Why do People Change!?

February 15, 2016

Life on the earth is quite interesting for many reasons. Amongst the main reason, in relation to any ordinary individual life, one does interact with another person, with society or community, with certain institutions, with system and way of life and with other objects of interaction and communication. In such interaction and communication, both good and bad things happen, and the crux lies not on the good and bad things which people face, but on how they handle such good and bad, in which the attitude plays major role in shaping such given individuals reality.

Is it the desire and seek for new things in life that drive people to have change or change is the very natural force and process of life that force people to make change in life? Can everyone escape change in life? Is change a natural duty people should perform or a choice which people should make in life? Who creates change, nature or people? Why do we need change in life, for good or bad? What does change in good or bad mean?

Change is natural process of life. Change is come by the choice which people make in life. Both nature and actions ad reactions of life on the earth will make people to think and make about change in life, change about any given individual life, social and community life, institutional and other given aspect of the human life. Change is a natural and fundamental process of life which individuals, communities and societies and institutions are bestowed by nature and process of life which they come about by the natural freewill and freedom which they are bestowed to exercise and practice in their daily undertakings.

And it sot possible to ask, why do people change since they change due to the fact that it is natural to change in thinking, behavior, feelings and emotion, in deeds and acts and other humanly related aspects, actions and reaction. In fact, it could be quite surprising when people do not change since change is one of the natural laws and forces of the human way of life. Unless and otherwise, people do not have better and other choices and alternatives of life, they change since they are human. Change is one of the spices of life that augment people’s appreciations for life. Everything changes.

In such process of life, the individual interacts with certain social system or way of life, be it religious or political, there are varied stages and processes of interaction. In such interaction, certain individual and system of life will live getting married together while others deviate and get divorce at any given point of their life. This does not mean that the individual is lost and dead, has no life as same is true to the system of life too. Both continue their journey of life in their own accent and fashion.

As part of one’s experience and gesture of life, especially in personal decisions people make in relation to the way and system of life, decisions and choices people do have two facets. The first one is the system of life cannot govern and dictate my life. The second one is the system of life can continue in way it seeks and it has no any positive or negative relationship as to the growth and decay of such system of life. When individuals deviate, this does not mean they declare holy war on such system of life since such personal decision is personal and contextual, and it varies as per one’s understanding and maturity.

To elucidate this matter further, when one decides to be follower of certain system of life, the main rational is not to contribute to the growth of such system of life, but such system of life is worthwhile to practice in one’s life since it has constructive impact in one’s way of life and thinking. This decision does have its own effect on the growth of such system of life which is automatic. The purpose why one decides to be part and parcel of any system of life is due to the fact one is primarily beneficiary from such system of life.

The same is true when one decides to stop practicing and being member of any given way and system of life, the main rational is that such system of life is not worth to practice and follow, which do have an automatic effect and consequence on its undertaking and goals it set to achieve. The purpose why one stops practicing such system of life is not to attack such system of life, but rather, one is not beneficiary from such system of life afterwards due to one’s own reason and thinking. One could sacrifice as to stay in it with compromise, as there is affection but as there is no affection, there is no point for sacrifice.

In this case, the individual is free to decide which way to go, it is not to the system of life to tell, due to the fact that the concept of freewill and freedom should strictly adhered and such kinds of personal decisions make any given system and way of life to think further and make its own contemplation on working machinery of the systems and on its failures it makes in violating individual freedom and rights, and this can happen if the system is wise, since such decision is clear indication that system and ways of life is overriding and is manipulative of  individual freedom and rights even if the individual is member of any given social group for decades.

In such scenario of life, there are two types of individuals that exist in any given system and way of life, as being member of any given social group. The first ones are those individuals who submit their own everything to the system and way of life which they practice and follow. The second ones are those individuals who cannot do such a thing, but they practice any given doctrine since that doctrine deliver some kind of benefit to them and society, but they are not in position to submit their lives and properties as others do.

In the first case of followers, they make all kinds of sins and mistakes in life since they are human even if they deliver all kinds of things they have to such system, they could probably use such sacrifice they make as cover and means of justifying their human failures too, but in later types of individuals, such act of sacrifice to system and way of life is not there, but they are understood by the system as part-time followers and lovers of any given cause which they follow. Both kinds of people exist in all systems and ways of life.

In relation to thinking, deeds, ethics and other human aspects, both kinds of people could have similar or closer perspectives and approaches in life and people could not see many differences in their personal lives. Although those who sacrifice many things could be understood as people of better and greater capacity than those who do not, life cannot be easy as people find out something which they do not like to practice and follow in due course of time as they change and mature in thinking and understanding. And this is one of the natural freedom and freewill which people are entitled to have in life.

In reality, those who deliver everything to such system of life, if such system is promoting injustice, they facilitate such injustice as the vice versa is true.  As Henry Thoreau said, the best place for just people within unjust system is prison. Here prison has ironic meaning since they live suppressed under such system as one good reason and the state of being is in prison; the second one is just people by their very nature do revolt against any system since they are not patient to see injustice and they cannot be tolerant toward any unjust thinking and activity within any give system and way of life they respectively belong. When they revolt, they could be put in prison is the other aspect.

Why do people change in thinking and outlook and deviate from any given way and system of life is discussed before but as general category and factors of reason, such matter has dual facets. The first one is individuals change as they get mature in thinking and perspective, different experience and exposure get in touch with them, and the types of experience and exposures which they face in life do determine the types of change they make in life. The second ones is the system and way of life by itself does also change in due course of time and certain deviations do visit such system and way of life.

Rudimentary science principle states that every action has its own equal and opposite reaction. In such cases, such changes individuals make in life is compatible with that of system of life, they can go together since they can travel at same frequency and wave length, as there is gap and spaces in such nature of changes between the individual and system of life, they get divorce at any give pint since the law of attraction does not take place. This is very natural and automatic and this happens for the good of both, not to merit one since such process of life is healthy and acceptable.

Both, the individual and system of life, are naturally free to change and they have freewill to change since change is the very nature of life in this world. In fact, the problem comes when they do not even change. However, the types of change they make do affect with each other in which the will factor is another aspect that determine in creating certain connection and continuity with one another. While such change is come, the connection between the two will also change, in cases, it could get lose, and in another case, it could get stronger.

When such change does affect the nature and character of any given and system of life in significant manner, individuals’ revolt and make their own decisions and what we call revolution could explode within such system of life. When the change is done in way that it cannot affect the very fundamentals, nature and character of system of life, individuals could compromise and continue with same frequency level to the system and way of life they respectively belong. However, the matter and idea of significance is left as to the context of and mercy of individuals understanding and interpretations and perception of life and the system of life too. This is very personal too!!


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