Is Death Meaningful or Meaningless!?

January 29, 2016

Death has different aspects in life on the earth. The first one is related to the death in the physical body, which is the natural death; the second one is the ignorance in intellectual or spiritual aspect which people face in life as they claim and assume the other kinds of death. They say, the wage for sin is death which is assumed in here that death has allegoric meaning since sin is mostly connected with displeasure of God’s will though God’s will is unknown except mere speculations and interpretations people have delivered to date by sayings and writings that are found in books.

Death gives both meaningful and meaningless purpose in life. This depends on how people relate and consider their given existence of life on the earth. When people think of death, they do not even have a clue as to where they are going, few people, out of fear and frustration, they do not like the way they face to the kingdom of death, and they claim that life is meaningless since they think that they end up to nothingness out of all the ins and outs they have been thru all their lives, the efforts and choices they have made in their lives is turned out to nothing and to no world which they do not have grasp.

While others think of death as a brave student who has been studying very hard in all days of the semester and seeking the final exams so that one expect the results of such test with distinction though they do not have clear grasp of what the next world looks like due to the fact that none has true clue, except mere hope and faith they think they have, which they refer to their given their religious or other kinds of convictions and determinations which they have demonstrated taking the promise delivered in their given books as the source of all truths, which made them think that death is good thing that make them close to their beloved and they expect death with joy and it gives them better meaning and perspective to life on earth which they have performed on this plane of existence.

In an interview with the Guardian, Stephen Hawking, derailed religious hopefuls in his incisive, impossible-to-argue with manner. I regard the brain as a computer which will stop working when its components fail,” he said in the interview. “There is no heaven or afterlife for broken down computers. That is a fairy story for people afraid of the dark.

Other people also say that we are born, we live, and we die–and then we are heard no more. Death is like a dreamless sleep from which we will never awake, our consciousness put to death forever. If this life is all there is, what is the point of living? If we are going to be dead in the end, what difference does it make what we do with our lives? We may influence the lives of others, but they too are doomed to death. In a few generations most of our accomplishments will be totally forgotten. Death appears to render life meaningless for many people because they feel that there is no point in developing character or increasing knowledge if our progress is ultimately going to be thwarted by death.

To the contrary, others claim that death motivates people to be more energetic as person who is to meet one’s deadline while performing certain project. If death does not exist, people will not be motivated and energized to do many things in life and thus, it delivers purpose and more meaning in life. It makes many people to be ambitious since life is too short so that they can do many things which are useful and essential to their given lives and to the benefit of society at large. It makes people to have focus on the things which they like to do so that they can accomplish something meaningful in their given existence.

Death is also a reminder to other people that make them think about different aspect of life is going on their given reality at any given time, which makes life to be unpredictable, and think about little bit further than the regular and daily routines of life. Death makes people to think and meditate about life further and beyond. It is an agenda and calendar reminder that makes people think about their given life in this world has an end at one point of life on the earth and it makes them to think more and further about life on the earth, and it permits them to ask, what is death? Why death is come to everyone’s life at unexpected time? How do we approach dear? What should we thin about death? The search for meaning for life becomes stronger and deeper as people think about death.

Although, most people associate death with what is going to happen to the next world, the heaven and the hell, which is mainly derived out of their given religious conviction; there are also other people who think that there are other worlds that do exist on the afterlife inhere life although they do not even tell what it looks like, since they have no clue. On the other sides, there are people who think that there is no life after death since people vanish as they die.

The meaningful and meaningless purpose of life is mainly derived out of the conception people have on what life looks like at one aspect which should not necessary lead to conclusion that people should think life is meaningless since there is no life after death since there is greater purpose why everyone is created as human without considering the values and thinking, merits and consequences, of heaven and hell. We are not here to live in the heaven or hell in the next world since there is great plan and purpose why everyone is created which people should think and figure out for their own and by their own.

Heaven and hell are imaginary ideas which people formulate to make life more meaningful and to justify the meaningful aspect of death as well although people can have meaningful life without considering any kinds of merits in the next world or out fear of punishment too. This is mainly dependent upon how people perceive realities of life, understand and interpret on things and matters that exist on this plane of existence. For example, one should not help the poor in order to be heaven in the next world, but one should help the poor since the poor should be helped out.

