The Paradox in the City of Justice!?

January 11, 2016

I read a book entitled, do they hear you when you cry, over 10 years ago while I was abroad in which a 17 years of age, a lady from Togo, was escaping traditional and unacceptable cultural practice in her society, which forced her to leave her home place and leave to the West. As she escaped from her place to the West, the first destination point she was scheduled to fly over thru Benin was Germany. Though the book also talks about Female Genital Mutilation, one was mainly  interested on the story of the lady.

And as she was in Germany, she met helpful German woman who gave her place to stay and hang around so that she can have her good future though they had barriers in language, they somehow conversed and communicated well and the lady had enough time to meditate and reflect on her future. And then she met a Nigerian guy who was useful in arranging for her to fly to the US and he gave her his personal opinions on what to say or not while she reached in USA airport so that she could be entitled and admitted as refugee.

Unfortunately, the reason and methods she applied was not acceptable at the airport security in the US and she faced more than two years terms in jail. She also faced  horrible life experience in that given jail. Law and justice are very interesting subjects since they are not only based on personal opinions and facts, but also such personal opinions should be supported with other supportive and substantial facts that should convince the judiciary, which make the field besides its objectivity, it also subjective, relative and contextual too. This is one given aspect of law and justice in any given societal dynamics.

As such drama of life is going on, I had conversation in past with person who is lawyer by profession, on how far the person’s education in law is helping in promoting justice in any given society, and the person with hesitation, said, it is just helping, but it is not enough and much things should be done to promote justice. One raise this issue since there is some kind of paradox between studying law and practicing justice in any given social dynamics.

Justice and truth are inseparable realities of social dynamics of life but in cases, one could find falsehood and “justice” are getting married and the truth and justice is on divorce. In such scenario of life, many people question, what does it mean by practicing law and delivering and formulating justice in any given society, and few people are heard saying that it is better to study psychology and practice law in any given judiciary systems.

The purpose of education is not only to train the human mind but also to make it civilized by integrating and harmonizing intangible realities and necessities of life with something objective and seen aspect in which the truth can be seen on stage by the instrumentality of justice so that such educated and well trained minds can investigate sophisticated aspects of such concealed transactions of individuals within society in civilized mindset so that law and order can be established in any given social dynamics.

Otherwise, why do such people need years of education? What is the purpose of taking many courses of law for years? Why are people educated in the field of law, with the intention of hurting targeted individuals, by fabricating cases and crimes, formulating fictitious stories of crimes and the like? How can justice and falsehood be integrated in world such trained minds are required to bring and integrate justice and truth? Is education in such aspect connected to making crime and facilitate injustice and disorder?

The purpose why one mention such given aspect of the arena of field of justice is that there are certain law firms which are seen and observed, their prime job description and responsibility, to protect individuals, communities or societies or institutions, due to the fact they are well paid or they are hired by them with the prime intention of protecting them even if such given people are committing crimes, they protect, in fact, they could be found by advising them, on how to do it in intriguing manners, so that they can protect them if they are caught by others and few people say that are such people lawyers or something else?

They say, a good lawyer is a practitioner who protects the person from punishment even if the person commit a crime, by formulating arguments, collecting evidences that justify one’s argument and the like. They also claim that a good lawyer is a person who make the criminal innocent and the innocent as criminal by collecting evidences and arguments related to the case one is arguing or justifying. This is quite scary scenario of life, but how the practice of life is going on. And people ask, where is this world heading and what is the motive behind such undertaking and none gets the sense and meaning , even if money, ambitions and other personal and ego oriented aspects are hidden under such drama of life.

Such given aspect tell two things. The first is the weakness on the judiciary system and the other is that there must be corrupt side on the judiciary system in its adequacy when it fails to judge for the truth even if arguments and justifications are presented by both sides, those who are on the false side present seemingly persuasive arguments and evidences, the judge or the system should have strong mechanism to investaige further such given style on and by its own even if other parties could have less arguments and evidences . The system should be strong enough to prove such tricky approach as wrong.

Truth and justice are interrelated and interconnected. If they are not connected, there is no need to have well trained minds in world trick and tricky aspects are the becoming nature of the world. The world needs well educated and trained lawyers since people commit crimes in sophisticated manners, in order to take personal gains on others, which destabilize and disturb the social dynamics and equilibrium of society and this world at large. In order to keep the equilibrium of society, education is one of the powerful force that humanity has come about so as to keep the integrity and look of this world nicer so that people can live appreciating and delivering respect for life.

In such connection, when such powerful force of dynamism—education—is created and people are trained for years, the purpose of such education is not to seek the false and bring injustice under the cover of justice and law and order, and to bring such kind of order and balance by the instrumentality and power of armed forces, there is no need to have education and well trained minds since the end result is injustice and nature has its own natural patterns and reflection on the human realities and social aspects of the human life.

Education helps to discover and integrate not only the seen realities of life but also the abstract and unseen realities of life so that society can carry forward the continuing life with wonder and amazement, by not only solving its current problems and challenges, but also delivering way forward and perspective to the future life and world as well. This keeps the momentum and balance of this world. This delivers new life on every day on this world. This gives life giving spirit and energy on the existence of every human framework. This is indeed awesome!

When truth and justice are connected by the instrumentality of education, life becomes more adorable and thoughtful; when false and injustice are connected by the instrumentality of education, life becomes nonsense and purposeless; and this makes the look of the world ugly and disrespectful. In such case, individuals should arise to make this world beautiful by committing themselves to connect the world of justice with the world of truth, though, so stony and tiresome activity and undertaking it is, they should sacrifice to the betterment of the world in such arenas of life since they can obtain something praise worthy in life at the end of their given days.

They say, truth has no home as justice is too. Both can be found in places and minds where people are ready to have it; and in world where educated minds are used to promote falsehood and injustice, uneducated minds but seeking the path of truth and justice are by far better and nicer since truth and justice are inseparable and two sides of coin. None can separate these realities of life.


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