A Color of Paradox!?

February 12, 2016

Bob Marley said in one of his works, you say you love rain, but you use an umbrella to walk under it. You say, you love sun, but you seek shade when it is shining. You say you love wind, but when it comes you close your window. So that that is why I am scared when you say you love me. This is quite fascinating statement that refers to the confusions and contradictions which people face on what they think, they say and they do, in which all are falling apart.

Love is one of the abstract realities of life whose translation and manifestation to the objective world is in something tangible and simple actions and deeds in life. One of the tangible manifestations of love is to sacrifice, to sacrifice means to love. People sacrifice to the things which they love and are affectionate of, to the people which they are fond of, to the cause which they dearly cherish and are attracted to, to the system which they think worthwhile and noble, to a nation which their hearts cry on and so on.

In such drama of life, most people claim that they have great love for their given nation, but their love is highly reflected on the abstract part and unseen elements than the seen and tangible ones, they forget to reflect and manifest such given love towards the most noble element and component of their given nations, such as the human being, in which they prefer to love the soil, sand, tree, grass, forest and weather than their fellow human beings, brothers and sisters. In this case, such love is good actor in their own drama and theatrical stage of life than their beloved nation since such love cannot be reflected in hatred, enmity and hostility with one another.

When people sacrifice, they lose something in what they love for the sake of the other otherwise there is no such love. In country or nation which they dearly cherish, one should lose something for the other in order to magnify and glorify a nation which they all greatly and highly love and respect otherwise love cannot be manifested in egoistic thinking and personalities, in greed and attachment to one’s own thinking and values which everyone thinks in one’s own way. While such kind of theatrical drama is on stage, people love and respect peoples own ideology and value than nations’ value and ideology.

Nation is an abstract element of life in which its values are constructed by the thinking, belief, practice, cultures, historical accounts, visions, deeds and other related components of individuals, institutions and communities, whose synergetic effect and influence create some kind of abstract but commonly manifested and reflected thinking and deeds in its own domain, which later on give to a reality called an identity.

In such abstract and commonly practiced identity, nation delivers useful energy and dynamist to every house hold, depending on everyone’s will, capacity and choice they make in life and it serves as power house to every individual, community and institutions that belongs to it so that today can be better than yesterday as tomorrow can be better than today and yesterday. Such constructive thinking and practice can be gained when every individual, institution and community has shared thinking, belief, values, practice and other related aspect towards one common nation.

This can be gained by only one great factor and instrument, which is by true, loyal, honest, genuine, strong, and just leadership. Such leadership does not have to talk about it since its results are objectively seen and felt in every home, and in every individual thinking and values of life. Such leadership does not have to organize workshop and conferences in order to testify and justify such given claims, its works, influences and undertakings are clearly visualized and objectively manifested on the stage without confession and testimonies.

Politics is a common space—thinking, intellectual, belief, values, visions—created by society so as to accommodate and entertain such needs of individuals, societies or communities and institutions that exist in any given social dynamics, with equity and fairness. When such fairness cannot be created by such given political machinery, there is something wrong and missing and it should check its own and should verify its systems, undertakings and policies and other given aspects than it goes out to the self protectionism agenda.

When such given politics is sick and it should be cured by other skilled physicians than by its own since it is not possible to do it; it should seek advises and counsels from those that are better rand well performing than go by its own failed drama; it should ask help from other developed and matured political systems on how to create better political system and environment than go by its own passions and emotions that could spoil many things. How come a patient can cure its own disease by its own way of life?

Such kind of remedial actions and curing its own problems by its own in failed political system and drama, it is like taking pain killers all the time than resolving and removing problems from its root since this is one of the things which everyone see in every time due to the fact that solutions which such kinds of political systems deliver remove challenges and difficulties for short term and they do not even last longer.

Good nation can be established by healthy political system and structure. In such political system and structure, when people manifest true love to their nation, not only a kind of love towards its tress, soils and weather and the like, but a kind of love towards its fellow human citizens, the safety and security of such nation is securely established. It is not only historical account but also present trend and future destination that truly determine its integrity and visions and unity as well.


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