The Raped Minds

December 16, 2015

December 16 is national day in Bahrain, and a Victory day in Bangladesh and India, but to the contrary, on this date in 2012, a woman in New Delhi was gang-raped on a bus, generating public protests across the country against the Government of India and the Government of Delhi for not providing adequate security for women.

This world is a theatrical avenue where life pages contrasting and contesting events and human activities are going on in single day of far past, present and to the future as well. This makes life to be more of unpredictable since in every single second of peoples’ life anything can happen that could turn the page of the history of the world from one color to another since such incidents are cumulative effects of what people do in past—be it good or bad.

Hence, life cannot be, in certain cases, dictated by peoples’ rules, laws and policies since there are certain things that happen without peoples consent since they are beyond the control and dictate of human authority and the human mind; they just come to happen since they should happen. What makes such things happen—those things that come to happen even if they are contrary to what people plan, think and imagine—is mysterious aspect of life on the earth. This drama was in past, is at present and will be in future too.

Accordingly, when a woman in New Delhi was raped, the whole world protested against such unacceptable act and behavior. Rape is an act which is not permitted by one party but the other party wants to impose on one party and in order to perform such act which the other party wants to do, one party could use force or put some kind of pressure in doing whatever things one want to do on the other, in which such act in most cases is related to sex and sexual intercourse which man is doing with woman, but there could be cases that could happen while woman could do such given act on man.

Rape is defined as a form of sexual assault, but not all sexual assault is rape. The term rape is often used as a legal definition to specifically include sexual penetration without consent. For its Uniform Crime Reports, the FBI defines rape as “penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.” It is mostly related with the act done violating woman’s rights.

However, there  are certain feelings or thinking which people impose on other people without their given consent in which such given feeling or thinking are imposed on other people without their consent and such way of life could be considered as normal and is not even noticed as rape or some other wrong act or thinking since such things are done in invisible and intangible manner. Few researchers refer such aspects of life as abduction or kidnapping one’s personality and reality to another without one’s given will and knowledge.

One of the most convincing and persuasive examples for people of such types are those people who claim themselves as prophets or messengers of God for they claim some kind of different personality as the claim they receive holy spirit from God, they change to different individuality and reality and they ask many others to listen to them, understand them and follow them. And there are also many others who claim some kind of stations afterwards for they have made some kind of communion with God.

There are also other people who show and display magic things in peoples’ mind and they perform magical operations in people mind without other people will and volition and they perform all kinds of miracles within the minds of other people to the extent that such people could think that something wrong is going in their given mind, who is playing on my mind and the like; such theatrical operations are arranged to be done within their mind but from outside sources and the like, which could be considered as mind illness or whatever, but there is some kind of drama and practice going on this world as the movie, Die Hard-4, testifies as “spiritual terrorism”. They use both physical devices and magical ways of showing all kinds of images to others.

In such process of life, most people in this world are raped in terms of thinking and feeling, by some kind of magical theater or even in their give dreams while they are asleep, since they cannot control such things due to the fact they are impose by life and nature.  None can be free from such actions and reactions of life since it is evident and clear. What could vary from people to people is on the way and approaches people deliver in terms of understanding, interpretations, and perception which people come up so as to have reconciled and harmonized way of life that could make peoples stay on earth interesting and spicy, which is indeed of no harm, but is very good.

It is such abducted personality or kidnapped individuality that cause for few people to formulate their own given recipe of life, under certain cause, which make many people to live after their given doctrines of life, follow what their thinking tell, and put many people to be within their own dynamics and circles of life; where as it is such abducted peoples reality, to the contrary, that could cause them mental illness and could make them prisoners of bed in the hospitals or face lifelong mental difficulties, making life very difficult and facing all kinds of hardship life delivers, lacking harmony with life and the environment at large. May God Protect everyone from any bad!!



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