They inspired me lot while I used to live in abroad and they removed the kinds of boredom things which I was supposed to face since such given movies are not only entertaining but also educative and inspiring about life too. Thank You Hollywood!!

Recently, I was into YouTube, watching the reunion of the actors in the movie, FRIENDS, in which five of them attended that given gathering and one was in absence due to personal commitment. This reunion made think that it is continuation of the movie itself that ended and it also made me realize and remember those good and unforgettable memories I had obtained while watching it. The kind of paradox that exist between the movie and I was I watched it alone, not with any types of friends. But the move inspired a lot was very helpful at that given point of life.

The movie made me think and reflect on many aspects of personal and social lives which an individual should carry on, not only in America, but as individual at any given point of life who live at any corner of the earth too since it delivers a greater perspective on how other people are not only useful but also essential to one another life and plan that people should undertake in life since having peoples company add certain kind of color and flavor to one’s life and it encourages people to appreciate life and get inspired by life too.

This is one of the profound bestowals of Hollywood since such movies add not only perspective and certain dimensions on people understanding and appreciation about life, but they also clear confusions and conflicts that do exist between people society, institutions and individuals too. Amongst the confusions one personally had, in which this particular movie cleared, one’s misconception and misunderstanding about life in America.

I was told that life in America is about individualism, to the extent as one heard a person saying, you cannot talk to person next to you without his/her permission and the kind of like things in which there are many things like, you cannot do this or that, and one asked the person, what about talking to myself, and that person stared. In any case, the movie delivered profound direction and dimension that communal life in America is also possible in fact by far greater sense and beauty as well.

Sex and the city is not only about sex, but on how people think and perceive sex. It is about the philosophy of sex and the rationale individuals carry behind sex and sexual feelings which people have in life. It in cases opens the appetite of sex and as it closes too since such are part and processes of life. It gives an idea on how sex determines individual destiny and affects their daily routines and even their future life plans too. It gives an interesting perception and attitude which varied people have in relation to sex, and their given state of mind and various types and stages of processes they pass in relation to the thinking and doing of sex. The movie relates the natural gift every human being are bestowed by nature—sex—to any given individual life along with the fact that how such natural gift can be articulated and understood in life too.

When art and any given related art works fill the vacuum that exist in any given society, its effect and purpose will be magnificent. It survives in people hearts and mind forever. Such art works does not mean they repeat what societies are doing in daily basis, they are not like replays people watch on soccer game on a TV since art is beyond mirror due to the fact that it gives direction, and insight; art works give certain thinking on how things should be done and be, since such types of art works are not talking and moving photographs.

When art is used for propaganda, they lose meaning and direction since they could misdirect and misguide individuals to wrong ends and disappointments as Socialism and other related social systems have done in life. When art works are used to deliver profound insight and understanding about life, it makes most people to appreciate and admire life and hence, their existence is weighty and highly important. Those actors who participate in such areas are highly respected and praiseworthy since they are not instruments or bullets of propaganda, but instruments and rays of wisdom and insight.

The significant element for art to be instrumentality of insight and wisdom is the political mindset of society’s structure in which freedom is the core aspect any given social dynamics to entertain and art is the reflection of society’s political and social dynamics. Free society thinks and behaves in free way and this does not mean that thinking and behaving in free way violating other people right and freedom. Everyone respects everyone and the amount and type of freedom that exist in such social dynamics know the limit.

When suppression of freedom and rights are going on in every society, profound and imaginative art works cannot be entertained and exercised lively and freely. Art is about insight and thinking; insight and thinking are directly related to the ideas and practicality of the concept of freedom; the amount and type of insight contained in any given art work is also reflection of the freedom factor to which such people or society possess. In such given social dynamics, where freedom is restricted, such types of art works live, beautifully and comfortably, in jail since the amount and the type of freedom such art work demands is under question.



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