In reality, death offers better meaning for life other than any given aspect and matter of life, without thinking on the worlds here after since it is one of the powerful natural law and forces that maintain the balance of this world; if powerful bad people do not die, things will be worsen; it makes people to have focus on their stay and on what they are doing on this world, it makes people to have focus and meditate on other aspects who they are, what they should do, how they should do, it allows people to make them think on whet the should think, feel, behave and do as well.

Death makes people to wonder that doing and thinking good is better than doing and thinking bad out of other people experience and exposures of life. They learn something out of experiences and experiences of life from those departed. When people die, others are given a chance to think on what they should think or not, what they do or not, to perform on what is missing in their life, to contemplate on various aspect of their given life so that they can have better, productive and meaningful life. Death indeed provides better and profound meaning for life.


Choice and Freedom

January 28, 2015

Peoples thinking is not commodity item that should be labeled under certain tag so that everyone come buy the road should buy them even if the inside and the middle process of such thinking is different. This is in fact one of the characteristics of this world. This can be deceiving when people are categorized and labeled under something and they are asked to think in way that existing thinking are shaped, but what they think to their deeper and inner self is quite contrary since what is on stage and on the outside world could partially fit to what such people think, but they are somehow categorized under the closest group since they cannot find complete type of organized group that could truly and purely reflect what they think and believe in.

Do we have to go by the way current, whatever types and kinds of, social systems and thinking and ideology groups, that are formulated up to today, dictate? Why? Although, it is appropriate to give due respect and honor to thinking people of past, who formulated their own cause in their own way, the present and future generations yet to come should not think the way such given social systems and ideologies dictate and govern unless and otherwise such generation is lame to think and believe further and go beyond. If there is possibility of thinking and believing in farther beyond, it is pointless to abide by such social systems and other ideologies that are organized to date since freedom and freewill are important natural, sacred and human elements and gifts and treasures of life.

Though many people who could love to stick to the way it is now argue that there are two basic points they raise, such as is it useful and is it necessary, since they are favored by the existing systems and ways of life, the way the present world is going favors few parts and segments of society, the mass lives in ignorance and oppression of what is going on, in cases, they had no clue of the theatrical dramas of the few who are playing on stage. In this case, if the way this world functions merits the few, in every part of society, it is mandatory to think and believe that there is something new and different way of life is useful and necessary in order to bring social and other kinds of justice in every given society. It is useful and necessary to have it for the sake of the mass.

In order to make such drama of life go by the way the past and present dictate, most people are categorized under certain group or community—with the intention of seeking material, emotional, and other kinds of human needs which people seek in life—they live under such bomb shelter which they seek in life in which most are designed to think in way existing social systems and ideologies which they respectively belong ask and shape them to think. In reality, everyone could be far different and better than on what they are asked to think and behave while they practice and follow certain thinking and belief circles of life. Hence such way of life, categorizing and labeling people thinking in life jeopardize the right individuality and personality, which people should come about since they are already molded to think and behave in certain fashion, thinking and style of life.

Even if such categorization and labeling of peoples thinking, deeds and behaviors are done in way that such given groups do accommodate close and closest things as there are times that people do significant shift from any given group such people used to belong such way of dramatic shift is considered as insanity or abnormality due to the fact that such given grouping do not consider important elements and ingredients of categorizing due to the fact such given deviations within every tagged and grouped thinking are becoming norm in these very days in all over the world.

Labeling and categorizing people thinking and belief—which is affected by the way and how they understand, and translate, two interesting concepts and realities of life, such as freedom and freewill—is one of the natural characteristics of this world. Anyone cannot live in this world in way people want unless and otherwise one should belong to one or other circle of thinking and belief. The way people employ these concepts and realities of life are governed by on how they use them in their daily lives.

When people are free, they are free to think. Although, thinking cannot be oppressed while there is no freedom, but it gives chance to employ different mechanism on how to apply one’s free will in one’s way so that one can live with tact and wisdom. Being tactful and employing wisdom is not tantamount to being cowardice. Whatever thing one thinks in today can be changed in tomorrow and there is no pint that one should stick to one given form of thinking since change is inescapable reality of human life.

What makes one wonder in such valley of thinking is that how and why people submit their lives to ideology in world ideology is fabrication of the human mind, and change is an inevitable nature of the human life in this world since everything changes. We are free to think, but we are not free to translate what we think to objective reality since laws, rule and regulations, compatibility of what we think to the world at large, and other related factors.

