Numerology and I !?

January 21, 2016

In these very days I am into readings on numerology materials, and I have found ot the following summary report, which I am going to share it in here, though I have my own things, but not relate to numerology of individuals destiny and life pat since there is no point of reinventing things as what is on stage sounds adequate and one is not even interested to know the fate of individuals, but rather one is into concepts and ideas too. Any ways, I get the following report on my given numerology which is as follows.  This is just an excerpt.

We took the liberty of analyzing your “3” Life Path, “22” Soul Urge, and “4” Expression Numbers and you’re going to want to see what we found out.

Analysis based on your birth name and date of birth and I’ve discovered some fairly fascinating truths that you’re going to want to look at right away, like:

  • Your deepest desires that you’ve been hushing most of your adult life and what you can do now to finally attain them…
  • Where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy and how you can make an easy and effortless “switch” to end the uphill battle…
  • What makes you tick, your attitude towards work, and the perfect environment you need to flourish professionally…
  • Your secret talents and hidden strengths (and how to use them to get what you truly want!…
  • Powerful insight into your character, quirky personality traits, and the unique ways in which you relate to others, including potential mates…
  • Upcoming challenges and lessons you’re meant to learn in this life as well as unexplored opportunities and endless possibilities to change your life for the better.


There are several sides to your character but your energy is primarily pointed in two contrary directions. A good part of you is probably strong and practical, interested in the business world or similar material activities, but another side of you is free-spirited and adventurous — at least in spirit but often in fact — and doesn’t want to feel restrained in any way. During your youth and young adulthood, you’ll try to balance your need to take care of your material needs and ambitions with your need to do your own thing with as little sense of responsibility as possible. You’ll probably sometimes take care of one and sometimes the other, but rarely to your complete satisfaction. As you get older, you’ll probably learn how to balance your ambitious, practical side with your free-spirited side so that you can feel comfortable with both.


You were born with a special gift, the potential to experience great delight in the pleasures of life. You sometimes affirm this delight with exhilarating enthusiasm, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure. One of your major lessons in life is to learn to fully appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living. You probably enjoy people and spend considerable time socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You’re also apt to enjoy using your considerable creative ability.


There’s another side of your personality — along with the social and creative part — which is probably just as important in determining your general character.

You have a natural potential to work long, hard and patiently. If there’s a job to be done requiring a good deal of time, much difficult work and careful attention to detail, you can probably do it well. Others will recognize this ability and turn to you for help with complex tasks on tight deadlines. With your orderly nature, you may choose a line of work in which your systematic approach can be developed. You would probably work well in any place where care with details is important. You’re likely to be good at establishing new routines and maintaining existing ones. Your personal life reflects a similar concern with system and order.

There’s no doubt, Dereje, that you are an incredibly unique individual with the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. If you didn’t believe that before, I hope me telling you so now will convince you.

You must’ve always known deep down that you get pretty much anything you set your mind to… well, let this be confirmation of that hunch because you possess one of the strongest wills I’ve seen and that’s saying something!

How do I know? It became glaringly obvious as I analyzed your Expression Number of 4. The Expression Number is often called the Destiny Number because it predicts lucrative opportunities, reveals your deepest motivators, and exposes the innate gifts you were born with. It’s a powerful number that produces highly potent and accurate readings… as you’ll see for yourself in a moment.

Your Expression is also the most telling element in your Numerology Chart when it comes to predicting future success, monetary or otherwise, because it is the complete description of who you are and the magic put into the world. And, as the famous saying goes “you get back exactly what you put out”.

Your Expression represents the way in which your actions spark a whole series of cause and effect that attract to you unique experiences, Universal gifts, and unlimited rewards. It also reveals how you go about bringing your inner light to others to create mutually-beneficial and fulfilling relationships. Numerologists refer to this element as the key to activating the Universal Laws of Attraction… and it seems like you’ve done just that.

But, looking at your Expression Number of 4, Dereje… there’s a few things you need to know before you can fully attract the wealth and achievement that’s waiting for you just around the bend.

What Your 4 Expression Reveals About Your Future Success

4 is the number of patience and stability. This means you have a natural ability to keep both feet on the ground and probably find that others come to you frequently seeking support and guidance. Your strongest inner gift is your ability to put your head down and focus on the task at hand. You get stuff done, and done properly, which makes you a valuable member of any team. This is most definitely the key to your success – so keep it up!

But, be careful, your level-headedness and organization are highly sought-after skills and you will be called upon to take on countless projects and positions of responsibility. This can leave you feeling limited and overwhelmed, especially when others come to you to solve their problems. While persistence and patience are virtues, every now and then you need to set aside your stubborn nature and recognize when you’re being taken advantage of by those who are avoiding their own responsibilities.

Despite this weight on your shoulders, you have tremendous reserves of energy power to draw from. Put this energy towards achieving your own goals and you’ll be unstoppable.

Remember this, Dereje, and you’re in a great position to attract unlimited wealth this year. And not only that, but based on my calculations of your Expression and other numbers, you can expect success in many areas, including… an abundance of happiness and candor in your relationships… Increased responsibility and status in your professional life … A boost in your confidence and self-esteem so you can confidently pursue your goals…



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