The Two factors!!

February 22, 2016

Plato said reality consists of two realms. First, there is the physical world, the world that we can observe with our five senses. And second, there is a world made of eternal perfect “forms” or “ideas.” Forms, according to Plato are perfect templates that exist somewhere in another dimension, but he does not tell us where. These forms are the ultimate reference points for all objects we observe in the physical world. They are more real than the physical objects you see in the world.

For example, a chair in your house is an inferior copy of a perfect chair that exists somewhere in another dimension. A horse you see in a stable is really an imperfect representation of some ideal horse that exists somewhere. In both cases, the chair in your house and the horse in the stable are just imperfect representations of the perfect chair and horse that exist somewhere else.

Bearing this in mind, one can deduce that this world is world of imperfection, and what one could do in here is to strive for perfection, to the best of everything, not only with tools and instruments that are provide up to now, but also with one’s imaginative faculty and intuitive power, which is reflection of the perfect world which we do not know. In such case, what imaginative minds could do is they see the beyond realities and facts, which are considered as theories or assumptions, and they could be ridiculed. When they are ridiculed, it is good sign that they are truthful and correct at sometime in the future.

This could lead to an understanding that everyone is searching and finding for the perfect and true self on daily manner since the perfect self does exist somewhere else. Everyone drives and they go between many paths and cross sections of life due to keen desire and interest they have for life and they employ different kinds of approaches to finding the perfect self and oneself in their given reality. People could choose all kinds paths and mechanisms for life so that they can reach, govern or find such true or perfect self by their own accent and style of life which they have chosen in their given existence in here. The point in here is that do the path or mechanism which they employ help them to reach to that given perfect point or self which they aspire, that they should answer to their own.

In order to find out the accuracy and truthfulness of such kinds of mysterious phenomena of life, this world has undertones its own limitation since there are two basic factors that limit such mysteries not to be understood or comprehended as they are. The first one is that mysterious aspects of realities of life cannot permit anyone who passes by them to befittingly understand and accept them as true since they are mysteries and they need perspectives and mindset. The second one is that such mysteries cannot be proven right or wrong since the tools and instruments this world has at hand cannot sufficiently prove them right or wrong due to tools’ inadequacy to prove them.

For instance, Albert Einstein theory of the gravitational waves, which age more than 100 years, are proven right and detected recently though he was ridiculed at the time. Now, professionals in the field had developed instrument to verify this theory and they cannot prove such view as wrong since it becomes self evident now. The point behind such story is that there are certain realities that are beyond ordinary human conception and what this world could deliver since this world does not have adequate tools or instruments to prove such aspects of life as true or false, and this does not mean that such things do not exist or they are not true, due to inadequacy of instruments at hand, there are mysteries and realities of life that cannot be proven due to time factor.

And hence, few people could come up with powerful imagination, they could tell something and the whole world could give its back to them but as time goes by, things change, the whole world will be after their back and they follow as to what they deliver since they have truth far beyond than everything and everyone. This is one of the becoming natures of this world since the drama behind such incident, at one aspect, is that this world is governed by few ambitious and egoistic personalities who do not want to accept whatever thing that they do not like or they do not want, but they should.

The other aspect and case is that the ignorance factor since they have no adequate scale of measurement to testify such people as wrong or right.  And they prefer to go by the usual sentiment and thinking that accepting certain mysteries and realities of life due to the fact if such given aspect of life do affect them, or if they have deceived or follow wrong way of life, and as such new and different mysteries and realities of life could prove them wrong, and out of fear of the new and different ones, they prefer to stick to the usual ones as there is saying which goes like, the known devil is better than the what the unknown angel deliver, and such saying is derived out of the fear of the new ones, at one given aspect, which is an outcome of fear of having change in life.

The theatrical events and happenings of life are going on its way since life goes on by two ways or approaches. The first one is on what people can deliver, since they can plan and implement and the other one is there is mysterious phenomena that goes far beyond the conception and comprehension of human thinking and imagination, whose cause is still unknown. The limited mind can go by its limited thinking and way of life, where as the unlimited one does have its own way of operating and doing things since none can interfere in such forces and undertaking. It is pretty much good that there are certain things people, government or whatever worldly and earthly forces cannot prevent and control and this makes life on the earth quite interesting and fascinating too.




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