The type of thinking and belief one have come about when one is at the age of 20’s and the type of thinking and outlook one will have after 40’ do change since experience is the big factor in shaping human reality, otherwise people do not change if they are stagnant and there must be something missing. When such change is come thru cumulative experience of life, people should be able to organize such change so that life afterwards can be meaningful, interesting and exciting. Here, the idea and practice of change becomes good friend to everyone’s reality.

Due to the fear of being recognized as deviants, or other human factors, in which such act of thinking is further considered and treated as abnormality or insanity, most people prefer to associate themselves and prefer to be related to a form or group of community or social groups as they have selected while they were in the 20’s or 30’s, and they do not even change in their given form of thinking and belief even if they have found out something quite contrary or destructive things in the dynamics of social system which they belong, out of obedience, they show and reflect to the system, they prefer to live and continue with rigidity and stupidity; this is related to deceiving themselves.

And what is quite funny is that, they claim that they are people of faith, steadfastness and the like. They justify their stupidity in form of good and acceptable acts, but, they in reality are contrary to their given standard and belief in which they live with betrayal and denial of the original principles, thinking and belief which they have already accepted as legitimate in their former days since they do not even change as everything in their given surrounding and in what they believe and think is also changed. They do not make change as per the choices they have already exercised in life. Hence, they become stagnant.

There are three main positions concerning choice: libertarianismdeterminism, and compatibilism. Take your pick! Libertarianism is the belief that we make deliberated choices, which, through our brains, affect the material world, and that ultimately these choices are not absolutely determined by anything beyond the mind making them. Determinism is the belief that all our choices are determined by factors beyond our conscious control. The strong position says that through the brain’s processing of responses to environmental information, one brain state automatically causes a subsequent brain state, and conscious experience itself has no influence on the physical activities of the brain or the rest of the body. Compatibilism is an attempt to combine determinism with moral responsibility (it therefore presupposes determinism). Versions vary, but the basic idea is that we simultaneously both are determined and somehow choose.

Accordingly, there are certain things that are predetermined in life such as birth, growth and death but the way and how we grow, live and die are not predetermined since there also many choices we make in life. In this case, every of the things we make in life, for example, to talk to a person, to study certain given field and doing other human activities cannot be predetermined since it is chain of actions and reactions, opportunities and challenges people face in life, based on such given fields of interactions and communications, people make their own decisions and they shape their reality accordingly.

This world is not created by its own free will and there are certain things that require our own free will too. We are not free to be created as human, to any given family, country and the like. But we have free will to do and think good or bad. We live in the between world of free will, and non freewill since life in this world is influenced by the desire to seek freedom and to abide by certain given laws of nature, the freedom factor and non freedom factor.

Being human, we are living in the between world and line of freedom and liberty at one side and we are also governed by the law of nature such as birth, growth, death and other aspects of life. We are free to change how we grow, but we cannot control growth since it is natural; we are free to seek death, but we are not free to escape death. Nature has imposed some involuntary laws and activities on us, and we are also capable of changing certain aspects of our life since we have choice. Ultimately, we somehow are product of both free will activities and non free will activities since this is how we are designed and destined to exist and live in this world.

Why Searching!?

