The World of Anesthesia

January 26, 2016

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – HELEN KELLER

Unless and otherwise people are in deep state of sleep and unconsciousness, the way society is governed and rule out should be felt and sensed positively in every and single home and household. Otherwise, such given society lives in its own social illness and paralysis. This means that such kinds of social leadership lives by its own; society lives in its own, and things are falling apart. In such given form and way of life, the space that exist between such given leadership and society at large is accommodated by silence and such silence could outburst in and at no time like any given time bomb. Why do society fear leader as far as leaders exist in hearts and minds of society in health manner? Why are individuals are asked to be afraid of leadership or leaders in world they can be respected more  if they approach individual citizens in state of servitude than in state of oppressor?

Such social dynamics lives in utter confusions and frustration. Leaders and leadership should be felt as to their given existence and presence, not only when they legislate on something, they give speeches and pay visit to something or somewhere, but they should live as good friends, lovers and brothers, well wishers and well thinkers of everyone in the hearts of every household and home otherwise they must be something else. Society should love and respect leaders due to the fact they are affectionate towards their given society, not it is because they give bullets, threats, oppression. When such respect and honor is lost, such society lives in oppression and it lives in state of anesthesia. And this is one of the natural and becoming characterizes of the dictatorial ways of life and this world at large.

In the practice of medicine especially surgery and dentistry, anesthesia is an induced, temporary state with one or more of the following characteristics: analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain), paralysis, extreme muscle relaxation, amnesia (loss of memory), and unconsciousness.

An anesthetic is an agent that causes anesthesia. A patient under the effects of anesthesia is anesthetized. An anesthesiologist or anaesthetist is a physician who performs anesthesia.

Likewise, society and the way society functions especially where dictatorship is the identity of any given social dynamics and leadership, such society lives in state of anesthesia since they are daily injected with some kind of social and political drama that make many people to take deliberate deep sleep so that they can be operated and done all kinds of surgeries within their given social and political dynamics.

And thus one could possibly deduce that such kinds of societies are in state of anesthesia since most people sound confused and frustrated in life, they are aided to survive by the counsels and aids of physicians, they get motivational speeches, counseling services and all kinds of support so that they can live longer. Though it is quite good to obtain support from others and individuals and institutions, such way of life is reflection that existing social systems are lamentably defective to remedy such given problems that put most people or members of society to lose confidence in life and obtain useful perspectives on how to live on this world.

People cannot go by their own thinking and belief since this world has no capacity and adequate guidance on how to handle and administer peoples thinking, emotions and feelings in expeditious manner and the only way  to make such people live with self confidence. And thus the space that exists between peoples thinking and belief is administered and managed by force and exercise of power such as laws and constitutions, rule and regulations and by the use of armaments too.

Accordingly, anesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanesthetized patient. Three broad categories of anaesthesia exist:

  • General anesthesia suppresses central nervous system activity and results in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation.

Such given anesthesia could be resembled to constitutions, laws, policies, rules and regulations which are supported by the use of military or police forces since such given society cannot be governed or cannot behave unless and otherwise such given dictators shape society in such way and manner.

  • Sedation(or dissociative anesthesia) inhibits transmission of nerve impulses between the cerebral cortex and limbic system, which inhibits both anxiety and creation of long-term memories.

Such given leadership uses the power of art, sporting and other activities and media so as to make society focus on something so that members of such given society could not think and question on the integrity of the system. They ask them to go in certain direction so that every member of that given society walks in way they are asked to walk, otherwise the end point of their given disobedience is crystal clear. Hence, society takes such injection on daily basis by such given tools and instrumentality.

  • Conduction anesthesia, commonly known as regional or local anesthesia, blocks transmission of nerve impulses between a targeted part of the body and the spinal cord, which causes loss of sensation in the targeted body part. A patient under conduction anesthesia remains fully conscious.

These are related to leaders under that given social dynamics that are networked under regional and local administration that receive orders and instructions from the central governing leadership or dictatorial body, they execute all instructions accordingly.

  • Two categories of regional anesthesia exist. A peripheral blockade inhibits sensory perception in a body part, such as numbing a tooth for dental work or administering a nerve block to stop sensation from an entire limb.

These are individual members of any given social membership, who are daily injected their give ideology and program, and they live in state of anesthesia without even realizing, and they have no clue of the drama on what is going o their given reality, they are just on the face book, and they take everything on the face value, they walk according to the instructions they receive from their leaders without further question and knowledge, out of innocence and out of ignorance too.

  • A central blockade administers the anesthetic around the spinal cord, which suppresses all sensation below the block. Examples of central blockade include epidural and spinal anesthesia.

These are individual members of society, they belong to such given forms and way of life and the follow the program of dictators since they take their own persona advantage, they deep inside, they are not part of that given drama and they do not even accept the program and leadership of such dictatorial leadership but they execute programs and ideology of such leadership since they obtain personal advantages and they promote their own personal interest within that given leadership and dynamics.

What is quite interesting in here is that most people do not realize they are in such state of being, and such state of being is tantamount to those people who are in deep sleep while they are wake. In such way of life, life is quite strange, since there many silly dramas and theaters going on the social dynamics of society that vanish like clouds in the sky as the clear day sun is out on the sky.



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