The Question of Freedom and Freewill!?

December 22, 2015

In this very day, there are people who could think that there is no freewill in this world since people are doing whatever things they are doing since they are ordained by will power which is beyond their given control and authority. This is something related to considering every human being to think and function as machine than a creation which is endowed with many gifts and talents.

There are different levels of freedom and freewill that exist as layers due to the nature and character of human beings since every human being passes different stages of development and growth, and every human being lives in different society where such practice and exercise of freedom and freewill is mainly dependent upon how society is structured and formulated in which the inner models of their given social reality is the major factor in shaping how far people  can exercise and practice their given freedom and freewill.

For instance, there are people who claim that God sent me to earth to do something and none can stop me. In this very saying there are two types of things one should consider in which such people have given their life to God and they have also their own daily routines and choice and efforts they make in every minute of their lives. In such given undertaking which they assume, they have choices and decisions they have to make in which such given choices and decisions—even if they relate to God—they are also by their own choices and they exercise their given freewill to do this or that. Even if such people claim that they surrender their life to God and they submit their freewill to God, they are doing something in every instances, they act and react, and they have certain choices and efforts they apply in life since they are humans otherwise they could not survive for they should at least have something to eat.

A person who lives in society where there are different alternatives and sets of approaches of life, a person has more freewill and has given more choices in experiment one’s freewill that to a person who lives in societies where there are limited sets of alternatives and approaches of life or no alternatives  and approaches for life. In this case, the limitation or the non existence of set of alternatives and choices in life should not lead us to conclusion that there is no freedom or freewill since such people have no other alternatives or choices except abiding what is near to their verandas or homes.

Hence, the amount and existence of freedom and freewill are measured upon on the existence of set of choice or alternatives for life since freedom is mostly related to making choices and decisions based upon alternatives approaches and methods of life. In this case, those people who live in societies where there are different or other choices for life are luckier enough to practice and experience their given freewill in better and greater manner than those people who live in societies where there are limited or non-existence of different choices and alternatives for life.

In places or societies where there is no alternatives or choices, the very idea of believing on the existence of freedom of making or creating different alternatives by itself make their given freedom or freewill practical and alive since people could be forced to create their own different or new form and way of life due to the fact that the existing one could limit their thinking and practice on their given freewill.

And the very existence of such freedom do allow such people to experiment their given freewill in their given way and the broader conceptual framework of such societies should allow the practice of freedom and such given types of societies could develop their own ways and methods of setting different kinds of alternatives of life so that they can have different choices and alternatives of life since the existence of freedom and freewill is in most cases related on the existences of choice and different alternative of life otherwise when people live in limited or no alternative of life in terms of way of life, freedom and freewill is dormant to the extent that most people could think that there is no a such freewill or freedom which people could cherish in their life.

By the virtue of existence of freedom in societies do allow the exercise and power of freewill to be alive and people could be inspired and motivated and energetic in doing their given work, assuming responsibilities, developing confidences in decision making and living their given life by creating certain amount of comfort zone and attitude in their given world; the very existence of freedom do make the forces of freewill to be active, alive and energetic in their own reality so that the social dynamics do receive the vigor of freewill in its own way.

There is a feasible difference between freedom and free will. Freedom is in here mostly connected with the entire social framework where as free will is reduce to given individual or to individual component of life such as few groups of people or to the individual. For instance, while correlating such concepts of life, they could be likened to soccer game. This is like when players are set to play in the field, they can play with the ball in way they like in which there are certain laws and regulations that limit their given freewill so that law and order can be placed in the field and the beauty and art of the soccer game could be maintained but the amount of freewill is limited on the skill and talent of players by using their feet and minds.

The moment a player in a team touches the ball with hand, the team is penalized; whenever a player makes a foul, the team is penalized since laws, rules and regulations are mediators that connect and harmonize freedom and free will so that both can function in that given court with balance and order as there is no law, rule and regulation to keep the beauty and flavor of such given game and hence, it is the existence of freedom in its broader terms and scale along with compatible laws, rules and regulations which are equally important to keep the balance of the soccer game interesting and everyone of them add certain flavor to the entire existence and way of life which such players demonstrate in the field.

Hence, it is the very existence of set of alternative and choice of life that make any given society or set of individuals think that the is freewill or freedom since freedom is mostly connected to how far and vast is the field of interaction and communication on the choices and alternatives society make and accommodate and the degree to which it sets different alternatives, the greater probability of thinking and practicing that such freedom and freewill exists. When people limit or put their thinking and practice to one given direction like the horse that is put to horse drawn vehicle which is forced to see only one direction, such types of people cannot ably see and think outside the box and the other side of the coin since they are coined to think and feel.

Such people are types of people who are like fish in fish bowl as they can make their life sustained as far as they are in that given bowl once they are out from that given bowl, they think that are dead. Human beings are not created to be like the fish in fish bowl since they are free to think outside the box and that given fish bowl. In fact they could have better life and world once they are outside that given bowl unlike those fishes that die once they are out. Such people should think like humans since they are bestowed naturally to think unlike fishes that obtain life by the water they are supplied by the bowl.

When such people think that there is no freedom or freewill, this does not mean that such things do not exist since they have also freedom and freewill to think like that there is no such a thing that exists which is reflection of the existence of freedom which ranges to the existence of thinking and feeling that there is freedom to the maximum and limit that has no end and limit since this is what nature and life bestows to everyone whose manifestations is mainly dependent upon experience and exposure of life, understanding and interpretation in searching of meaning for life, one’s will, desire, ambition, and aspirations in life too.


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