January 27, 2016

In the mid day of sun light

Amongst the crowd

Having candle light with his hand

As if one is in dark and at night

A Greek old man is looking

Walking amidst people, but searching

And people ask, what is wrong

In mid day sun, you lit a candle

He replied, I am searching for people

They thought, the man is mad, and abnormal,

But he knows what he is doing, it is day time

There is no need to have candle, though the sun light is enough

May be, he was insulting them, which they do not realize

And same is true in today

History repeats itself in its own day

There are many people, who look for something

But, they are assumed as mad or abnormal by the crowd

Since the crowd thinks, they live in safe and secure place

In place and time, all things to vanish like in second

Nothing is secure or safe; few people live above the law

The mass is under the law

As they say, all are equal, but few are more equal

Justice is buried under prestige

Truth lives under cover, inside lie

People star their journey of life

Like that old Greek man, in mid day sun

Looking for safety, security and justice

Seeking the truth in everywhere



The World of Anesthesia

January 26, 2016

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” – HELEN KELLER

Unless and otherwise people are in deep state of sleep and unconsciousness, the way society is governed and rule out should be felt and sensed positively in every and single home and household. Otherwise, such given society lives in its own social illness and paralysis. This means that such kinds of social leadership lives by its own; society lives in its own, and things are falling apart. In such given form and way of life, the space that exist between such given leadership and society at large is accommodated by silence and such silence could outburst in and at no time like any given time bomb. Why do society fear leader as far as leaders exist in hearts and minds of society in health manner? Why are individuals are asked to be afraid of leadership or leaders in world they can be respected more  if they approach individual citizens in state of servitude than in state of oppressor?

Such social dynamics lives in utter confusions and frustration. Leaders and leadership should be felt as to their given existence and presence, not only when they legislate on something, they give speeches and pay visit to something or somewhere, but they should live as good friends, lovers and brothers, well wishers and well thinkers of everyone in the hearts of every household and home otherwise they must be something else. Society should love and respect leaders due to the fact they are affectionate towards their given society, not it is because they give bullets, threats, oppression. When such respect and honor is lost, such society lives in oppression and it lives in state of anesthesia. And this is one of the natural and becoming characterizes of the dictatorial ways of life and this world at large.

In the practice of medicine especially surgery and dentistry, anesthesia is an induced, temporary state with one or more of the following characteristics: analgesia (relief from or prevention of pain), paralysis, extreme muscle relaxation, amnesia (loss of memory), and unconsciousness.

An anesthetic is an agent that causes anesthesia. A patient under the effects of anesthesia is anesthetized. An anesthesiologist or anaesthetist is a physician who performs anesthesia.

Likewise, society and the way society functions especially where dictatorship is the identity of any given social dynamics and leadership, such society lives in state of anesthesia since they are daily injected with some kind of social and political drama that make many people to take deliberate deep sleep so that they can be operated and done all kinds of surgeries within their given social and political dynamics.

And thus one could possibly deduce that such kinds of societies are in state of anesthesia since most people sound confused and frustrated in life, they are aided to survive by the counsels and aids of physicians, they get motivational speeches, counseling services and all kinds of support so that they can live longer. Though it is quite good to obtain support from others and individuals and institutions, such way of life is reflection that existing social systems are lamentably defective to remedy such given problems that put most people or members of society to lose confidence in life and obtain useful perspectives on how to live on this world.

People cannot go by their own thinking and belief since this world has no capacity and adequate guidance on how to handle and administer peoples thinking, emotions and feelings in expeditious manner and the only way  to make such people live with self confidence. And thus the space that exists between peoples thinking and belief is administered and managed by force and exercise of power such as laws and constitutions, rule and regulations and by the use of armaments too.

Accordingly, anesthesia enables the painless performance of medical procedures that would cause severe or intolerable pain to an unanesthetized patient. Three broad categories of anaesthesia exist:

  • General anesthesia suppresses central nervous system activity and results in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation.

Such given anesthesia could be resembled to constitutions, laws, policies, rules and regulations which are supported by the use of military or police forces since such given society cannot be governed or cannot behave unless and otherwise such given dictators shape society in such way and manner.

  • Sedation(or dissociative anesthesia) inhibits transmission of nerve impulses between the cerebral cortex and limbic system, which inhibits both anxiety and creation of long-term memories.

Such given leadership uses the power of art, sporting and other activities and media so as to make society focus on something so that members of such given society could not think and question on the integrity of the system. They ask them to go in certain direction so that every member of that given society walks in way they are asked to walk, otherwise the end point of their given disobedience is crystal clear. Hence, society takes such injection on daily basis by such given tools and instrumentality.

  • Conduction anesthesia, commonly known as regional or local anesthesia, blocks transmission of nerve impulses between a targeted part of the body and the spinal cord, which causes loss of sensation in the targeted body part. A patient under conduction anesthesia remains fully conscious.

These are related to leaders under that given social dynamics that are networked under regional and local administration that receive orders and instructions from the central governing leadership or dictatorial body, they execute all instructions accordingly.

  • Two categories of regional anesthesia exist. A peripheral blockade inhibits sensory perception in a body part, such as numbing a tooth for dental work or administering a nerve block to stop sensation from an entire limb.

