My Own Personal Numerology

January 23, 2016

Since May 2008, I am working on something which is bit related to numerology though I have my own way of doing things since it is derived by my own method which do make sense to me.

My work is mainly concerned on interconnection of concepts and their practical translation. How concepts and ideas are interrelated and interconnected in many ways on our objective world and their practical translation to this objective world affects our personality and destiny too.

For instance: every letter has numerical value: This is also true in the world of numerology since letters have their corresponding numeric value.

A=1, b=2, c=3 ,… .x=24, y= 25, z= 6 Here, zero is not a number.

The point in here is about words, not letters;

Any given word, say:   book

  1. The numerical value or difference that exist between the first and last letter is equal to the sum of the difference that exist between the first and the second and the second to the third and the third to the fourth such as :

B=2; k= 11= the difference = -9

This equals:

b-o   =2-15= -13

(o-o)   15-15=  0

(o-k)   15-11 = 4

  – 9   ( -13+0+4)

This works true to every word.

  1. Faith and hope have similar numeric value that equals to 44; glory and power have similar numeric values that equal to 77; truth and justice have similar numeric values that equal to 87;

Faith and hope are interconnected concepts in people’s daily communication and interaction with the divine and other human aspects of life; truth is the corner stone of justice in every society in which when the system becomes truthful, justice is done and secured; this is to mean that words beside their original meaning they carry, their assigned numeric values tell something beyond and reinforce their given relationship in better and precise manner since number does not make mistakes and lie. There are also times, two words that have opposing meaning do have same numeric value.

  1. Next is related on the biblical aspect in which Daniel saw four beasts and four kings in the Old Testament, in which John in the revelation stated that the number of the beast is 666.

Take key words, beasts, kings

Beasts= 66

Kings = 60

Beasts and kings = 666(0)= 666

There are also related matters that are going on the present day as such number is calculated and understood further.

  1. 666 = 6+6+6= 18= 1+8= 9

6X6X6= 216= 2X6= 12

9 and 12 are key numbers and they have many ways of further translation to this objective world, which is going on the earth.

There are also many other matters that are related and unrelated to the above mentioned ideas which one is currently undertaking in one’s given home. This is just food for thought.


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