Why Searching!?

January 27, 2016

In the mid day of sun light

Amongst the crowd

Having candle light with his hand

As if one is in dark and at night

A Greek old man is looking

Walking amidst people, but searching

And people ask, what is wrong

In mid day sun, you lit a candle

He replied, I am searching for people

They thought, the man is mad, and abnormal,

But he knows what he is doing, it is day time

There is no need to have candle, though the sun light is enough

May be, he was insulting them, which they do not realize

And same is true in today

History repeats itself in its own day

There are many people, who look for something

But, they are assumed as mad or abnormal by the crowd

Since the crowd thinks, they live in safe and secure place

In place and time, all things to vanish like in second

Nothing is secure or safe; few people live above the law

The mass is under the law

As they say, all are equal, but few are more equal

Justice is buried under prestige

Truth lives under cover, inside lie

People star their journey of life

Like that old Greek man, in mid day sun

Looking for safety, security and justice

Seeking the truth in everywhere




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