These are individual members of any given social membership, who are daily injected their give ideology and program, and they live in state of anesthesia without even realizing, and they have no clue of the drama on what is going o their given reality, they are just on the face book, and they take everything on the face value, they walk according to the instructions they receive from their leaders without further question and knowledge, out of innocence and out of ignorance too.

  • A central blockade administers the anesthetic around the spinal cord, which suppresses all sensation below the block. Examples of central blockade include epidural and spinal anesthesia.

These are individual members of society, they belong to such given forms and way of life and the follow the program of dictators since they take their own persona advantage, they deep inside, they are not part of that given drama and they do not even accept the program and leadership of such dictatorial leadership but they execute programs and ideology of such leadership since they obtain personal advantages and they promote their own personal interest within that given leadership and dynamics.

What is quite interesting in here is that most people do not realize they are in such state of being, and such state of being is tantamount to those people who are in deep sleep while they are wake. In such way of life, life is quite strange, since there many silly dramas and theaters going on the social dynamics of society that vanish like clouds in the sky as the clear day sun is out on the sky.


Sleeping while Awake!?

January 25, 2016

Joy, happiness, contentment, love, generosity, in one aspect, are important and essential virtues of life, and sadness, anxiety, fear, displeasure, hate, greed, in another aspect of life, hit at least once in a life time since everyone is human. The joy of living can be reflected on the optimistic thinking and belief people develop and have for life. The anxiety of living is reflected on the pessimistic thinking and attitude people come up and have for life too. Both good and bad things visit our life in their own good time. In both state of beings, people have something in common as they are very human.  The crux lies on what visit our life, but our thinking, actions and reaction and the way such given circumstances of life are handled and managed. This makes one person look better than the other.

In such process of life, people do all kinds of human activities in life. And thus, they get tired. They sleep. They get energized and they recharge their own reality so that the next day looks better and more active. Sleep is one of the natural human activities which are bestowed by nature. People are not free to sleep since it is natural. When people do not sleep, they miss something precious in life.

One of the things which people are not free and they do not have any kind of control in life, unless and otherwise they are exposed to certain kinds of obligation such as in the military and other related undertaking, is the world of sleep and everyone like to sleep when they have undergone tiresome activity. People sleep. They get enough rest. The next day looks brighter. And people do function better. Sleep is a naturally imposed human doings.

There are three type of sleep in such realm. The first ones are those people who sleep average hours, such between 7 and 8 hours, in which one is also one of the people who reside in such realm in one’s lifetime; one of the treasures one possesses in life is such sleep. The second ones are those who sleep beyond the average hour which are assumed by experts in the field as illness. The third ones are those who sleep under the average hours or they do not even sleep, but they are supported by medication, in order to have enough sleep. Both, under and over sleep, are considered as mental disorder people have in life, as experts say, they need medication and treatment.

While such theatrical drama of life is going one wonders on those people who have enough sleep in day, but they still live with deep sleep, they are daily injected by all kinds of programmed ideology which they practice and follow, by the social and political drama, even if they think and claim that they are awake, but they are still in deep state of sleep. They daily live—getting injections or vaccines or pills of sleep—by the media, political or religious dogma and doctrines which they voluntarily or involuntarily follow, and other human activities which they believe and practice.

Such sleep creates its own comfort zone and its own shell and bomb shelter to society and it covers many stupid human dramas and thinking humanity is performing on stage. Such sleep is dangerous since it is the enemy of life itself. Such sleep is destroyer of life itself. Such sleep is obstacle to human progress and achievement. Such state of sleep considers fake and ambitious people as top and great people, but thinking and inquisitive minds as bad and dangerous ones. In such scenarios of people, people should awake from the deep sleep they are injected on daily basis so that what veils them should be removed from their own given reality, by curiosity and the desire to know things in thorough and accurate and critical manner.

This is possible. This is achievable. This is thinkable. However, it requires its own state of being. It requires wisdom. It requires courage. It requires tact. It requires understanding level. It requires imagination. It requires observation. It requires comprehension. This requires courage. This requires detachment. This requires an eye that can see farther. This requires a heart that can feel what is hidden. This requires microscopic and telescopic mind and thinking.

