The Shirt, Jacket and Coat

December 19, 2015

The Greatest Scientist in History, Albert Einstein advised to humanity and this world at large, after long and many years of experience and exposures of life he was having on this plane of existence, the following statements which one likes to comment in everywhere and at any time since it is one of the good things one has found out in life, Great minds share ideas, medium minds discuss events and small minds discuss about people.

Accordingly, one clicks to one’s mind and make food for thought to oneself and wonders as to what the above sayings want to deliver in relation to the task and jobs which people do and focus in their daily routines besides what they are doing and talk and discus when they meet at their given leisure times in the cafes and restaurants an at any place which they would like to meet, in which there are people who focus on what people eat, think walk and the like as part of their given duties and tasks, but to the contrary, there are also other kinds of people who live on making researches and doing  experimentations and searching meaning for life.

According to Einstein, the small minds are those people who make their life focusing on peoples’ stuff. In one’s observation, there are people who focus on people as part of their daily function which could be useful and harmful. However, focusing on all the time on what people eat, what they drink, where they go and the like are futile thinking and activities which they busy themselves with other peoples sheet while such given people are living their own life but such kinds of people who follow the sheets of other people are sleepless and bothered about other people’s move which could make the flavor of their life to a bad smell and the color of their life as bull shit type and nonsense and they are of course  buckshot types of people too.

For example, Police, Psychologists. Journalists, artists of all kinds, writers, taxi drivers, business people, politicians, thieves, prostitutes and the like are mainly interested and focused on peoples, they focus on other people since they are the nerve of their existence. They are highly dependent on other people thinking and actions and reactions of life and their live are mainly interested and focus on watching other people move, actions and reactions. It is good to focus on people since it is the core of human life, but when such focus happens to be for bad, hurting other people, it tells who such people are and they define their identity and reality on whom they focus on. When such focus is for the good of others, it is useful to have such given focus for many different reasons.

In the second approaches of such given are of life, the office people, managers, event coordinators, factory workers, road construction workers and the like focus on something different than the  people thing since they focus on the things which they do and the like which they are originally employed to perform so that they get paid out of what they have done. They are primary interested on what is happening on the things which they do. As they make certain things to happen, they get paid. They focus less on people since the intention of their job is to make certain things to happen.

In third process of such given deliberation scientists, philosophers and researchers are the ones who are primarily focusing in exploring new things in life, they are engaged in finding new and different things in life, they focus in the world of discovery in which no person has entered and found out in before times, and hence they are forced to dwell on new and different ideas in which such people according to Einstein are indeed great people and such greatness is an expression and reflection of the human nobility.

Human Nobility lies inventing new and different things for the good of human society, this world at large and to the future destiny of this living and continuing world too. Human nobility is an expression real identity and personality of human beings since nobility by its very given virtue focuses on exploring new territories of ideas which galvanize this world into betterment and greatness and honor and dignity.

Any given system has start and as it has an end too, but any give finding and discovery will last longer until any other, new and different findings come in place of it as it is better and greater. However, when such invention and discovery has conformity with the universal and natural law and truth, it overshadow the whole earth, and it continues to governing the whole world to time that has no end.

Systems collapses when their end time is come and they vanish like the clouds in the sky disappear when the sunny days come in the sky as they were like the sun in their given time, their dark days will also come and this is inevitable and none could find them shining tomorrow since tomorrow is another day and the exigency of the time clears and removes them away; the y are formed upon  human conditions as the human conditions change, they cannot govern any more but such findings and discoveries continue with every system since they are eternal and universal and they live up to every social system humanity forms upon the need of the time as time changes such universal discoveries continue governing.

The three stages and classes of people in exist in every human society since people are mainly interested in people for various reasons. What could be scary and dull is when people focus on people to harm them, to destroy their given personality and destiny, and in such case such people are not only small, but also ignorant of human reality and they waste their energy and times for bad and harmful things and whoever such people are, they are not worthy of human values since their motive and intent behind their given drama is bad and unacceptable; however when people focus on people to the good of them, to protect them from any given bad they might face, to help them, to make them happy, to give the ice cream, and the like, these people are wonderful one and their interest on people is indeed worthwhile and they worth true human values.


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