Authentic & Non-Authentic Anger!?

January 1, 2016

It is not possible to be lawful by using unlawful means as it is not possible to do justice by employing and putting injustice in any given social dynamics and society. In such case, anger becomes an identity to such given types of societies and individual members of societies and society and individuals reflect their opposition and disagreement towards unjust leadership and administration and thus anger is one of the authentic feeling and emotions which such kinds of people should feel and exercise whose manifestation and reflection to the objective world depends on how far any given society and individual are matured enough and situations dictate.

Anger here becomes an energetic force that spreads not only words and feelings but also unseen force that could attract many others in such circle of anger since they share similar pain and the magnitude and potency of such anger is measured on how far it is wide spread and how many numerous people are found in such given circle of anger. Hence, it covers many vast areas and it contains many numbers of individuals in such vast coverage.

Such anger has different color which vary according to the nature and character that make people to be angry with in which the anger people show in connection with injustice and unfairness towards unjust governors, the anger which people reflect while they are on the road, by getting obstructed by somebody, the anger they reflect when they have cheating partners in life, husband or wife,  the anger they reflect when they are disappointed in the office work, the anger they have when they are having fun at their leisure times and they get destructed, and so one. People could have such rightful feeling but its manifestation and reflection to the outside world vary depending upon the very nature of the object of the matter which make them feel anger.

The first and major cause of authenticated anger at any given individual while working and belonging to such given social dynamics is sourced due to the genuine and honest feeling and thinking people have in such belongings in which sense of ownership and accountability and responsibility towards any given society is the major one besides the wrong and unlawful and illegitimate thinking and practices of institutions which govern and lead any given social dynamics and societies commit such as the existence of corruptions, in broader sense is the other side of the coin.

In such circle of anger, there is networks of feelings, thinking, emotions and other related aspects between those people who carry such given legitimate anger due to the fact that wrong is the basis of creation of such genuine anger with the intention of thinking and feeling to the correct and right. Although, it is not possible to make significant change in such regard, due to wrongs and attachments society have for centuries and ages, in which past thinkers are good example, it is possible to share such given anger in considerable and legitimate manner between people in rightful and lawful manner so that they can carry forward genuine and productive life.

When such circle of anger is consolidated and organized to higher and considerable level, it becomes useful energy and source of guidance to many other people yet to be borne and to come in such given circle since they face such legitimate anger at one point of their given life due to the fact that thinking level, understanding aspects and interpretation capacity are the major criterion to feel such genuine emotion—Authenticated Anger—due to the fact any given person could not posses it as there are many others which do not even feel and think in such given fashion and way and they do not enter such valley and city of anger.

As such process of life is going on, the decisions which people make in their given life especially in following and selecting any give nway of life or path of life such as religion, politics, philosophy or any other way of life which they like to follow and practice, people should make different levels and stages of decisions, which should be considered as legitimate and authentic too. This should be one of the normal process and stages of life any given individual should pass on until people reach at their highest level of maturity since maturity by itself is relative and contextual.

Hence, individuals could decide to practice and accept any given way of life at younger age should be revised as they get mature and as they enter in the many gates of the rooms of such given way of life until they are finally convinced and all the rooms that exist in such ways of life are clean and pure; otherwise when people find out something which they do not like at later age in any given room of any given way of life, it is their legitimate right and rightful responsibility to decline and deviate from such ways of life, which should be considered as normal than an abnormal act due to the fact one of the becoming nature of this world is trick and tricky aspects.

In such cases, such given types of individuals reflect such anger in many different features as to madness and committing suicide where as few people make up their mind and they come up with different mindset in order to overcome such anger in way that they can utilize such given energy into something productive and useful purposes. They come up with mindset and perspective that something should be done and they re-organize their reality into something important without seeing anyone, but by their given experience and exposures of life and they do not need a role model since they are their own role models of such life. They do not need advice since life has delivered them enough lesson and experience.

Such anger has different kinds of manifestation in which few choose to reflect in legitimate manner in way they form their own clubs and circles and they promote their own ideologies, wishes, imaginations and other thinking which they feel like proper under the existing laws and regulations dictate; others prefer to be watchful of such drama and keep silent by being at the corner of the stage.

The other kinds of anger is non-authentic anger which is derived out of loss people face due to the fact that they have lost something personal advantage and personal benefits which they want to take over others in their given life which could end up in illegitimate way of reflecting and manifesting anger that could be reflected by taking rebellious side and unlawful methods of life in which people reflect in being aggressive, bullying, creating conflict and contradictions in everywhere and the like. Such anger is reflected in disaster way since the motive behind such given aspect of life is loss of personal advantages and benefits.

Here, the idea of legitimate method should be underlined in which when there is just and fair society and administration, the idea of being legitimate and lawful is useful and necessary, where as in places and societies where there is no just and fairness administration, the idea of being legitimate is still under question which such given kinds of systems should answer.


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