In such drama of people, Medias are instrumental in shaping people and the world in way that few thinking and ideologies should be promulgated. In such theatrical drama of life, media plays an eminent role in designing people thinking and the future of the world. In such world, every program— especially entraining sections—in such media serves as being vaccine or pill in making society and people to take and have more than enough sleep for longer period of time as those people who naturally sleep beyond the average hours, but it makes very few people to have under average hours time sleep, since such people are thinking and inquisitive and they ask the relevance of such program in relation to their day to day activities and systems of life.

In this state of being, such people do not go to the Medias to obtain any given lesson or message they would like to be shared since the drama and the format behind such give medias objective and strategies are crystal clear, which is, do not ask and think further, walk in way we walk, eat what we eat, and the like thing. This is everywhere, not in a single country or state, but this is what the whole world has derived as useful and essential way of going. This can be useful, but it has its own consequences too. It shows one part of the truth, neglects the other part, it does not like truth that sound and look ugly since such things are not liked and they are considered as destructive. Even if this has its own truth, but truth should be shared even if it is bitter and ugly.

My Own Personal Numerology

January 23, 2016

Since May 2008, I am working on something which is bit related to numerology though I have my own way of doing things since it is derived by my own method which do make sense to me.

My work is mainly concerned on interconnection of concepts and their practical translation. How concepts and ideas are interrelated and interconnected in many ways on our objective world and their practical translation to this objective world affects our personality and destiny too.

For instance: every letter has numerical value: This is also true in the world of numerology since letters have their corresponding numeric value.

A=1, b=2, c=3 ,… .x=24, y= 25, z= 6 Here, zero is not a number.

The point in here is about words, not letters;

Any given word, say:   book

  1. The numerical value or difference that exist between the first and last letter is equal to the sum of the difference that exist between the first and the second and the second to the third and the third to the fourth such as :

B=2; k= 11= the difference = -9

This equals:

b-o   =2-15= -13

(o-o)   15-15=  0

(o-k)   15-11 = 4

  – 9   ( -13+0+4)

This works true to every word.

  1. Faith and hope have similar numeric value that equals to 44; glory and power have similar numeric values that equal to 77; truth and justice have similar numeric values that equal to 87;

Faith and hope are interconnected concepts in people’s daily communication and interaction with the divine and other human aspects of life; truth is the corner stone of justice in every society in which when the system becomes truthful, justice is done and secured; this is to mean that words beside their original meaning they carry, their assigned numeric values tell something beyond and reinforce their given relationship in better and precise manner since number does not make mistakes and lie. There are also times, two words that have opposing meaning do have same numeric value.

  1. Next is related on the biblical aspect in which Daniel saw four beasts and four kings in the Old Testament, in which John in the revelation stated that the number of the beast is 666.

Take key words, beasts, kings

Beasts= 66

Kings = 60

Beasts and kings = 666(0)= 666

There are also related matters that are going on the present day as such number is calculated and understood further.

  1. 666 = 6+6+6= 18= 1+8= 9

6X6X6= 216= 2X6= 12

9 and 12 are key numbers and they have many ways of further translation to this objective world, which is going on the earth.

There are also many other matters that are related and unrelated to the above mentioned ideas which one is currently undertaking in one’s given home. This is just food for thought.

Numerology and I !?

January 21, 2016

In these very days I am into readings on numerology materials, and I have found ot the following summary report, which I am going to share it in here, though I have my own things, but not relate to numerology of individuals destiny and life pat since there is no point of reinventing things as what is on stage sounds adequate and one is not even interested to know the fate of individuals, but rather one is into concepts and ideas too. Any ways, I get the following report on my given numerology which is as follows.  This is just an excerpt.

We took the liberty of analyzing your “3” Life Path, “22” Soul Urge, and “4” Expression Numbers and you’re going to want to see what we found out.

Analysis based on your birth name and date of birth and I’ve discovered some fairly fascinating truths that you’re going to want to look at right away, like:

  • Your deepest desires that you’ve been hushing most of your adult life and what you can do now to finally attain them…
  • Where you’ve been incorrectly putting your energy and how you can make an easy and effortless “switch” to end the uphill battle…
  • What makes you tick, your attitude towards work, and the perfect environment you need to flourish professionally…
  • Your secret talents and hidden strengths (and how to use them to get what you truly want!…
  • Powerful insight into your character, quirky personality traits, and the unique ways in which you relate to others, including potential mates…
  • Upcoming challenges and lessons you’re meant to learn in this life as well as unexplored opportunities and endless possibilities to change your life for the better.


