Top to Bottom

February 5, 2016

Life becomes more interesting as people find things that could add certain amount of understanding in the realities of life. And what is quite fascinating in life is that it makes one wonder to reflect on certain aspect of life in one’s own way. One wants to correlate in here the human anatomy with the way this world operates and functions. This is just only one aspect of life in this world as there are other and different ways of considering such realities of life in their own way and manner. And this is just a top to bottom approach as there is also bottom to top approach, in which both are true and useful.

The three features of life is common and what this world shares at all level and in every part of society and social dynamics and the synergetic effect of such combination and integration makes life to be sound and dynamic since such components and elements of life are equally essential and important and one cannot live without the support of the other. Hence, in such arena of life, everything is intermingled and interconnected with each other.

And any given undertaking will bear its nobles fruit as it can integrate and harmonize such three components of life in expeditious and valuable manner otherwise life will lose meaning and purpose. Life can have better taste and flavor when any given society and its undertaking delivers vibrant energy and motivation in every household without discrimination, bias and prejudice. Life can also be motivating and inspiring when any given society and its undertaking has energetic and hearty effect on the life of every individual.

Further elucidating this matter, in the human anatomy and physiological make of the human body, which consist of cells, tissues, bones, bloods and flesh, in one aspect of such anatomy, along with the other and higher aspects of the human body, which are organs, such as liver, lungs, kidney, heart, and other organs that are connected by highest part, such as nervous, respiratory and other systems in which the veins are used to help the blood flow and regulation within the body veins and a given system is channeled by certain human mechanism which nature bestows in way that every cell is connected to any given system within the human body by coordinated and concerted way so that human health is  securely established and maintained.

It is the healthy combination and integration and coordination of cell and tissue along with organs that deliver and have an impact on the systems within the human anatomy that make life to be in state of heath or not and such useful and essential parts and components of human body that make every being human and make to live in healthy and safety manner. People do vary from one to the other as they have better organization and integration though the inventory is same. Life can be better understood and interpreted in way such people have useful and essential combination and harmony within the human anatomy and physiological make of life.

Life on this world and the entire structure and organization of this world can be likened to the body politic of the human anatomy and physiological make up of the human frame in which the whole world is operating in way that the human body functions which nature bestows and every individual can be likened to every single cells, every nation and society can be likened to liver, kidney and other organs, and every human system is likened to every global system which this world is organized to function and operate such as nervous, respiratory and other human metabolic systems.

In this connection, every cell lives and dies as every individual lives and dies and they are important and necessary for the function and operation of the human body whose cumulative effect could lead to the malfunction of organs and when it goes beyond to the system as every organ fail to operate, it has direct and immediate effect on the effect will be on the nervous and respiratory as other systems as every nation fail to function properly, it has its own effect on the global function and environment as well and as every system fails to function and operate, it has its own direct consequences on the well being of the entire health and security of the human body and when every global system fails to function in appropriate way, it has its own immediate danger to the global security and safety and life on this world too.

When the human anatomy and its systems are healthy, the cells to be replaced in every cycle will be clean and healthy so that life continues like that in way the system give birth to new and health cells that do have an impact on every organs along with the continuing effect of the system as well as such replacement of life of individuals are linked to the entire global system and how it functions and operates as the continuity and health of the entire world is dependent upon how far it is clean and safe and healthy in its undertaking which do have an effect on every individual yet to come. As more healthy individuals are replaced, healthy society is established as more healthy cells come as safe organs are securely established.

We live in world where systems are not that organized and structured in way that noise is the king in every global system that is underway which everyone observes and sees the critics that exist on every global institutions that are organized to solve global challenges and the way such global institutions function and operate is seen by most with eye of doubt and suspicion due to the fact that they are recognized as mouthpiece and promoters of few nations and developed countries agenda and mission. The way globally organized institutions are structured and function do have an impact on societies that are mainly connected to their respective individuals.

As global institutions are sick and weak, they have an impact on the heath and function of society that do have an impact to every given individuals too. In this case, instead of curing and hunting every cell and organ to cure, it is better to reorganize and restructure the system so that every cell shall have better life and safety as they get to replace when they finish their given cycle and even those who are in the process and time of their given cycle can have better life too. Otherwise, things will be in similar vicious circle of crisis and challenges and nothing significant and profound change will take place due to the fact this world is highly interconnected and interrelated in many aspects between cells and organs as systems do than ever and it will be too.

When the change in every system does take place, safety and health of societies shall receive same influence; as organized and strong and healthy global institutions are securely established, the well being of societies and individuals will be maintained and protected.


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