Where is A Child with Rod!?

January 4, 2016

Failure to be honest, genuine, trustworthy and realistic do lead to consequential ends whose reflection is seen on stage by something concrete and the beginning of such an end cannot be predicted by anyone, but whose failure do look feasible as the objective reality speaks louder than any other thing even if people deliver fake gesture and they pretend as if they have something to deliver by doing all kind of plastic surgeries to their given belief and thinking in way that it is still working, but what is going on this objective reality sounds talking in its own language and sounds.

And failure to see what is hidden and behind on the stage does not mean that nothing exists and there is no such a thing. And those people who see things clearly, understand beyond what is put on the face value and what is beyond a sea or an ocean are called or known as thinkers; they are not even laymen. Suck kinds of things are solely related to capacity to understand things in different mindset, which is not related to level of education or university degree which is mere ink and paper, which does not mean that such people are foolish or stupid. Wise people see what is hidden and behind as the foolish still play and gamble on the face value since they like sheets, but the wise live in finding mysteries of life. Understanding solely depends on capacity, which is indeed a sacred gift.

One of the most expensive matters in this world, which becomes something that can be found in dreams, visions, hopes and aspiration, is the world peace in which world political and religious leaders and institutions are working on it to significant level though they could not achieve it by today. It is a wish to everyone. Religious books and teachers preach about it, though they do not know it but it is smoothing which they think correct to have it in this world.

Few people are heard commenting and making joke that this world will be boring if there is no something like non-peaceful matter in which peace could be boring as they claim that there is no other thing that makes many people busy as the world is changed into ultimate peaceful conditions of life. Whatever claim is going on, religious people and along their given institutions work hard on this aspect and they in fact come about having another child—not with a rod—that make them work with better relationship with one another.

The idea of inter-religious organization is discovered with the prime intention of creating forbearance, tolerance and understanding between religions, such as with their institutions and respective followers,  that exist in this world which is put on the face value, but as one look on the other side of the coin and the other page of such given book, one could observe the right failure of existing religions in meeting their obligation and responsibility along with their own agenda mission.

If X religion intent is to create a good person by employing Y method, and another A religion is intending to create a good person by using B method, as far as the end result is same, the beginning and the process do not matter since the intent is similar. However, what is happening on the world is that whatever religion and method people employ, they also vary on the end result, in one given aspect as they create good people who tolerate and understand, they also create the other ones, the beasts, who contradict, fight, kill and see themselves as enemies and hostiles, and thus, they still fight. In this case, they need another method to create the same end result so that the functions and activities of the world will be better.

No matter they long to achieve the world peace in this world at large, such existing religions cannot create peace with their own dynamics, due to the fact that the sects and factions are daily increasing within their own and to bring peace at global scale using the methods and recipe of religions will require further contemplation since it is the political leaders who fight by asking their given and respective religions and religious leaders to pray for them so that they win with such battle fields.

Such inter religious gatherings do facilitate and consolidate the idea and culture of working together with the institutional frameworks and leaders of religions, which is also good indication of better aspect of such working, but it also tells that such religions have failed on the claims they do on the far reaching visions to bring the entire human race into one form of religion, in which the claim they are going to bring about by the type of cause they claim is kept with some kind of gap and space that such gathering looks that it is convinced that all people of the world cannot come under one given religion, but all followers of different kinds of religions can work with better understanding, tolerance and forbearance with one another.

There have been several meetings referred to as a Parliament of the World’s Religions, most notably the World’s Parliament of Religions of 1893, the first attempt to create a global dialogue of between religions. The event was celebrated by another conference on its centenary in 1993. This led to a new series of conferences under the official title “Parliament of the World’s Religions. The term interfaith dialogue refers to cooperative, constructive and positive interaction between people of different religious traditions and/or spiritual or humanistic beliefs, at both the individual and institutional levels.

The desire and wishful thinking to bring world peace is still going, which happens to be more of wishful thinking and hope since peace cannot be attained due to the fact it is fore-ordained in any given book, someone has visualized in one’s mind thousand years ago, and other people firm conviction and determinations to bring it on the table of this world. But it rather requires a conscious and concerted efforts, thinking, moral choices that individuals, ethnic groups, nations along with harmony and organizations this going to be made between ideologies and beliefs too.

World peace requires a mindset in creating the equilibrium of the world in terms of economic justice, political stability, and security, harmony, tolerance, and understanding between ideologies and beliefs, and on the interrelated aspects of this world in which such given considerations should exist as living actor at any given individual, groups, ethnicity, nations and other forms of societies and communities that exist in every land.

It is network of all kinds of human activities that should be linked and integrated so that the desired universal shall come, not only by multiplying and fabricating other institutions, but by consolidating and strengthening the existing ones. It is not such inventions and creation that can bring about the desired peace, but the right volition and will choice and power, efforts and decisions that are made at any given individual, community, societal and institution level.

Peace is not something that can be delivered as something from any department store, and it is hidden in the pocket of someone or by the decision of someone, but rather it continuous and arduous process of life which humanity at all level works and carry on until it is finally achieved and secured.


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