There are several sides to your character but your energy is primarily pointed in two contrary directions. A good part of you is probably strong and practical, interested in the business world or similar material activities, but another side of you is free-spirited and adventurous — at least in spirit but often in fact — and doesn’t want to feel restrained in any way. During your youth and young adulthood, you’ll try to balance your need to take care of your material needs and ambitions with your need to do your own thing with as little sense of responsibility as possible. You’ll probably sometimes take care of one and sometimes the other, but rarely to your complete satisfaction. As you get older, you’ll probably learn how to balance your ambitious, practical side with your free-spirited side so that you can feel comfortable with both.


You were born with a special gift, the potential to experience great delight in the pleasures of life. You sometimes affirm this delight with exhilarating enthusiasm, sometimes savor it with intense but quiet pleasure. One of your major lessons in life is to learn to fully appreciate and express this wonderful joy in living. You probably enjoy people and spend considerable time socializing, either with many friends in varied activities or in the company of a few intimates engaged in quiet diversions. You’re also apt to enjoy using your considerable creative ability.


There’s another side of your personality — along with the social and creative part — which is probably just as important in determining your general character.

You have a natural potential to work long, hard and patiently. If there’s a job to be done requiring a good deal of time, much difficult work and careful attention to detail, you can probably do it well. Others will recognize this ability and turn to you for help with complex tasks on tight deadlines. With your orderly nature, you may choose a line of work in which your systematic approach can be developed. You would probably work well in any place where care with details is important. You’re likely to be good at establishing new routines and maintaining existing ones. Your personal life reflects a similar concern with system and order.

There’s no doubt, Dereje, that you are an incredibly unique individual with the power to achieve anything you set your mind to. If you didn’t believe that before, I hope me telling you so now will convince you.

You must’ve always known deep down that you get pretty much anything you set your mind to… well, let this be confirmation of that hunch because you possess one of the strongest wills I’ve seen and that’s saying something!

How do I know? It became glaringly obvious as I analyzed your Expression Number of 4. The Expression Number is often called the Destiny Number because it predicts lucrative opportunities, reveals your deepest motivators, and exposes the innate gifts you were born with. It’s a powerful number that produces highly potent and accurate readings… as you’ll see for yourself in a moment.

Your Expression is also the most telling element in your Numerology Chart when it comes to predicting future success, monetary or otherwise, because it is the complete description of who you are and the magic put into the world. And, as the famous saying goes “you get back exactly what you put out”.

Your Expression represents the way in which your actions spark a whole series of cause and effect that attract to you unique experiences, Universal gifts, and unlimited rewards. It also reveals how you go about bringing your inner light to others to create mutually-beneficial and fulfilling relationships. Numerologists refer to this element as the key to activating the Universal Laws of Attraction… and it seems like you’ve done just that.

But, looking at your Expression Number of 4, Dereje… there’s a few things you need to know before you can fully attract the wealth and achievement that’s waiting for you just around the bend.

What Your 4 Expression Reveals About Your Future Success

4 is the number of patience and stability. This means you have a natural ability to keep both feet on the ground and probably find that others come to you frequently seeking support and guidance. Your strongest inner gift is your ability to put your head down and focus on the task at hand. You get stuff done, and done properly, which makes you a valuable member of any team. This is most definitely the key to your success – so keep it up!

But, be careful, your level-headedness and organization are highly sought-after skills and you will be called upon to take on countless projects and positions of responsibility. This can leave you feeling limited and overwhelmed, especially when others come to you to solve their problems. While persistence and patience are virtues, every now and then you need to set aside your stubborn nature and recognize when you’re being taken advantage of by those who are avoiding their own responsibilities.

Despite this weight on your shoulders, you have tremendous reserves of energy power to draw from. Put this energy towards achieving your own goals and you’ll be unstoppable.

Remember this, Dereje, and you’re in a great position to attract unlimited wealth this year. And not only that, but based on my calculations of your Expression and other numbers, you can expect success in many areas, including… an abundance of happiness and candor in your relationships… Increased responsibility and status in your professional life … A boost in your confidence and self-esteem so you can confidently pursue your goals…